Should You Consider Buying Turtle Beach Recon 50x/Recon 50p?- The Final Verdict

Should You Consider Buying Turtle Beach Recon 50x/Recon 50p?- The Final Verdict

Turtle Beach Recon 50X/Recon 50p is undoubtedly a good inexpensive gaming headset. These headphones feature an excellent bass response and a relatively well-balanced, crowded sound.

Additionally, they are lightweight and have no latency, whether playing games or viewing movies, because they are wired. Unfortunately, they don’t have the same build quality or durability level as devices with similar prices.

Additionally, not all listeners can wear them comfortably, which makes them uncomfortably isolated.

Should you consider investing in this gaming headset?

It features a decent breathability design.

Since they don’t completely seal the ears inside their cups, the Turtle Beach Recon 50p are somewhat permeable for an over-ear style.

They are a little cooler to wear on average compared to other closed-back headsets featuring non-porous pads since they partially lay on certain ears.

If you can get beyond the uncomfortable fit, these should work for casual gaming and listening but won’t be the greatest choice for a more demanding activity.

It is somewhat inconvenient to carry around.

There is no foldable design for these headphones. The ear cups indeed lay flat; however, owing to the angle of the cups, they become much broader rather than saving much room.

Unfortunately, this means that, like other gaming headsets, it won’t be convenient to carry around. Since they don’t come with a bag or pouch and have a rather flimsy design, they won’t be the best to stuff in your backpack.

It has an average built.

It won’t survive as long as other gaming headsets because of the cheap build quality. The cable is not detachable and is a bit thin, so if it snaps, you will need to buy a new headset.

The material used to make the headband also seems fragile and cheap. The ear cups are sufficiently thick and maintain their relative lightness despite the delicate structure, protecting them from minor drops.

In addition, the mic has a stronger, somewhat more expensive feel than the rest of the build quality. Overall, they aren’t the worst-built but compared to other products in their price bracket; they have a toy-like feel.

It has mediocre stability.

This gaming headphone has a mediocre level of stability. The ear cups do not even slide or move like some larger gaming headsets since they fit the head just snugly enough to prevent excessive movement.

Unfortunately, since their wire cannot be detached, it will rip the headphones off your head if it ever becomes tangled with something.

It encompasses impressive bass.

The bass on the Turtle Beach Recon 50P is excellent. It’s great that LFE is at 10Hz. Within 1 dB of the neutral aim, low bass, which produces the thud and rumble typical of bass-heavy music, is responsible.

It’s fantastic that mid-bass, which gives bass guitars their body and kick drums their power, is also within 1dB. However, the warmth-producing high-bass is about 5 dB, overemphasized. The result is a boomy, muddy-sounding bass.

Additionally, the bass output varies greatly amongst users and depends on factors including fit, seal, and eyeglass usage. Your experience may differ from this answer, reflecting the typical bass response.

It comes with the excellent recording quality.

The boom mic has fantastic recording quality. It’s excellent that LFE is at 20Hz. The outcome is a speech that feels full-bodied when captured or transmitted.

The 9.8kHz HFE is also excellent and ensures that the recorded voice is clear and detailed. The voice would sound natural since the response between LFE and HFE locations is flat and even.

It incorporates an appreciable treble performance.

Its treble performance is superior to the norm. The response is pretty even and well-balanced through most of the treble range.

In addition to the slight 10dB fall at 5KHz, the low-treble is underemphasized by much more than 2dB, which slightly lessens the clarity and brightness of singers and instruments.

On the plus side, they won’t sound overly harsh on S and Ts since the response in the sibilance region (6kHz–10kHz) is balanced.

The Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good decision to buy Turtle Beach Recon 50x?

Turtle Beach Recon 50X/Recon 50p is a good inexpensive gaming headset. These headphones feature an excellent bass response and a relatively well-balanced, crowded sound.

Additionally, because they are wired, they are lightweight and have no latencies, whether playing games or viewing movies.

2. What is the reason behind the non-functioning microphone on

Turtle Beach Recon 50x?

It is because the headset is compatible with another gadget. If the headset’s microphone is still not functioning, try connecting it to a mobile phone and placing a call.

Ensure the phone is covered to prevent the phone’s internal microphones from picking up sound instead of the headset’s mic.

3. Are batteries required for Turtle Beach headsets?

Yes, this is a motorized headset with a battery that can be recharged. The headset must be recharged after running out of battery before being used again. Yes! While the headset is being used, you may charge it using the USB charging wire.

4. What distinguishes Turtle Beach Recon 50P/Recon 50x from Recon


Despite the similarities between the Turtle Beach Recon 70 and Turtle Beach Recon 50X/Recon 50P models, the Recon 70 may be a better choice because of its more ergonomic design and superior sound quality.

The Recon 50x, on the other hand, has a superior microphone and outperforms the Recon 70 in that area.

The Bottom Line

Turtle Beach Recon 50X/50P is a good gaming headphone with a fair mic on a budget. Although these headphones are portable and simple to use, their cheaply made construction falls short of comparable gaming headsets in their price range.

The cups are a little shallow, the pads are a little stiff, and they don’t fit around your ears the best. However, they won’t be as adaptable as the other types mentioned below. On the plus side, the mic is removable so that you can use them outside.

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