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How to Find Your DStv Remote When it is Not Working

How to Find Your DStv Remote When it is Not Working

Connecting your DStv Remote to your computer remotely via a USB cable is quite possible. You can easily do this with the help of this guide. To begin, you need to possess both your DStv and remote handy.

Then connect the DStv Remote to your computer. Ensure that the TV is turned on. Search for the appropriate IR code on your DStv Remote.

After searching, locate the desired IR code (usually IR numeric) on your DStv Remote. Now, with the help of a DStv Remote Control, scroll one to the bottom of the screen and press the red button (top) to display channel selection menus.

Ensure that the DStv Remote you are using is working properly. Go to the next channel by pressing the green button (or the + sign).

If you are using a DStv Remote with a digital TV,

you need to complete a few steps before starting DStv Remote control operation.

Firstly, switch off the power and cool down your DStv Remote.

Next, press and hold the channel/pattern combination button on your DStv Remote until you obtain the previous channel selection menu. If you are using an analog TV, ensure that you set the aspect ratio properly.

When you are controlling your DStv Remote with a DStv decoder/remote, check the channel/pattern combination you are using and press the green button (or the + sign) on your remote control to display the previous channel selection menu.

Press and hold this combination button until you obtain the destination code that corresponds to the number you are wanting to send to the decoded/remote.

Type in your desired destination code and confirm. Once you have sent the message, wait for your TV to respond.

If your TV does not respond, try the following steps:

* Make sure your DStv decoders/receivers are not plugged into an outlet that is not working

* Make certain that your TV’s power is not accidentally turned off

* Check your connection between the DStv receiver and your computer; some cables and connectors may be faulty and need repair

* If all else fails, contact a DStv provider. They should be able to assist you in setting up your DStv Remote.

The next step involves testing your DStv Remote to ensure it is receiving an infrared signal.

To do this, first ensure that your television has an infrared port. Usually, the DStv Remote comes with an IR port where you can test your remote control buttons to ensure it is receiving an infrared signal.

You can do this by placing the DStv Remote into the IR port of your television; if your television receives an infrared signal, your remote control buttons should work.

If your television does not have an infrared port, the easiest way to test your DStv Remote to see whether or not it receives an infrared signal is to set it up to use one of two extra views DStv decoders.

The two extra view DStv decoders work by allowing you to view your satellite TV channels without using an additional receiver. To use one of the extra view DStv decoders, simply plug the source device into an outlet on your television.

Now, connect the other input (the one for your DStv Remote) to an extra view display port on your computer.

To use either of the two DStv decoders, then connect the source to an extra view display port on your computer, then plug in your DStv Remote to the other output port.

Another quick tip to test your DStv Remote when you are watching TV with your DVR is to hold down the “cause” key while watching your favorite TV program.

When you are holding the “cause” key down, you should see the icon on your DVR controller indicating that you are holding down the “cause” button.

Then, click your DStv Remote to release the power. When you are in the ” paused” mode, pressing your DStv Remote’s “ok” button should return you to the live TV viewing position.

If you do not want to reset the channel number or search bar, then you can use your DStv Remote and search for channel numbers in any of the channels available on your default satellite TV provider’s lineup. Simply move your cursor over the icon to search.

To change the channel number or search bar, just press your DStv Remote’s “switch” button. After you’ve used the above steps, your DStv Remote should return to your television set and be ready for another TV viewing session.

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