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7 Apex Legends Tips To Improve Fast & Win More!

7 Apex Legends Tips To Improve Fast & Win More!

Apex Legends has a large community of players ranging from intermediate to professional, making the game competitive. New players experience some difficulties winning and improving their skills.

However, some tips exist to enhance faster and win more in the game. From learning the game’s mechanics to exercising patience, these tips can be your best bet.

As an FPS hero shooter and a free-to-play battle royale, millions of players fight to emerge as the champions.

If you want to improve your chances, the tips below and some Apex Legends hacks and tools will offer a smooth but wild gaming experience in every match.

Tips To Improve Fast And Win More Matches

Don’t ignore the Range

The firing range is a famous arena where players practice their aiming skills and weapon mastery. You can get an edge over Apex Legends by practicing with different weapons, gear, and charge towers at the range.

Also, the firing range helps you master your long/short-range shots and your character’s Ultimate (a top unique ability).

You can even experiment with your default controller settings to find the perfect adjustment for your gameplay. It will ensure accuracy in your aims and shots when you get into the main game.

Try out different weapons

Trying out different weapons in the game keeps you versatile. Apex Legends has 28 weapons, but your hero can only bring two to a match.

However, you can grab some guns that will spawn at some point in the game. Thus you can use any weapon to your advantage.

One thing you must know about the spawning weapons is that the game shuffles their spawn locations.

So, if you have little or mild knowledge of several weapons, you can get the most out of them whenever you find any. Furthermore, being versatile with weapons can win you more fights in the game.

Master Engagements with Arenas Mode

Arenas mode is an ideal environment to perfect your enemy engagement skills. It puts two teams of 3 players (3v3) on a tight-knit map to engage in round-based combats.

Players can purchase weapons, hero abilities, and ordinances in each round with a fixed amount of credit.

This would improve your gameplay in the BR (battle royale) modes. The best part of Arenas is that you don’t have to worry about any deadly third-party engagements after ending a match with the first team.

Mastering enemy engagements in this mode gives you a high advantage over the enemy team in the main game modes. The team that eliminates the opposing teammates wins the round.

Choose ability-friendly heroes

Apex Legends is a multiplayer game. Apart from encouraging teamwork and effective communication, the game mechanics allows players in a team to combine their abilities against the enemy.

This attribute can guarantee more wins and fast improvement in the player’s performance.

While playing as a team, choose ability-friendly characters (heroes with combinable powers). For example, Bangalore’s Ultimate is Seer, Bloodhound (Smoke), and Valkyrie (Skyward Dive).

If your team comprises these three heroes, combining their Ultimates will serve a lethal strike on the enemies. It can give you a swift improvement and a high chance of winning.

Loot and swap shields fast

Grab grenades, ammo, and health items quickly, especially during a critical firefight.

It may be difficult because you must simultaneously look out for enemies in your position and your teammates’ position. For this, it’s advisable to develop fast-looting skills.

On the other hand, swap your damaged shield with an intact one to prevent your health from depleting. Shields come in different colors and strengths. But in a gunfight, any shield can prolong your life in Apex Legends.

Look out for the second enemy

The Ring in Apex Legends is the second enemy to be aware of in the game. While you compete with opposing players, the ring can terminate every player on the map in no time.

The ring appears as a circle at some point in the game. Any player outside this circle is prone to die with time. They take damage until they run out of health or make it into the ring if possible.

So, as you explore the map, defeat enemies, loot, and enjoy the progress, monitor the ring to know when and where the next circle could appear. Get into the loop once it seems, so you don’t take health damage.

Be patient and intelligent with combat engagement

Patience and clever combat engagements can be your best bet to emerging victorious in Apex Legends. Be patient and make well-planned moves at each step.

Always look around the area before diving into enemy engagements. When you hear gunfire, please don’t rush to loot downed opponents; they could be bait.


Improving and winning more in Apex Legends requires practice, mastery, tactics, and patience. With the tips mentioned above, you’ll never lose any round again in the game.

Apart from collecting spoils, improving your gameplay, and winning, these tips can turn you into the best Apex Predator ever.

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