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How To Install Blade and Sorcery Mods – Download 10 Best Mods [2022]

how to mod blade and sorcery


Blade and Sorcery is a fantastic game, but it can be even more fun if you mod blade and Sorcery.


Blade and Sorcery is an indie RPG for pc, mac, Linux, Android devices developed by badland games.


There are a lot of blade and sorcery mods out there, blade and sorcerer’s success may be attributed to its vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay mechanics with a good storyline (the game has a story mode), great music (it features over 30 original compositions) or even the character customization system that gives you to customize your character’s gender, appearance traits such as hair color or fur type (there are 20+ different options), body shape, voice type, etc.


So how do you know which blade and sorcery mods to use?


you will get started with blade and sorceror mods for blade & Sorcery!


The Outer Rim contains a variety of NPC myths with new quests and storylines.


I’ve hesitated to put Star Wars mods on this list for two reasons.


The number of changes required is a significant downside. The second issue is that there are too many to cover.


The Best-Modded Games are found in Outer Rim.

This ambitious project by Kingo64 has aimed to transform Blade and Sorcery into a Star Wars battle simulator. And for the most part.


blade and sorcery nexus


It introduces weapons such as the lightsaber, and blaster which hit their intended target.

But other new battlegrounds are new battlegrounds in Tatooine.


If you don’t like Star Wars, I really don’t know how that’s possible. But while this list is all about Star Wars mods, there are plenty of other incredible ones just waiting for you to try.


But if you’re a fan, absolutely install The Outer Rim the first chance you get.


2.The Bloodborne Trick Weapon System Offers a New Level of Complexity to The Gameplay.


bloodborne trick weapons blade sorcery mod


It was terrific how NexusMods user Razor had gone through the trouble of porting these complex-looking weapons.


When I realized they work the same, I berated myself.


These weapons are just like the ones in Bloodborne but wielded similarly.


That means they can transform – something done by imitating what would happen if you chose to be a Hunter. Seriously cool stuff!


Though it may look more like a list of stats than a game guide, Blade and Sorcery VR is the most technical when it comes to weapons.


Give this a try if you can.


3.Treat a Mythical Weapon Pack as an Item That Grants One Random Weapon (see the MM for its Rarity and Type).


nexus mods blade and sorcery


We already talked about a “magical weapons” mod with the Fantasy Megapack.


Sushin’s Mythical Weapon Pack adds dozens of new objects to explore and discover.


There are 20 different weapons that you can find in the game, and each one has its unique feature, such as draining life or causing elemental damage.


There’s even a sword with its mind, ready to fight your side.


The mod has earned the attention of many in the modding community.


4.Omega’s Katana Megapack.


mods for blade and sorcery


You can mod a basic sword with any magic you want. But nothing is better than an ultra-sharp Japanese katana.


There are many katana blades in the game and Japanese derivative weapons such as nodachi or tantos.


Like the traditional Japanese weapon, the Nagasaki, the Wakizashi sword, and small knives like Tanto.
You’ll feel more like the hero of a Japanese manga when wielding these swords.


5.The Fantasy Megapack


fantasy megapack blade sorcery mod


Another great addition to Sushin’s pack of weapons, Fantasy Megapack, introduces over 90 fantasy weapons with diverse effects.


The weapons found in Blade and Sorcery are inspired mainly by those that would be found in Medieval Megapack.


Magic in BLADE & SOUL has evolved from an elemental-based system to traits that are more physical and corporeal, like shredding or combustibility.


Enemies may also carry an extra powerful weapon to use against you, so be ready!


6.The Medieval Megapack Blade & Sorcery is a game with a medieval atmosphere, so, understandably, regular swords and Sorcery are not enough.


medieval megapack blade sorcery


This mod features 90 realistic European weapons from the middle-ages, 10 for you, and the rest available for your enemies to wield.


Blade and Sorcery offers a variety of daggers, swords, sabers, and rapiers.


The weapons updates don’t stop at blades and Sorcery but extend to fictional weaponry from games like Skyrim with hiltless swords and double-headed axes.


7.A Sharp AI


sharpai blade sorcery mod


Since we’re changing the combat mechanics, why not also refine our enemies while we’re at it?
Sharp AI by modder Silk adds over 1800 lines of code to the vanilla AI.


the game avoids this kind of thing by giving the player skills like back-stepping from attacks and countering by taking advantage of any opening.


They will also be less likely to lose their weapons, so you don’t need as many resources or time on your hands. Pushing them around is ineffective against weapon-carrying opponents.


It is a must if you are skilled at battle or wish to increase the difficulty.


8.Slugga’s Combat Overhaul


sluggas combat overhaul blade sorcery mod


Combat in Blade & Sorcery is good, not bad.


However, there are always ways to improve the realism of your gaming experience.


Modder Slugga17’s Combat Overhaul tweaks its mechanics in several ways to make battles more realistic and immersive.


There is no need for Lore-friendly overhaul patches; this mod will be your best friend when it comes to sword fighting. ​


Some mod’s features are better ragdoll physics, increased damage when hitting vital spots like the head/torso.


There is also an ultra-realistic version if you’re truly committed. This version improves immersion, which is a big plus.


9.TES V: Skyrim Weapons by Bickle84


bickles skyrim weapons blade sorcery




games are all but impossible without bringing over weapons from the most re-released game of recent memory.


This mod by Bickle has real Dragonborn power. The mod introduces Daedric blades, Akaviri Katanas, and all manner of weaponry found across the Northern parts of Tamriel.


If you loved Skyrim but want to try it without giving Todd Howard your credit card again, this is a mod for you.


10.Mine, Sorcery, and More


mine and sorcery blade sorcery mod


The input text is not logically organized or linked to the post’s title.


A game can’t become popular without a YouTuber eventually making an asset pack like that.


SuperMassimo is the first person to create a mod for Blade & Sorcery, introducing blocky mining tools, weapons from Mojang’s Minecraft game, and even TNT blocks.


They even added potions with effects such as boosting your jump height or making you invisible.


Minecraft enthusiasts and YouTube gamers alike are sure to trust this incredible Minecraft mod.

How to get mods on blade and sorcery quest 2? 

You’ve already completed Blade and Sorcery Quest 1, and now you want to try out some new mods to see if they improve your gaming experience. What should you consider before installing new mods?

Blade & Sorcery Quest II (B&SQ2) is an action RPG where two heroes team up to fight against vicious monsters.

The game was developed by Big Fish Games and published by Ubisoft on May 30th, 2018. Players can download B&SQ2 from multiple platforms,

such as Google Play Store. If you bought the game already, you might ask yourself, “How do I activate my modded version”?

Plenty of players love playing Blade & Sorcery Quest II without having to spend even a dime on it.

They look forward to unlocking new weapons, spells, armor, items, and more. What makes them stand out is the ability to unlock these excellent features through mods.

Most developers don’t support modding because it’s illegal and technically risky. That said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to hack the game. Before getting started, the developer has put several restrictions in place to prevent user interference.

In addition, some anti-cheat software also blocks attempts at modifying games. Nevertheless, it’s possible to install mods using third-party tools.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions to enable Mods in B&SQ2.

#1 – Download Mod Manager

Mod manager allows you to manage and install mods easily. You’ll need to have Java installed on your device. After downloading, launch it and follow the installation steps.

#2 – Install the mod

Navigate to the folder where you saved the mod file. Select the mod file and press OK.

#3 – Activate the mod

Click on the “Mod Manager” tab. Find the mod you installed and click on the “Activate” button.

#4 – Enjoy!

You’ve successfully activated the mod. Now go back to the main menu and select the mod again. It should now appear under the “Active Mods” section.

What devices can you play blades and sorcery on? 

  • Vive by HTC
  • Tracked Motion Controllers.
  • Oculus Rift
  • Room-Scale
  • Windows Mixed Reality

It’s all on the wrist!


For more immersed combat, necks can also be snapped by applying enough force to the head at the right angle. This way, you’d sever the connection between the brain and spine effectively. Aren’t video games a hoot?

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