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How can B2B companies use interactive content to communicate with customers?

How can B2B companies use interactive content to communicate with customers?

When it comes to your B2B business, you must convey a level of intensity to succeed. If you have a significant sales cycle, your site must convince visitors that they’ve found the right site and that you’ve got what they’re looking for.

Because of the increased competition in the B2B technology sector, more organizations create interacting content beyond the standard mixture of blog articles, solution webpages, and news releases.

It is possible to keep your site visitors captivated and make them return for more by providing them with a shared resource.

If you’re not familiar with the term “interactive,” it simply means content that demands a user’s active participation.

The domain of interactive content has a plethora of alternatives for marketers and PR professionals, along with calculators and configuration tools.

Interactive content must be leveraged to display intellectual leadership in unique ways, lead generation, enhance sales, and raise brand awareness like some other formats of content.

It is also possible to build an emotional relationship with your audience by using interactive material.

For example, whenever a company’s audience uses calculators to enter data and receive a calculated numeric output, they might gain valuable insight into a specific scenario.

Cost estimations and cost comparisons are examples of this. It may also include several of the seller’s goods or services and a summary of their benefits.

It is possible for companies to assist their target audience in understanding more about their products or difficulties through the use of questionnaires, calculators, and other evaluation tools.

While they are all distinct, they can all be used for a variety of purposes. While quizzes and polls tend to be more casual, calculators can offer useful data for visitors and teach an audience about sentiment.

Surveys, quizzes, polls, and games are all examples of this type of content. Lookbooks are photo galleries that can be viewed in a variety of ways: monitoring and auditing tools and troubleshooting instruments.

Developing Interacting Video Content

Video Content has grown in popularity as a means of conveying information. In their content marketing strategy, 73% of marketing professionals acknowledge leveraging video.

B2B marketers need to keep in mind that videos can also be interactive. The use of interactive video has various advantages despite being a more recent fad.

Users are rewarded through video competitions or giveaways as a kind of engagement. Additional polling tools are available on platforms like Facebook, which help companies create more engaging videos.

When using video, it’s crucial to keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be just a one-way communication channel. You can acquire the services of a content writing company in Delhi for this. 

Offering Augmented Reality (AR) Content

Augmented reality (AR) provides a wide range of interactive content marketing opportunities for B2-B firms.

For example, Wayfair’s photos allow customers to see how furniture would look in their own homes, but there is still an opportunity for AR to be used in B2B.

When it comes to business-to-business marketing, Cisco is a perfect example. Cisco created an interactive 3d product catalog in collaboration with Kaon Interactive that has an AR aspect that users can “activate and move around.”

Immersive customer experiences, brand recognition, and excitement about products and solutions can all be achieved in this fashion very effectively.

Adidas has also developed an app that supports AR. Users can select the shoes they like and, through the app, can check out those shoes live on their feet through AR technology.

Through this, customers can decide in advance which color or design best suits them and finally purchase through the app.

Offering Voice-Activated Technology Content

Using a voice-activated assistant daily is becoming more common, as technology progresses. Amazon Echo and Google Home give an attractive possibility for interactive content as they spread throughout homes and workplaces.

When it comes to online shopping, voice-activated commerce is becoming increasingly popular and is being increasingly adopted.

Voice search will account for more than 50% of all searches. B2Bs should keep an eye on voice-activated technology, despite the fact that most of its use is in the B2C sector.

It’s a smart step for B2B companies to develop an SEO approach for voice vs. text. For example, articles and website content should be written in a more conversational tone, while SEO operations should incorporate more long-tail keywords.

B2B companies can use visual content, such as interactive visualizations, to engage their target audiences more personally.

Whether you want to educate or delight your audience, providing interactive content may help you screen new leads, convey information on difficult subjects, or demonstrate to an audience that you fully understand them.

Begin with a simple testing chunk of content and build from there to create a more complex flow of interactive content that connects with your audience.

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