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Top Reasons to Choose a Villa Over Other Apartment Types in Dubai

Top Reasons to Choose a Villa Over Other Apartment Types in Dubai

Villas in Dubai with a sea view is a big deal for many reasons. You will find all the most common and famous reasons why a Villa is often chosen over a townhouse or smaller apartments if you Read more on the official website Emirates.Estate.

Additionally, this article will list some of the most famous reasons for the most concise and welcoming manners in Dubai.

The Most Common Reasons People opt for Villa Apartments

Here are some of the most common reasons people choose a villa apartment over other property types in Dubai.

This is according to information gathered based on reviews and opinions of realtors, residents, and property owners in the United Arab Emirates, especially those who live or work in Dubai.

The Ample Space

The first and foremost reason many people opt for villa apartments is the space. This feature is essential for people who have a family.

When you live alone, you can afford to manage a small house, but when you have children, they need their rooms.

Youngsters also need to be able to play around the house and have ample space to learn and live. Villas offer the best in this regard, especially since they are the most affordable of the prominent places.

Each bedroom often comes with its unique design and a view. The spaces villas offer compared to other property spaces is one of its most marketable qualities.

The Pool

Villas that have pools are one of the fast selling! It is for those who can afford it most, of course. Pools are a great idea for relaxation, especially considering the weather type in Dubai, which is often hot.

People will need a pool to burn off steam and relax; the more private it is, the better.

Some villas have a community/group or public pool, so you only have to step out of your apartment to lounge in the pool (which gives room for socializing and meeting new people).

Meanwhile, many luxury units have their private pool embedded within the house. A pool removes the constant need to go to the beach whenever you need to cool off.

The Barbecue Spot

Nothing beats a villa with a barbecue spot inclusive. Barbecue can be an ongoing family event, where everyone sits around the grill and wait for the steak to cook.

It is even better when there is juice or something fun to wash down the meat into the belle. Some families say they chose their villa because of the barbecue spot, often in the backyard.

Adding a barbecue stand to such a place can increase its marketability as people will not have to go out of their way to get a barbecue stand; they can merely start using it immediately.

The Balcony or Backyard

The Balcony or backyard has many potentials. It can be converted into a plant house or a flower garden. People who love gardening often like the flower house option.

Alternatively, it can be converted into a lounge area with wooden furniture, an umbrella stand, or whatever you deem necessary.

Many small-bedroom apartments need a more oversized balcony or backyard as villas do. The patio or backyard is a splendid corner that makes villas more pleasing to property holders than other units.

Luxury bathroom facilities

Next is the luxury bathroom facilities, which ensure users have the swell time of their lives.

Bathing has never been so fun, and you can have it all with villas! Most villas have modern designs and may have a simple water system toilet and a bathing area with showers and tap options.

Other more elaborate houses have bathtubs installed with premium finishing.

The Marketability

Last but not least is the marketability of this type of property.

Due to its fame, and high demand among property holders, Villas are high in demand, and you are likely to be fine with reselling, renting, or dealing with the property should you change plans in the future.

This marketability improves the patronage that villas enjoy in the market.

Luxury Vs. Some not-so-cool Property Features of Villas

While this property type –Villas – is famous for the luxuriousness offered in the various features above, some of its most disdained downsides include the cost price at acquisition and the cost price for maintenance.

Without proper care in these two significant facets, the property will quickly lose value and fade out with time.

In essence, villas are not for the weak or weary-hearted, and anybody who intends to purchase one must factor in the various cost and be financially ready to cover the cost.

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