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Career as a Data Scientist – What does a data scientist do?

Career as a Data Scientist

Data Scientist is a person who works with huge amounts of data. This specialist knows how to analyze, extract, and process data.

What does Data Scientist do?

Data Scientist is a person with excellent mathematical and analytical skills, and it doesn’t have to be just a programmer. Most often, this area is of interest to specialists in applied mathematics and statistics and analysts.

Data Scientist understands how data will be received by a computer and provided to it. 

Data Scientists work with data; they collect, select and synthesize it. They need to provide conclusions and take action based on the collected data.

In their work, the specialists use different programming languages such as Python and analytical methods. When working with big data, you can’t do without statistics, so Data Scientist also deals with statistical tests.

Data scientists must be prepared for hard work because they must constantly look for the perfect formula for learning artificial intelligence.

In addition, there is often no obvious solution to the problem, so among all the algorithms, experts have to find a suitable for a specific task.

On average, a Data scientist in the U.S. earns 155,000 USD. Moreover, the survey shows that 25% of employees earn 103,000 or less, 50% of employees earn 146,000 USD or less, 75% of employees earn 180,000 USD or less, almost everyone earns 236,000 USD or less.

What basic skills does a Data Scientist need?

  • Ability to conduct research.
  • Basic SQL skills.
  • Data visualization and reporting technologies.
  • High level of communication.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages will be an advantage.
  • Statistical or mathematical modelling skills
  • Technical skills (to be able to set up various analytical and tracking tools such as GA, GTM, FB Analytics, etc.).
  • To be an expert in Microsoft Excel.
  • Understanding of machine learning algorithms.
  • Understanding the subject area.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

while working as a Data Scientist

Advantages while working as a Data Scientist

  • A promising and in-demand profession in the modern IT industry.
  • Creative work with freedom of action.
  • There are many communities where you can improve your skills.
  • You can work both in the office and remotely.
  • You don’t have to be a programmer to start your career in this field.

Disadvantages while working as a Data Scientist

  • Intellectually challenging profession.
  • Most companies are interested in middle and higher-level professionals.
  • Salary and career growth are limited.
  • You need to have a good base to start your career.

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