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Everything You Need To Know About Inbound Marketing And SEO In 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Inbound Marketing And SEO In 2022

Everyone seems to know what Inbound Marketing is.

Yet, when you look at their content strategies, SEO optimizations of the resources they are building, you find that the same does not support the pillars or understanding of Inbound Marketing.

There is no denying the fact that almost all marketers agree that Inbound Marketing should be an important pillar for a business organization.

It can play a valuable part in endearing the business to its target audiences. This, in turn, can lead to credibility building and sales.

As compared to outbound marketing, inbound marketing is considered a more organic and natural way of connecting with your customers.

It allows the brand’s potential customers to discover the business and its products and services when they are looking for the same.

This is against the business going out of its way and bombarding its customers with retargeting ads, in-the-face promotions, and silly spammy email newsletters.

In this resource article, we speak with leading experts offering Atlanta SEO services. We request them to help us understand what Inbound Marketing is all about and how it can help a business with online success.

If you are a business organization, or a new marketing professional looking to drive real results for your brand, please pay attention to this article.

Inbound Marketing: Meaning and Definition

Let us start by offering a simple definition of Inbound Marketing that will be easy for everyone to understand.

Inbound Marketing is an online marketing strategy that helps a business draw, lure, or attract its potential or present customers to discover the brand’s products and services.

As we mentioned in the last section, Inbound Marketing is all about pulling people towards the brand, rather than pushing your business and its products/services to them.

While you might think that there is not much difference between the two, the fact remains, that there is. Outbound pushing is invasive, violates the privacy, sensitivity, and space of a customer or user on the internet.

On the other hand, inbound marketing is able to reach the customers right at the stage when they are undergoing a problem and are looking for solutions.

Think about this for a second; when you already have a problem will you reach out to someone; or, when you do not have a problem but solutions are being presented to you left, right and center, will you engage with the same?

Different Types of Inbound Marketing Content and Strategies?

We hope that the last section was comprehensive enough to help give you an idea about what Inbound Marketing is all about.

In this section, we are going to list down some of the different types of Inbound Marketing content and strategies that brands and marketers should be aware of-

1. Website Blogs and Resources-

Online success is all about building credibility in front of your target audiences. One of the surest ways to build a credible and trustworthy brand is to create an elaborate and extensive blog/resource section.

Make sure that you are using targeted keywords and addressing as many concerns, questions, and problems as your customers. This should be your number one priority.

2. Guest Posting Articles-

Every business acknowledges the importance of guest posting for online success. Building relationships with bloggers in your industry niche can help you present your brand in front of their audiences (which is also your target audience).

This is why guest posting is a critical component of driving targeted web traffic to your site. Create high-quality guest post articles.

3. Press Releases on Authority Platforms-

Contrary to popular belief, PR is not dead. In fact, Digital PR is alive and thriving. While many might make the mistake of conflating Digital PR with Guest Posting, the reality is that both of them are quite different.

Digital PR is all about presenting your brand and its identity on high-authority platforms like news sites, aggregator sites that have high traffic.

4. Email Marketing Campaigns and Newsletters-

In the previous section, we referred to something called spammy emails. Yes, they are a major pain and should be avoided. But what about emails that actually help?

Yes, if you are doing your research and creating amazing content that your customers are likely to engage with, they will be waiting for your newsletters. When they click on it, it will take them to the blog section.

5. E-Books, Audio Books and Podcasts-

Podcasts are becoming highly popular in recent years, especially since the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, podcast has evolved into a major driver as far as Inbound Marketing is concerned.

If you want to attract or lure customers, you need to give them some value. E-books, audiobooks, and podcasts are all great ways of getting customers to come to your brand.

Apart from the above five major types of Inbound Marketing strategies, you can also take help from webinars, creating infographics, opting for affiliate marketing, and relying on a strong Off-Page and On-Page SEO for inbound success.

The Three Major Pillars of Inbound Marketing in 2022

Inbound Marketing is all about understanding and powering the basics. You do not need a complicated plan of action to succeed at inbound marketing. In fact, there are just three pillars that can help you ace Inbound Marketing in 2022-

Pillar 1:

Create Bait and Attract the Target Audiences-

Pillar 2:

Engage through Meaningful Content

Pillar 3:

Delight the Customers with Post-Sales Content

Let us try to explain the same with an example-

You are a brand that manufactures kitchen equipment. This means that you create everything from kitchen chimneys to pots, pans, ovens, and more.

A customer recently purchased a kitchen chimney. The goal is to educate them as well as convince them to buy more from your brand.

Your goal as a brand would be to send his newsletters outlining the various recipes that they will be able to create using the chimney.

This should lead them to your blog’s recipe section. Make sure that you add different products that they will require to create the recipe.

The Final Takeaway

Perfect inbound marketing is all about making the customer feel that it is the brand that is helping them out. We are living in an era where everyone is forcing people to part with their money.

While you might get successful once, you won’t post that. With Inbound Marketing, you stand to make repeat customers and generate sales.

If you have any more questions on the topic or want us to help you out with an agency that can help you ace Inbound Marketing, please let us know in the comments below.

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