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How Can You Improve the Security of Your E-Commerce Business?

How Can You Improve the Security of Your E-Commerce Business

Every business should do whatever it takes to make their data, site, and information stores as secure as possible. This is especially important for e-commerce businesses that usually have to deal with a ton of transaction data and customer information.

You see, it takes real effort to make a secure shopping experience for everyone. You should have a proper inspection routine and must do the regular maintenance of your site in order to safeguard your business from any external threats.

Considering how serious Cox is about keeping their business safe is what prompted me to not only subscribe to their internet service but also opt for Spectrum TV which keeps me entertained.

At the same time, you should actively look for plugin upgrades and perform inspections around platform patches more often. This is because missing even a minor issue can cost you a lot.

And the last thing you would want is for someone to steal your precious data by exploiting an issue that could have been fixed. If you are wondering what steps you can take to boost the security of your e-commerce business then look no further. Here are a few things that you can consider doing. 

Steps To Boost The Security Of E-commerce Business

1. Take Better Care of Your Passwords

You will be surprised to know that about 59% of brands reuse passwords just because it is too hard to remember them. This is a major problem. You should never reuse your password no matter what. It is best if you know how to create unique passwords as it will be hard for hackers to guess them.

Also, make it a habit of yours to keep updating your passwords in order to remain secure on the web. If you think that you might forget your password then it is better if you use a password manager. It will keep your passwords safe and organized.

2. Encrypt Your Store

E-commerce sites used SSL encryption previously to make the checkout experience more secure. However, Chrome has released a new update that makes browsing even safer for users.

How? Well, people will be able to notice a security warning on any website that they visit which collects customer data. Different platforms such as Shopify have now started to use SSL on every page of their site so that their customers can remain safe.

3. Don’t Trust Native Security

If you have built your site with the help of platforms like Magneto and WooCommerce then don’t count on them for securing your business as well. Instead, it will be a good idea if you search for good plugins for that purpose.

There are platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify that you can trust but there are still other plugins that you can use to strengthen the security of your site.

4. Use Two-Factor Authentication

The use of two-factor authentication is becoming more and more common these days. This is a good thing as it enhances the security by several folds.

You can consider setting this up on your e-commerce platform, social accounts, or any other apps that you might use for business.

5. Use A Card Processor with Card Verification & Address

It is a good thing to have more fraud detection tools available as it will keep your customers safe from being taken advantage of if their data is stolen.

You can simply enable AVS or Address Verification System and CVV or Card Verification Value for credit card transactions so that people are secured from fraudulent charges. You also require buyers to enter zip codes and complete addresses which will tighten security even more.

6. Don’t Forget About PCI Scans

You should always perform proactive security inspections which will let you know about the problems before they can cost you big time. No matter how well-known your e-commerce platform host is, you shall never forget about PCI scans.

These scans will figure out if there are any vulnerabilities that can expose your business to different threats. You should also keep looking for patches and updates as they will also make your business extra secure.


Maintaining your website is really important and the best part is that it isn’t really a lot of work. Plus, it pays if you keep a regular check on your site as it will keep your business safe from malicious threats. However, if you choose to ignore it then your site would be at a huge risk.

And it will become a matter of time before a hacker infiltrates your site and cause great damage. Therefore, you should take proactive steps such as the ones mentioned above to ensure the security of your customers and business.

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