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Bright & Light Spot On Phone Screen – Try Instant Tricks – 2024

What Leads to Bright Spot on Phone Screen? 5 Ways to Get Rid of It

Our phones are becoming an indispensable part of our everyday existence; therefore, any problem with them can be very inconvenient. One of the most frequent issues many smartphone users face is white spots on the screen.

They may appear as specks or larger patches, and they can occur due to various reasons, both internal and external.

Understanding the causes of the bright spot on a phone screen is crucial in finding an effective solution.

Understanding how to repair these white spots will spare you the hassle of dealing with a useless or unsightly phone screen, regardless of whether the cause is a software bug, physical harm, or other underlying issues.

This post will examine the typical reasons for white spots on phone screens and offer helpful advice on fixing them.

What do you Infer from Bright Spots?

Bright spots refer to areas on a phone screen that appear excessively bright or discolored, disrupting the seamless viewing experience. These spots can manifest in different shapes and sizes, from specks to larger patches.

Why is There a Bright Spot on My Phone Screen

Hardware Issues

One primary cause of bright spots on phone screens could be attributed to hardware malfunctions.

Problems within the display panel, such as dead pixels or backlight bleeding, can manifest as bright spots. These issues might stem from manufacturing defects or physical damage.

Software Glitches

At times, software glitches or bugs within the operating system can also lead to the appearance of bright spots. These glitches might distort the pixels on the screen, causing them to emit excessive light or appear as bright spots.

Physical Damage

Physical damage, whether from accidental drops or pressure on the screen, can result in bright spots. The impact can disrupt the delicate components within the screen, leading to noticeable bright spots.

High pressure

Accidents happen because life happens. If you accidentally drop your phone or put too much pressure on it, you may get white patches on your screen.

The pressure may cause a few pixels to behave irregularly and appear as bothersome white dots, interfering with the sensitive inner workings of your screen.

Ineffective Pixels

Conversely, we have stuck pixels, the rebels of the pixel world. These pixels become trapped on a specific color; when they become stuck on white, you got it—there is a tonne of white spots!

When you see these stuck pixels, whether there is one bright spot or several, your phone screen may appear to be a work of modern art.

Common Solutions to Fix Bright Spots

DIY Solutions for Bright Spots

Safe Cleaning Methods

Sometimes, bright spots can be caused by dirt, fingerprints, or residue on the screen. Safely cleaning the screen with a microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning solution can eliminate these spots without causing damage.

Software Troubleshooting

Software-related bright spots might be addressed through various troubleshooting methods like updating the operating system, resetting display settings, or using specialized apps to fix screen abnormalities.

Turning Off the Phone

One small troubleshooting step that occasionally resolves the problem is restarting your phone. It is a great step that can rescue the day, regardless of whether you’re dealing with a broken screen protector, a phone that came with a white dot, or even white spots created by external pressure.

Determine the Problem:

Before restarting, identify whether the white spots result from little errors or hardware problems such as a broken screen or a malfunctioning battery.


Make a device backup to prevent data loss on a restart.

Press and Hold:

Press the power button to restart your phone. Certain gadgets have menus for turning off and restarting.

Select Restart:

To give your phone a rest, let it shut down completely before choosing “Restart.”

Reinstalling or updating apps

Reinstalling or updating programs is a handy troubleshooting step that can fix issues with screens accidentally broken by pressing objects.

Updating different apps would fix the issue if you are having problems with other applications or simply wish to improve the looks of your GG.

App Store:

Go to the app store on your machine; in most cases, it will be the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iOS users.


See if the apps you’re experiencing issues with have any new releases. An out-of-date app could cause those white patches.

Update All:

For convenience, click the “Update All” button if several apps require updates.


Try uninstalling and reinstalling the troublesome app if updating doesn’t solve the issue. Bugs can usually be fixed this way.

Restart Your Phone After Making Changes:

To ensure the updates are completely incorporated, restart your phone after upgrading or reinstalling.

Modifying the Display Parameters

Modifying the display settings on your device will frequently significantly reduce or eliminate those bothersome imperfections.

Whether you have an iPhone with a white spot, a tempered glass screen protector, or are experiencing the same problem with various apps, adjusting your display settings might be the key to a spotless screen.

Find the Display Settings:

Navigate to the “Display” or “Display & Sound” area of your phone’s settings, which are often indicated by a gear symbol.

Adjust the brightness and contrast by experimenting with the settings. Occasionally, such white blotches could be the consequence of misconfigured settings.

Restart Your Phone:

To make the changes effective, you may need to restart your phone.

Observe and Test:

Open photographs in different programs to check if the white spots are still apparent. Maybe all it takes is a small tweak!

When DIY Fixes Fail

If DIY methods prove ineffective, seeking professional assistance becomes necessary. Authorized service centers or technicians skilled in screen repairs can provide expert solutions.

Repair Options Available

Repair options range from screen replacements to component repairs. Understanding the extent of the damage helps in choosing the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

Seeking Professional Assistance

For persistent or severe bright spot issues, seeking professional help from authorized service centers or technicians is advisable. They possess the expertise and tools to diagnose and fix underlying hardware or software issues.

Preventive Measures for Future Occurrences

Protecting Your Phone Screen

Screen protectors or cases can prevent physical damage that might lead to bright spots. Additionally, handling the phone with care reduces the risk of screen-related issues.

Maintenance Tips

Regularly cleaning the screen, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures, and handling the phone delicately are key practices to maintain screen health and minimize the occurrence of bright spots.

How to Fix Pressure Spot on Phone Screen?

Pressure marks may occasionally disappear while the screen is not in use. For gentle cleaning, use a soft cloth free of lint and a light cleaning solution.

To see if the marks go away, gently clean the afflicted area.

Secondly, apply heat. For this, you need to use a hairdryer, or you can even try using a warm and damp cloth on low, to lightly heat the problematic region.

How to Fix The White Spot on Mobile Screen? 

Restart Your Device:

Occasionally, a straightforward restart might fix display problems. After a few seconds, switch your mobile device back on after turning it off.

Check Software Updates:

Verify that all the apps and the operating system on your smartphone are up to date. 

Modify Screen Settings:

Navigate to the display settings on your device and see if you can change the brightness, contrast, or color settings.

Check for Physical Damage:

Look for tangible signs of wear and tear on your smartphone screen, such as cracks or pressure spots. 

Try a Factory Reset:

You can attempt to reset your device’s firmware if the problem continues.

Speak with Customer Service:

If the problem persists after trying all of the aforementioned solutions, you should get in touch with the manufacturer’s customer service or go to an approved service center. 

How to Fix Purple Patch on Phone Screen? 

If your phone screen has a purple patch, it might be due to a hardware or software issue. Here are some tips you can try to troubleshoot and potentially fix the problem:

  • Restart Your Phone.
  • Check for Software Updates:
  • Adjust Display Settings
  • Safe Mode
  • Check the device’s temperature 
  • Check for Physical Damage
  • Update or Reinstall Graphics Drivers
  • Factory Reset
  • Professional Repair


Understanding the causes of bright spots on phone screens is essential for users to address these issues effectively. Various factors can contribute to the appearance of these spots, from hardware malfunctions to software glitches and physical damage.

By identifying them accurately and employing appropriate solutions, users can mitigate the impact of bright spots and ensure the longevity of their phone screens.


Do bright spots indicate that my phone screen needs immediate replacement?

Bright spots don’t always signal an urgent need for screen replacement. It’s advisable to assess the severity and underlying cause before considering such measures.

Can prolonged exposure to sunlight cause bright spots on phone screens?

Extended exposure to direct sunlight might not directly cause bright spots, but it can contribute to screen damage over time, potentially leading to such issues.

Is it common for new phones to have bright spots upon purchase?

New phones might occasionally have minor bright spots due to manufacturing issues. If they persist or increase, it’s recommended to consult the manufacturer or a technician.

Can resetting the phone eliminate bright spots?

Resetting can resolve software-related glitches causing bright spots. However, a reset may be ineffective if it’s a hardware issue.

Are there any specific apps that can help fix bright spots on phone screens?

Certain calibration or display-fixing apps claim to address screen issues, but their effectiveness varies. It’s essential to research thoroughly before relying on such apps.

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