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How to Select a Good Sound System for An Event

How to Select a Good Sound System for An Event

If you make a good speaker hire process for your event, you will be able to shout success from your rooftop.

There are many things involved in picking, reserving, and using a hired sound system. An event without the correct sound system will have much boredom and monotony.

You can have the best lighting and visual display, but poor sound quality will ruin the whole event.

Here is a sample guide of the vital equipment you need to pick while selecting an event sound system.

The Type of Event

After deciding the venue of the event, you start to source the best sound system to use.

The right sound for an outdoor event or a big ceremony should fill the whole audience area. A solo street show or a small event will need only a simple two-speaker setup to have it done.

Medium and large events need ground stack equipment with many loudspeakers and subwoofers. If an artist is in the arena, then you need a line array sound system.


If your event needs music with bass, then you have to include subwoofers in your system. They allow the attendees to feel the music in the right way.

The kick drum and bass guitar are bass instruments. The replication of the two pieces of equipment is much better with a bass speaker.

The subwoofers are essential since some songs have heavy bass. The design of the subwoofers tunes them for good bass, and they use larger woofers to get the lower bass tones.

Stage Monitors

Stage monitors are essential equipment for artists. The stage monitors aid artists in timing, cues, harmonies, and hearing themselves.

Using main speakers to face musicians will affect their performance. Stage monitors are essential to give attendees quality performance from artists.

Mixing Console

It’s the equipment on which you connect the different instruments and microphones. They get processed with effects like harmonization and reverb. Speakers then deliver the information to the audience.

Mixers come in different sizes where some can accommodate more instruments than others. Choose it depending on the number of devices you have for the event.


Amplifiers are devices that receive audio signals from mixers or audio crossovers. You need them to enable the sound to be loud enough for the event.


There is no large event that will take place without microphones and be successful.

If you have a band for the event, it needs a perfect sound system with different condensers and dynamic mics. It should have wireless mics to make it swifter.

Direct Box

A direct box will aid in connecting an acoustic guitar, bass, or keyboards direct to the mixer.

The ground lift switches in the direct box eliminate the audio noise. It makes the output sound quality to be better.

Power Distribution System

Big events need many devices that will require more power. If you need a good sound system, you must have a better power distribution system.

Sound Standards

If you have a great artist performing in the event, then you need to inquire about the artist’s needs in time. They can recommend the best sound system to use for the event.

Planning and Communication

It’s vital to plan early for the event and communicate well between the departments. Contact the sound company in time to reserve the equipment that you need.

Deposit some funds for the PA system to have an assurance of its availability.


An event management process is exhausting. It’s only enjoyable and satisfying if you get the best sound system. Use the above tips to source the best basic system for your event.

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