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Is IMovie For Windows Worth The Price

Is IMovie For Windows Worth The Price

IMovie is an application that has been around for quite some time now. It was initially developed for Mac OS X, then later ported to Windows. So far, there hasn’t been a lot of activity surrounding the program on either side. However, there’s a new version of iMovie coming out soon that could change that.

IMovie is a video editor. It can edit videos, create slideshows, add music, and convert media files into different formats. In short, it does pretty much everything you’d expect from a multimedia app.

In this article, you’ll learn all about IMovie and find out if it’s worth the price.

If You Want to Stream Movies From Netflix, iTunes, Hulu Plus, Amazon Video On Demand
– IMovie For Windows Is A Great Tool If You’re Looking To Watch Videos Online –

What Does IMovie Do?

let us talk more about what IMovie does. This will help you understand how well-suited the software is for your needs.

As mentioned earlier, IMovie allows users to watch movies online. no need any special equipment or set up to use IMovie; go to one of its many streaming websites and start watching.

You may also want to download and upload videos using iMovie as well. There are two ways to do so: drag & drop or by uploading directly via FTP.

The only downside is that not every website supports IMovie. That includes most popular services like Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and others. Still, it’s better than having no option at all. And when it comes down to it, who cares about missing sites anyway?

If you have problem finding something specific on IMovie’s site, you might be able to search through Google instead. How Well Suited Is IMovie For My Needs?

Based on my experience with both the free trial version and paid version, I think iMovie is great for anyone looking to stream their favorite content or old playback videos they’ve recorded.

Is IMovie Worth Buying?

One thing people often overlook is that while IMovie is undoubtedly useful, it’s not necessarily indispensable. Sure, you can make things happen without it, but sometimes there are times where you end up spending too much money simply because you didn’t know about another tool available to you.

So, before you spend hundreds on IMovie, ask yourself whether or not it would be worthwhile investing in other programs such as iMovie Pro, Adobe Photoshop Express, or Final Cut Studio 2. Then decide if you should pay $59 for IMovie or buy them together.

I had high hopes for this product, especially after reading good reviews. Unfortunately, IMovie failed me miserably.

When I first installed it, I thought perhaps it wasn’t compatible with my system. After all, it doesn’t appear that Apple ever supported the operating systems used before Snow Leopard. But sure enough, within minutes, I found myself downloading updates.

Unfortunately, none were required—but still, it makes sense why they weren’t necessary.

It seems like this update was made specifically for macOS 10.8 Mountain Lion since that’s the latest operating system currently running on computers. Even though it works perfectly fine under Mavericks, the developers probably decided to focus on future compatibility rather than supporting older versions of OS X.

But once again, this isn’t a big problem.

– IMovie For Mac (Mac App Store) Vs. IMovie For PC (Windows Store)

In terms of performance, IMovie performs admirably. It loads quickly, has few glitches, and runs smoothly throughout the entire video playback process.

However, once I got into editing mode, everything went downhill fast. The program became extremely slow and unresponsive when trying to trim clips, edit titles, add text overlays, etc. It froze numerous times during each task. try opening an external editor such as Avidemux instead.

Another issue concerns audio quality. While some people claim that they’re satisfied with the default settings, I’m not. Audio files sound muffled and lack clarity compared to those from iTunes. Perhaps this could be fixed if you purchased premium upgrades.

After making so many adjustments to various parameters, I finally settled on a setting that worked reasonably well. However, even then, nothing seemed to improve. By contrast, iTunes’ output sounded clearer than anything else I tried.

iMovie’s Features And Functionality

Aside from these issues, IMovie offers several features worth mentioning. Such as:

– An ability to organize media collections according to tags

– A fully customizable user interface

– Support for multiple file-formats including MP4, MOV, MPEG1/2, WMV, FLAC, AAC, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, OGG, MPA, WMA, and MKA

– Ability to convert between different types of media

– Integrated support for subtitles

However, if there is one feature missing, it’s automatically sync videos onto smartphones via WiFi. This way, users can watch their favorite movies wherever they are without relying solely on cables.

IMovie For iOS (iPhone/iPad)

The app itself looks very similar to its counterpart for PCs. That said, while the overall design may seem familiar at first glance, specific differences do exist. Most notably, the “Library” button located in the top left corner takes us directly to your library, where we’ll find our media collection.

Once inside, we have access to every single item stored therein. From here, we can drag them around by clicking and dragging the icons or double click any photo album to open up the contents.
We also get two tabs along the bottom, which allow us to manage both photos and music.

These include options such as sorting by year, category, rating, size, and more. We can further search through items based on title, description, artist name, genre, composer, label, and track length.

In addition, we can select whether we want to view albums chronologically or randomly. Of course, we can always filter results using the criteria above.

To playback, a specific song, tap the desired entry and press Play. You should see a preview window pop up right away. Once done, just hit Done to return to Library mode. To exit out of the application completely, swipe down from the top of the screen.

As expected, the experience on mobile devices differs slightly from what we’ve seen thus far. As opposed to PCs, iPhones don’t offer a full range of functions when browsing media collections.

IMovie Downloads For Android

For example, we cannot sort by date or by location. Moreover, no option exists to change the playback speed. Tapping an individual video will take us straight to the video player instead.

On top of all this, we still need to use external apps like YouTube to stream content. Unfortunately, this means watching movies requires either a data connection or WiFi setup. Otherwise, streaming won’t work.

IMovie App Performance & Stability Issues

Although iMovie has been available since 2010, it hasn’t yet received a significant upgrade. Consequently, performance and stability remain sub-par. I experienced numerous crashes throughout my testing period — especially during syncing operations.

It seems that whenever something goes wrong, IMovie shuts down. Thus, I had to restart several times before everything was correctly set again.

As mentioned earlier, the only real downside concerning IMovie is that it doesn’t provide automatic synchronization. If you plan on accessing your media collection from other platforms, make sure to purchase a license beforehand.

Overall though, for $7 per month, IMovie provides plenty of value. Considering the price tag alone, it would be worthwhile. After spending over 5 hours trying to figure things out, I decided to go ahead and give it another shot.

It took me less than 3 minutes to download the trial version. Within seconds, I opened up the program and began exploring.
As far as its price goes, IMovie is pretty affordable when considered alongside similar products. At only $49, it’s cheaper than both Premiere Elements and FCPX. It costs less than half what iMovie HD does!

On top of that, IMovie comes bundled with several useful extras.

These include:

iTunes Match – Allows iCloud backup
Apple TV – Streaming content directly through your television using AirPlay
AirPort Utility – Remote access to wireless networks
Remote Desktop Connection – Access remote machines over LAN
Time Machine Backup – Automatically backs up data every week
To sum things up, IMovie is an excellent app, provided you don’t mind dealing with a couple of minor drawbacks. That said, if you have any experience working with motion graphics software such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas, you’ll find the learning curve steep.

Bottom Line

While iMovie may look impressive at first glance, it falls short by delivering lackluster results. The application frequently freezes while performing tasks lacks good customization options, and produces poor-quality audio. On top of that, the app fails to perform adequately on newer operating systems such as Yosemite.

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