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VA Games VS Live Games – What’s Better for the Beginner

VA Games VS Live Games - What's Better for the Beginner

Sports and games are integral parts of entertainment in Canada. From the traditional to the digital, they never stop exciting and engaging. Everyone can participate, too, including beginners and experts.

However, new games come with shades of complexities, making them more challenging to beginners. VA games are a fine example of modern online casino sites’ most popular entertainment forms.

Here, gambling expert Conrad A. Brennan discusses the better option for beginners between VA games and live games.

What is a VA Game?

VA games are online casino games available on virtual reality hardware. The player accesses the game through a head-mounted display unit using a controller to navigate the virtual terrain.

The virtual “casino-style” games are designed to replicate the thrill of land-based casinos.

Pandemic-induced lockdowns in several parts of the world have also contributed significantly to the popularity of VA casino games. The best casino for beginners in today’s gambling space should feature lots of these games.

How Does It Compare to Live Games?

Live games used to take place on land-based casinos, but now online casinos offer live games as well. Consequently, gamblers can access the live game experience from home, removing the need to visit a land-based casino.

You can play against real players while also communicating with the opponent, just like in land-based casinos.

Check below for their differentiating points: 


Live casino pitches the player against a real human player, preventing 24/7 access. You can only play such games when you have real human opponents.

On the flip side, VA games are always available, enabling the player to access the games 24/7.

Need for Skills:

Good examples of live games include baccarat, poker, roulette, etc. You also require some skills to play the games, making them somewhat challenging for a typical beginner.

The fact that live games are played against other players makes many beginners see live casino games as difficult. VA games use random number generator (RNG) software, requiring limited skills.


Live casino games cost the player more, discouraging many beginners. VA games cost less, making them more attractive to beginners. You may even play for free using bonuses and free credits.

Minimum bets are higher in live casino games, unlike VA games. Unfortunately, many beginners are on a tight budget, compelling them to prefer the more affordable ones.

Dealer in Charge: 

The dealer is in charge of live casino games, restricting the players from having freedom while playing the games. The reverse is the case in VA games, which permits the players a lot of freedom.

You can pause the game and take a break at any time, coming back to continue from where you left off. Many of the actions at a live casino have time limits, unlike VA games.

Access to Bonuses: 

When it comes to bonuses, players are lucky to have many for both types of games nowadays. Especially in Canada, there are many platforms featuring great promotions for live games.

For instance, customers at the best live blackjack online Canada sites will most likely have access to generous bonus deals.

Of course, you can also enjoy many incentives in VA games, as mentioned above. Many casinos come with offers exclusive to these games, such as video poker and slot machines.

Most Popular Types of Live Games: 

Every casino with a live gaming section offers most of the famous table games you’ve heard of.

Players will have a filled time from classics like poker and roulette to games like Deal or No Deal. Below are the most popular games in Canada:

Card games:

Classics like baccarat, poker, and blackjack are in no short supply at live casinos. These games also come in different variants, making it possible for punters to select their preferred option.


It’s easy to find all variants of roulette at a live casino. Explore French, European, and American roulette options while enjoying a live dealer experience.


Live casino games and VA games are exciting but have differentiating factors to consider for a beginner in the online gambling world.

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