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5 Common Misconceptions About Android Push Notification Services

android push notifications

You might have heard about android push notifications and how they have stolen the show with their significant qualities. It is also true that every popular trend in the market has some doubtful glances that somewhat decrease their essence.

Such misconceptions cause companies to miss out on certain advantages that they could have gained by availing services from push notifications.

Now it’s time to clear the black clouds and let the sunshine to its full potential, spreading its light to the whole world.

Discuss common misconceptions about android push notifications

that must be removed so that push notification marketing strategy may benefit all.

  • Not a piece of cake!

One of the most common beliefs about push notifications is that it is some rocket science that is hard to understand and much complicated to implement.

But such perception is framed by the business that hasn’t stepped foot in the shoes of push notifications.

Push notification implementation indeed takes some time, but at the same time, they are worth all the efforts for your business.

Many push notifications service providers have all the homework(coding) done for you.

All you need to do is copy and paste the complete Javascript into your website, which is a minutes task and does not require specific technical skills. 

  • Unlikable by the users!

Too much of anything can indeed be too much. Sending too many push notifications or sending them during the wrong time can irritate the receivers.

But strategic planning of delivering push notifications respecting the need and time of the users can give you remarkable responses from the users.

Push notifications were created to increase website traffic, improve user engagement, and target potential customers while helping in retaining existing customers.

You require maintaining a proper limitation of sending them and considering the different time zones of your customers.

  • Fails in the test!

Push notifications are considered to be a waste of both time, and effort by some businesses that lack proper knowledge about the push notification’s influence on the performance of the company.

They believe that push notifications do not create the expected impact on the users as they are just mere messages.

But, what they don’t know is that creative push notifications are the key to unlocking successful marketing attempts when you give customers what they want.

it will be hard for them to let go of the delivered push notifications on their mobile screens.

Today website push notifications are compatible with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome and also work well with all smart devices including tablets, smartphones, and computers.

If you add these platforms together they have captured approximately 73% of the total market share. If you calculate the total estimate, web push notifications can reach 7 out of 10 internet users.

  • Limited to app development success!

It is an obvious misconception about push notifications that the business needs to possess an app for availing benefits from the push notifications.

Are you aware of the fact that these pop-ups messages have two faces: website push notifications and mobile push notifications?

Mobile push notifications are designed to let users know about your services through a mobile application.

Hence, if you wish to begin delivering pop-up notifications then you have to get yourself a mobile app to enjoy its benefits and profits.

On the other hand, website push notifications are delivered to the users through a web browser. You do not require waiting for the HTTPS protocol to deliver a push notification to your existing customers, or the targeted customers.

With the growing need for push notifications marketing tools, most service providers have already prepared the meal for you. All you need to do is send the pop-up messages to the customers through their platform.

  • Visitors need to mark the present on the website

Could you be any more wrong about this? Web push notifications work similarly to mobile push notifications.

The customer does not need to be on the website to receive any pop-ups messages from the company.

One of the most significant benefits of push notifications is that they help to convert inactive users to active ones by showing up on their mobile screens and reminding your customers about your services. 

Only at the time of opting in for the push notifications do you require the user’s presence on your website.

Once the user has opted-in for receiving the push notifications from the website, push notifications are sent to the subscriber’s desktop or another smart device at the time he is online.

Key Takeaways

Both android push notifications and web push notifications are gaining popularity for their convenient and beneficial services. You must understand the concept before forming judgments about it in the first place.

You must squeeze every ounce of benefits offered by the latest technology in today’s world.

Push notifications can do wonders for you if you can understand their mechanism as to how they work and benefit you.

They don’t need to give you results at the same pace as other businesses. So, work on it until you make it.

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