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Why “Uploading to iCloud Paused” Issue Happens? Here are 6 Effective Fixes

Why “Uploading to iCloud Paused” Issue Happens? Here are 6 Effective Fixes

Owners of iPhones can store their files, data, and photos in the popular cloud storage service iCloud with ease.

It keeps the information fresh in all Apple machines, such as Macs, iPads, iPhones, etc. However, many customers are experiencing the “Uploading to iCould paused” problem.

A bad internet connection or insufficient storage may cause this problem. At the bottom, three words say, “plug in your device and connect to the WiFi”.

If you receive an error message stating that “iCloud paused,” it indicates that the data on your Mac or iPhone is not being backed up or synchronized with other Apple devices.

This post will go over how to fix this issue step-by-step and ensure your data is safely backed up on the cloud.

There exist multiple uncomplicated methods to resolve this error notification on your iPhone, guaranteeing a seamless and continuous backup procedure.

What Does This Error Indicate?

Owners of Apple devices can access Apple’s cloud storage service, iCloud. It works with iPads, Macs, iPhones, and even Apple Watches.

It synchronizes settings and other data between Apple devices despite being a cloud storage service.

Why This Error Happen?- Unlocking Reasons

Insufficient iCloud Storage

The most frequent cause of this issue is because your iCloud storage is running low. Your iCloud storage cannot accept new data uploads if it is full.

To view your iCloud storage, navigate to the settings on your smartphone, hit your Apple ID, and choose ‘iCloud.’ You may then control your storage and make space available.

Weak or Unstable Internet Connection

A weak or unstable internet connection can disrupt the uploading process. iCloud requires a stable and reasonably fast internet connection to sync your data effectively.

To resolve this issue, ensure you are connected to a strong WiFi network or a stable cellular data connection.

Large or Unsupported Files

iCloud has limitations on the types and sizes of files it can handle. If you are trying to upload extremely large files or files in unsupported formats, the process might be paused.

Check the compatibility of your files and consider compressing or converting them if needed.

Outdated iOS or macOS

Outdated software can lead to compatibility issues with iCloud. Ensure that your iOS or macOS is up-to-date by going to your device’s settings and checking for available updates.

Updating your software can resolve many issues with iCloud synchronization.

Software Glitches

Software glitches sometimes cause the ‘Uploading to iCloud Paused’ error. Restarting your device or signing out and back into iCloud can help resolve these glitches.

How to Fix the Issue? – Know 6 Ways

Check the Internet Connection

In some cases, some users state that even after being connected to wireless internet, it still does not work. There is another reason why that could have been the case. Ensure you have a WiFi connection and check whether your iPhone is in low data mode.

You might have switched it on while changing the settings of your iPhone. Turn off Low Data Mode if it is enabled. I hope that resolves the problem.

You can easily turn off Low Power Mode by going to Settings > WiFi. After choosing the WiFi network name that your iPhone is linked to, turn off Low Data Mode.

Reset Your iPhone

Hard rebooting your iPhone is your last option if none of the troubleshooting techniques listed above work to fix the current problem.

This cleans up all the information and makes your phone new. To perform a hard reset on your iPhone, follow the procedures in the section below.

After you release the Volume up or Volume down buttons, keep pressing on the home screen until the iPhone screen turns black.

  • Keep the power button pressed until you see an Apple logo, and then let go.
  • Hold off until your iPhone has finished booting up.
  • Verify if the problem has been fixed.

Check the Storage of your iCloud

You should verify if you have adequate iCloud storage space if logging out and back into your iCloud account didn’t fix the error.

You might not know, but your iPhone’s storage may already be full because iCloud automatically stores pictures and other data from your device. Upgrade your iCloud subscription if you’re nearing storage capacity.

Clear iCloud Cache

Old cache data can cause conflicts. To clear the iCloud cache on your iOS device, go to “Settings”> [Your Name] > “iCloud”> “Photos”> “Download and Keep Originals.” This will clear the cache and might resolve the issue.

Upgrade the iOS

Any underlying problems and faults that affect your iPhone can be resolved by updating it to the most recent iOS version. Verify whether your iPhone has any updates available and apply them. That’s what to do, exactly:

Step 1: Choose “Settings” from the home screen.

Step 2: To continue, click “General” then “Software update.”

Step 3: Wait a few seconds; check for updates again.

Step 4: Click on “download update” to download and install.

Step 5: Allow your iPhone, say, five minutes to download the new versions.

Step 6: It will begin installing automatically after it has finished downloading.

Re-Enable iCloud Messages

To test if the “uploading to iCloud paused” problem might be resolved, try disabling and re-enabling Messages. Certain flaws on your device may cause a stuck issue.

Step 1: Open Settings, click on your iCloud account, and select iCloud.

Step 2: Next, locate the toggle next to Messages and flip it on or off.

Tips to Prevent Future Occurrences

  • To prevent the “Uploading to iCloud Paused” error in the future, consider these tips:
  • Regularly check your iCloud storage and manage it effectively.
  • Keep your device and iCloud software up to date.
  • Maintain a stable internet connection.
  • Clear cache data periodically.
  • Avoid using Low Power Mode when uploading to iCloud.


Why Is The Duration Of My Icloud Upload So High?

On the other hand, if your Internet connection could be better or you have a lot of images and videos to upload, it takes a lot longer.

As a result, the amount of photographs and videos you plan to upload to iCloud and your Internet connection will determine how long iCloud Photo sync takes.

What Happens If My Icloud Storage Is Full?

If your iCloud storage is full, you won’t be able to upload new data. You’ll need to either delete unnecessary data or upgrade your storage plan.

Is There A Way To Automate Icloud Uploads?

iCloud uploads are typically automated when your device is connected to WiFi and charging. Making sure these prerequisites are satisfied will aid in process automation.

Does A Paused Icloud Backup Continue?

Since the interrupted or partial backups are not preserved, and iCloud cannot determine what has changed in the interim, they will begin at the beginning.


The “Uploading to iCloud Paused” error can be a frustrating obstacle, but with the right knowledge and solutions, you can overcome it.

By understanding the causes and applying the appropriate fixes, you can ensure that your data seamlessly uploads to iCloud without interruptions.

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