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How Camera Angles are Making Better The Video – Updated 2022

With the advent of different types of cameras today, it has become much easier to record videos from different angles.

What makes the video not boring is that there are interesting, beautiful, and attractive shots of what is happening around you. To date, there are a huge number of types of camera shots.

Types of filming

Different types of cinematic shots help us show our surroundings in a certain way.

Whether it’s a landscape, a plant, an animal, an object, or a person, we can decide how to show it in more or less detail depending on the type of frame chosen. General plan, close-up or detailed shot – whatever you want.

In addition, we can give one or another point of view depending on the angle of the camera we are using. We can zoom in or out on what we see using a low or high angle.

Recommendations for recording videos from different angles

  1. Use different frames in your posts. Try different approaches. Shoot from different angles and add movement to your shots. Try to take both open and closed shots of the same subject. This way you can have material to choose from while editing and make small stories on the same topic.
  2. Try composition techniques to make your shots more beautiful, artistic, and attractive. Again, it’s not just about timing, it’s about the angle you choose.
  3. Record short pictures of 3 to 5 seconds. Unless what you are recording is a behavior or action that takes longer. Think about all the work that you have to do after watching all this material.
  4. If you record animals in motion, then the law of motion or the law of sight is in effect here. Leave enough space in the part of the frame where he goes, where he looks. This way you will avoid getting it into the frame, creating a feeling of suffocation or confinement. And you will leave “room” for it to move forward.
  5. Let the subject move in and out of the frame. When shooting a moving subject, it is always better to end the frame by letting the animal out of the frame than to stop shooting when it is already in the frame. Let it out of the frame and you get a natural shot.

Types of Cinematic Frames

There are different types of shots depending on the frame. In other words, depending on the distance at which we approach the main character we are shooting, we get one or another frame.

The main shots are a long shot, American shot, medium shot, and foreground (for people) or detailed shot (objects). Wider shots, such as long shots, are useful for seeing where the action is.

It is also true that we find other shooting positions that are variations of them. For example, a close-up is more open than a general. It is more suitable for wide-angle landscapes, etc.

How to Improve Stabilization When Recording Video?

– Keep the camera close to your body, this will help you hold it tighter and reduce movement.

– Focus on maintaining a stable shooting position. While you’re recording, focus on it, it’s only a few seconds.

– Move very slowly, it will be easier for you to control the object and avoid sudden movements.

As for the recording mode, it all depends on the camera. If your device allows it, then choose the highest Kadyrov frame rate, because the higher the frame rate, the better,

if you do not compromise quality. For example, recording at 50fps or 60fps will allow you to slow down your video by half, resulting in more stability and smoother video.


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