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Why does my Xbox controller disconnect every time I play a game?

Why does my Xbox controller disconnect every time I play a game?

Do you ever feel the hindrances while playing the game just because your Xbox controller keeps disconnecting? If yes, you seek out the right content to unfold the reason behind this.

The untangled cords and free modern consoles are considered beneficial and easy operating devices. But with advancements in technology and the fast-changing global world, the connectivity wires have disappeared.

Sometimes even the connection they provide also seems invisible like them. The absence of these cords is the reason behind the cracked connections. Although Xbox connects by using Bluetooth, their range doesn’t permit them to stay away from the console, or else consequences are a continuous inconvenience.

Why does my Xbox Controller keep on disconnecting, How

should I fix it?

These unwired consoles are not only the primary reason behind this but their enormous reasons growing together or individually to cause this problem. Once you have evaluated your cause, check out its solution, and in just a few seconds, your irritating situation will disappear.

#1 Problem: Issues With The Range

The range might not be available for connection, which seems to be a troublesome issue. In simpler terms, the distance between the console and controller is not favorable for the player and needs to be resolved for the user’s best experience.

Solution: Move the controller nearer to the console.

Try to place it nearer to the console and make sure that it’s facing the front of the console to avoid any inconvenience. As a rough estimation, 19 feet or six-meter distance should be considered for the accurate and stable connection. Anything above this will generate discomfort and inconveniences.

#2 Problem: Encounter with the virus.

Any encounter with a virus synced in signals may also cause the signals to disrupt or make them lag behind. Usually, in this situation, the person will have the continuous breaking of signals, or the signals are not passed onto the required device.

Solution: Switch off and on your controller

1. Pres abs don’t release the Xbox button for 5-10 seconds to shut off the controller

2. Now wait for a few seconds and then again press the Xbox button to turn it on

#3 Problem: Check the Batteries.

Dried or almost on the edge batteries ought to be replaced as it’s sometimes the core reason behind the problem. Hence, the controller’s previous batteries are not responding well and need to get changed for better outcomes.


1. Forts fly tap on the button used to determine Xbox and proceed with the navigation of the home menu. Then further continue with the battery icon in the top-right corner.

2. If you feel the battery’s life is more minor, remove your controller’s back casing to replace the batteries with two AA. In the case of the rechargeable battery pack, plug in the controller and change it until it’s full to resolve the battery problem.

#4 Problem: Power Cycle the Controller

As many people suggest, turning the controller off by the menu is far better than switching it off manually. Plus, it is also considered as an alternative and easy solution.

Approximately five seconds then presses and holds the jewel in the controller’s center. Please do not touch it for the next 15 seconds after completion. Press down the jewel button to turn the controller on.

#5 Problem: Have you checked your controller?

The multiple connections synced in the gaming console caused various issues. If power cycling doesn’t seem helpful and your Xbox controller keeps on disconnecting, then advise you to pair the controller with Xbox.


To locate the button on other consoles,

1. Press and hold the pair button located in the front. Wait till the light flashes out of the console.

2. Now hold and press the pair button, which is situated on the back of the controller, until the jewel begins to flash.

3. If you can easily spot the light blink sync in both the controller and console, then it’s an indication of pairing up.

Are you aware of the microchip software?

Yes, a microchip software frequently communicates with the console and is known as firmware. But their beets are for maintenance and need to be updated regularly to keep a check on the device’s working. The steps listed below make you understand how to update the firmware responsible for communication on your Xbox console.

1. Use a USB cable to ensure that the console is connected with the controller and that the cable is damaged-free. It ought to be plugged in from both sides.

2. Now to open the home menu continue with tapping on the Xbox button.

3. Proceed further with going to profile and system > heading towards the settings > Devices and connections > ending with Accessories. Note continue selecting the controller you want to update.

4. Select “…..” and present it on the Xbox wireless controller screen if you wish to check the firmware version.

5. Now this will indicate if your controller is updated or not. If you can see the update option, then complete it by performing all the instructions listed below, and if nothing like this is presented, it’s up to date.

6. Let your controller sit up to 5 minutes as the update may take time to complete its procedure.

Optional Way to avoid disconnections- Update the Xbox

After updating controller firmware, be sure you take some time to update the console. Almost all Xbox performs all its updates automatically, but there can sometimes be some glitches or problems that need to be seen through.

To check updates :

1. Click on the Xbox settings menu

2. Now select the system abs to proceed with updates to cross-check if any is left or incomplete.

Even still, the controller isn’t ready to connect, so the final solution for you is to try another controller for a better experience.

Closing words

Xbox is a creation that is demanded, and hence this issue needs to be put to an end to ensure the wonderful experience of the user. Follow these ways to figure out what was wrong with the controller and connections.




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