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The Best Online Project Management Tool – Updated 2021

Online project management tools are tools used by teams and project managers to manage their projects in a cost effective and time efficient manner. This not only includes everything from resource planning, task management, and team administration, to budget management, documentation, collaboration, status reporting, tracking, and testing.

List of Tools and Benefits  РClose Watch You Have To Read It

There are also tools for social media management and time management. It is possible to outsource this to experienced project managers who will have the requisite expertise to ensure that you achieve your objectives. It is an innovative approach to project management that has been proven effective by many companies.

The key benefits of using an online project management tool include reducing costs, increasing productivity, eliminating wasted resources, better communication, better collaboration, smoother project management, and faster project completion times.

Important Tool For Planning And Organizing A Project


1.Kanban Board:


When planning and organizing a project it is important to consider all of these key factors. You need to make sure that you have a tool in place that enables you to do this effectively. A Kanban Board is an excellent example of a very powerful online project management tool.


One of the benefits of the Kanban Board is its in-built task management functionality. This is provided by the in-built task management app that allows you to specify multiple actions that need to be taken on the Kanban Board.


Task management is a crucial element of effective project management because you are essentially managing the flow of work that goes on. If you cannot effectively manage your work flow, then you are not going to get anywhere.


In addition to task management, another benefit of Kanban Board is its in-built resource planning and execution tools. This is one of the key elements of effective resource planning and implementation and is necessary if you are going to make the most of your time and money.


The tool offers various different projects that can easily be managed by simply configuring the right type of permission for access to each item. In addition to resource planning and execution.


another benefit of Kanban Board is its Kanban Engineering workspace which is basically a user interface that allows the engineer to view the current state of the project and what tasks still remain to be completed.


In essence, this allows you to view the status of your project in real-time.


There are a number of benefits that come from integrating your in-built Kanban Board with some of the more popular online project management tools such as Asana and Google Project.


These tools are capable of generating customized widgets that work perfectly within the context of a Kanban Board. When these widgets are embedded into websites and blogs,


it allows the teams that use them to easily update their team page without having to go through the tedious process of individually downloading and installing the necessary software. Some of the most popular browsers that are capable of supporting these widgets include Firefox, IE and Chrome.


2. Asana


In addition to being a highly flexible online tool, Asana is also a highly efficient online project management tool which provides teams with the ability to share documents between various departments in an organized manner.


A project management tool that offers the ability to create web-based software applications is the Asana Work Zone. Asana works as a simple, easy to use, drag and drop dashboard that gives team members the ability to organize their daily work and collaborate on the daily activities.


Once a task is assigned to an individual, they are immediately notified via text message or email as to what they have to do in regard to that task.

3.Google’s Webolith

In addition to the aforementioned two popular and widely used project management tools, it is recommended that all companies use Google’s Webolith. Google Webolith has the ability to integrate itself into the most popular browser programs and websites across the globe.


What this means for companies is the power of real-time collaboration that is available through a variety of popular browsers and websites.


With an application like Google Tasks, each team can log into their Google accounts and access important information pertaining to their projects no matter where they are in the world.




Clicktale is another online project management tool that has been highly rated by thousands of users worldwide. Clicktale works exactly like Microsoft Project Server, but it is much more simplified and user-friendly than either one.


Unlike Project Server and Microsoft Project, this tool does not require the user to know HTML or CSS codes in order to install and run.


What makes Clicktale such a great project management software tool is that all team members and departments can log in, edit and collaborate on any work, irrespective of their location and time.


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