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Dyno Discord Bot Technology and Music Commands – Ways To Setup and Remove


Dyno is a Discord bot that has been around for over three years. Dyno’s features include music, moderation, custom commands, and more!


The advancement of the dyno discord bot started with its original creator back in early 2017. Recently there have been many updates made by other developers who are working on this project as well.


The Dyno’s ability to moderate aspects such as spam messages or NSFW content is one of its top priorities, which sets it apart from other bots like Nightbot or even MemeBot Jr (formerly known as DankMemes).


Unlike these other bots, Dyno also focuses on connecting users together through games such as trivia night, where they can compete against each other, answering various topics ranging from sports to history.


Popular among managers and owners of private servers, Dyno Bot, provides many tools capable of managing data and moderating channels.


You can better manage your discord server by using technology wondering how to set up rules that will help create a better community even if you’re not online?


Managing a discord server can be challenging, but it becomes much easier with the help of Dyno Bot. This program automates tasks, limits chat spam, and simplifies managing channels by splitting information into two screens.


In today’s post, we will discuss what Dyno Bot is and how you can customize your Discord server.
This blog is going to explain everything you need to know about Dyno.


Dynamo is an open-source discord bot that can be used to help improve your server.


What is Dyno Bot?


You can use the Dyno Bot to govern your discord server and monitor channels more effectively, thanks to its many moderating tools.


Dyno bot is an effective automation tool for managing your discord server. For example, you can use Dyno Bot to send messages to new members and play music on the server- all from within the browser.


You can configure and adjust Dyno Bot settings from the app dashboard.


Dyno’s inactivity timeout and spam content features make it one of the best bots for Discord.
If you have more than one person managing your discord server, you assign different permissions to each of them according to their assigned duties.


Currently, Dyno bot servers manage more than 800,000 users with various options, from free to paid.
Now we will look into the different features and commands that come along with Dyno.


Features of Dyno Bot


We’ve talked about how Dyno bot can help moderate and customize your Discord server so far, but that is just the beginning. It also has some impressive features that you may not have heard of yet.
Along with the usual chat features.


Dyno bot offers additional resources like direct-message capability for users, information about events from the pandemic onward (e.g., poll creation), and pictures of animals such as cats and dogs.


Dyno Bot developers constantly update it with new features. They also pay attention to what users ask for and get the desired feature in the next update.


Here are some necessary commands for the Dyno Bot:


• Music:


Play your favorite music directly in Discord even if you are not on voice chat, thanks to the backing of streaming hardware that provides a wide variety of music options.


• Web Dashboard:


Dyno Bot provides a simple, accessible dashboard that can be used to manage and create different servers.


• Uptime:


The Dyno bot has a very high uptime of 99.99%, meaning it is available at all times.


• Auto-Roles:


you can assign default roles to newly added members and assign them practical tasks. The hover-over command for roles includes a list of customizations, as does the ‘help’ command.


• Auto-Moderation:


Using the commands like add mod, ban, mute, etc., you can fully configure your server with moderation abilities to control spam or prevent a raid.


• Custom Commands:


Custom commands are an excellent way to collect data, notifications and manage servers without any difficulty.


• Pokemon:


The ‘command’ lets you get information on any Pokémon.


• Server Log:


Dyno bot, an automation tool for discord servers, maintains a server event log that can be accessed anytime.


• Clean:


Commands like ban, clean, and kick can be utilized to clear out members in a server without hassle.


Why Dyno?


Let’s begin by addressing Dyno Bot’s purpose.


If you run a Discord channel, you will it can be challenging to do everything with only one pair of hands and two eyes. the server better.


If you host multiple channels or have discussions in a channel, conflicts can quickly arise among users.

A Bot should be able to help you in moderating your server, welcoming new members, muting members who cause trouble, and helping you with the day-to-day running of your server.


Though there are numerous bots out there for this purpose, Dyno Bot distinguishes itself from the rest by being highly effective.


Dyno Bot is a new discord bot for creating custom commands and more.


The input text says “Bot”, but then it says “Dyno”. You should clarify what that means first, before going on to talk about its features.


We can go over the steps of setting up Dyno Bot to introduce users.


The Next Step is to set up Dyno Bot.


Visit the Dyno Bot’s website and click on Add To Server.


dyno discord bot


If you haven’t yet registered your discord server or signed in, do so now.


Once logged in, select the server you want DynoBot to be displayed.


discord bots dyno


The next page is where your permission to allow DynoBot to control and manage your server will be authorized.


Add Dyno to a Discord server by selecting Add Bot to a Server and clicking Authorise.


dyno bot commands


Apply Dyno Bot commands to your server, go to the “Commands” tab.


You can go to the Command Prompt from here. Start with a command from the list provided and continue your journey of customization for your Discord server!


How do I Set up a Prefix?


Meet Dyno –


A fully customizable moderation Discord bot for your server that features a convenient web dashboard and powerful yet user-friendly interface. Get peace of mind while staying in control with this simple, all-in-one solution.




The Dyno web dashboard provides a convenient and customizable interface to monitor your bot activity on the fly.




Moderation with an activity log ban and timed muting. Configurable with new features.
Custom Commands: Create your commands to execute a suite of apps!


Much More!:


Dyno is a highly sophisticated technology that provides a wide variety of features, such as auto roles, auto-delete social media comments with server-side commands, hands-free announcements about updates, and joinable ranks.


And all these features can be customized to your specific requirements!


Dyno is used on 4,500,000+ servers, and we hope you enjoy it!


Dyno is updated continuously with new features and enhancements. If there are any features you’d like to see, post them on our Discord server! New features are built off what users ask for.

How to Add Dyno Bot to Discord

It’s easy to add the Dyno bot to your Discord server. It can only complete it with a few clicks.

STEP 1: go to the website of the Dyno Bot. You can either search for “Dyno bot” on Google or go to their official website, which is –

STEP 2: On the same page, click the red button that says “Login with Discord.” You’ll be sent to Discord and asked for your login information.

STEP 3: After logging in to Discord, you’ll be prompted for some basic permissions, such as permission to access your account. Press ‘yes’ to continue the procedure.

STEP 4: After that, the Dyno bot will get complete access to your account, and you’ll be rerouted to Dyno’s dashboard, where you may manage your servers.

STEP 5: Discord servers will be represented by their names and the number of connected users. The dashboard will display all the servers you have permission to manage.

You may choose the server you wish to deploy the Dyno bot. This will take you back to DiscordDiscord, where you’ll be asked whether you want to add the Dyno bot to your server.

STEP 6: To add the Dyno bot to your server, click authorize. After that, you will receive a notification in your main chat room informing you that the Dyno bot has been added to the server.

After the Dyno bot has been installed on your server, a web control panel for your server will appear, where you can manage all of the bot’s settings as well as turn on or off various modules supplied by the Dyno bot. The dashboard for your server -:

When you scroll down, you’ll see a list of ‘Modules’ that can be turned on or off. You may also edit the various modules/functions that the Dyno bot offers in this area.

You can turn on and off all of these modules, or you may go to the ‘COMMANDS’ page to see what commands the specific module provides. You can also enable/disable any command/s for a module/s by doing so as well.

Under each module, click on the ‘SETTINGS’ button to bring up the module’s settings, where you may do various things with it, for example, in the “Automatic Message” module’s settings.

You can also set up automatic messages to be sent to a particular channel at a specific time and how many times will broadcast that message channel at regular intervals.

How do I Remove the DYNO BOT from my Discord Server?

1. The main course of action is to remove the Dyno bot from your server.

2. To quit the Dyno bot, right-click on its icon in the right sidebar and select “Kick Dyno.”
If you want to ban the Dyno bot so that no one can add it again to your server, right-click on the Dyno bot on the right sidebar and choose ‘Ban Dyno’ from the menu.


Final Thoughts


Dyno Bot is an excellent answer to many Discord Server needs. Dyno Bot provides controls and features that benefit moderation.


Setting up a dyno discord bot is as easy as filling out the basic form and adding your desired commands. There are many features in the discord bots banning trolls and playing music at the push of a button. you are looking to explore more of the available Discord bots, Carl Bot for Discord is worth checking out Rhythm bot, and Groovy bot. Steps to Get Started with the Dyno Bot If you’re interested in learning more about Discord Bots, check out this post!

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