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Avast Keeps Scanning Visual Studio – Ways to Block {Updated 2023}

how to stop avast from scanning visual studio

Avast is popular antivirus software that many people use today. It’s free, but it can sometimes act up and trigger false alarms on your computer.

One of the most common problems with Avast is its tendency to scan Visual Studio for viruses, which can slow down development times considerably.

If you install Avast on your computer and use it to build codes using Visual Studio and store the file with.exe extension, it’s no surprise to get a problem.

Avast often interrupts the code build process and pops up a message on the screen that there’s been a new executable created by VS. This notification comes up every time you complete a build, which can be frustrating.

Reason For Stop Avast

The Stop Avast from Scanning Visual Studio is brought on by the fact that this particular antivirus has decided to scan any application that would be found in Microsoft’s development software, including projects for things such as R scripts or MATLAB files. You can prevent AVAST FROM SCAN.

The Avast antivirus scans any programs you may want to download with Visual Studio to combat harmful applications because it protects your computer and recognizes self-created software.

You can prevent Avast from scanning Visual Studio projects by informing it to exclude these when scanning.

To prevent Avast antivirus from scanning Visual Studio files, add an exception for the specific items.

Exclude the project folder in the settings to stop Avast from scanning Visual Studio.


The Stop Avast from Scanning Visual Studio can be a confusing problem to solve, but the strategies above provide some examples of how you may stop it.

The Stop Avast from Scanning Visual Studio is mainly an inconvenience because your software will not get scanned and protected by antivirus programs like avast.

Follow These Steps to Stop Avast from Scanning Visual Studio

  • Navigate to the Search bar in Windows, and type “Avast Antivirus.” After searching, click on the blue “Antivirus” text.
  • Click on the link for Settings in the navigation column.
  • Under the General tab, there is an exception button. Click this and then select Visual Studio from the list.
  • First, you need to enter the path up to your projects folder of Visual Studio. This way, only that folder will be excluded from scanning.

how to add exceptions to avast

Note: If you want to exclude only specific projects, then give the path up to that project folder.

can't open avast

Avast blocks Visual Studio when it detects a risky folder in the Documents and Settings directory.

how to disable avast antivirus

Alternative Ways to Stop Avast from Scanning Visual Studio

  1. Open up the task manager
  2. End all processes that start with “avast.”
  3. Close avast and open visual studio
  4. Re-open avast; it will not scan visual studio again until you close and reopen avast
  5. That’s it! You are now able to work on your project without interruption from Avast antivirus scanning Visual Studio for viruses

How To Exclude Programs From Avast

Websites are blocked by avast antivirus software, but you can unlock them and add them to Avast Expectations, which will eventually aid you in accessing the blocked websites.

The avast Whitelist needs valid URLs, appropriate file pathways, and specific applications to be added to exclude programs from being scanned. Here’s the guided process:

#1: Open Avast and go to Avast Dashboard. 

#2: Open the Menu and choose the Settings Tab.

#3: Select the Exception Tab under General Settings. 

#4: Now, Click on Add Exception and wait for the new window to become visible. 

#5: Type the intended website’s URL into the Whitelist. 

#6: Click OK, to save the URL.

And that’s all; you are done; now, enjoy the website/ program without any interruptions now. 

Final Words:

That’s it. This is how you can stop Avast antivirus from scanning Visual Studio project files and exclude programs from Avast, especially the newly created assembly file.

If you face any problems or want to share your opinion, please comment in the section below. Let us find a solution to this problem.


Does Avast Do Automatic Scans?

Avast allows you to pre-plan scans based on: daily, weekly, or monthly settings. When you schedule a scan, Avast automatically scans the entire computer and searches for the viruses at the scheduled date and time.

The scheduling feature is included in Both free and paid versions of Avast.

Is Avast Slowing Down My Computer?

Choosing Remote Assistance can slow down your PC. So choose to uncheck the option if not required regularly. In short, the answer to this question is yes. Avast might interfere with the computer’s function and slow down its performance.

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