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10 Proven Reels Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Following

10 Proven Reels Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Following

Instagram is one of the largest social media networks with more than 1 billion active users. Gaining more followers on such a huge social media platform is pretty challenging.

When you have more followers you will become popular easily and if you are an entrepreneur you could develop your brand. Followers are not just numbers but they are part of your online community.

So you should build more potential followers for your Instagram account. 

Becoming an Influencer on Instagram is something that most people wish for which requires a strong and large fanbase.

Nevertheless, a potential followers base is more essential for all users on Instagram. With Instagram launching several features, Reels is the latest among them.

Reels is a short video format that was introduced as a counter to TikTok and allows users to create and post videos for up to 60 seconds.

Several top marketers and entrepreneurs report that they noticed a significant growth in the number of followers on creating reels.

10 Top Proven Reels Strategies To Grow Your Instagram Followers

1 Create Valuable Content

Content is the main aspect to gain popularity on Instagram and you should focus on creating valuable content on Instagram reels to grow your following.

When you create unique content on reels, you will become more visible and gain more engagement on Instagram. Reels are considered an effective way to boost your followers because most people are more attracted to watching short videos than longer ones.

While your content is more engaging, the Instagram reels algorithm prioritizes your content and helps your account gain more social proof and massive engagement.

2 Post-High-Quality Videos

Post Instagram reels videos with high quality to get more interactions and engagement. Quality is an important element to attract more audiences to your video.

Select the perfect location and record videos, ensure proper lighting, add green-screen effects, and make use of some editing tools to highlight your video.

Remove unwanted noise from the video to elevate the video completion rate. If you’re still receiving fewer likes than you expected, you could opt to get Instagram reels to increase the growth of your account.

Using smartphones with a high-resolution camera is a great way to record videos of high quality.

3 Add Captions & Hashtags

Before posting reels videos add captions and hashtags to reach more audiences. Adding captions will help people with hearing disabilities to understand your content.

It not only benefits such people but is very useful for users who turn off their sounds to understand your content. Use the perfect hashtags related to your content to make your video go viral.

Stay active on Instagram to know what is trending and make use of appropriate trending hashtags for your content. Remember that the captions and hashtags must be in the given 150 characters. 

4 Host Giveaways 

One of the best strategies to grow your Instagram following is hosting giveaways. When you conduct giveaways post stories, feed posts about the contests which trigger more audiences to join.

While people interact with your posts you might drive more traffic and you could get more new followers. Make sure that your entry requirements are proper to reach your goals such as tagging and commenting on posts and following your account.

Encourage the contestants by providing a discount code or prize on your reels to maintain engagement. Hosting giveaways or contests will help you to gain more potential followers. 

5 Use Instagram Collab Option

The Instagram collab feature is similar to the TikTok duet feature and works best to gain more followers.

When you use the collab feature you will receive more likes, comments, and shares on your video because your followers and the other users’ followers will interact with the reels.

You’re allowed to add up to 20 collaborators in a single reels video. If you create excellent videos by using collab features with others, the other users’ audiences might start following your Instagram account.

So, create an attractive and engaging video to grow your Instagram following. 

6 Reels Visual Replies

Instagram launched a new feature named “Reels visual replies” to respond to the comment by posting reels videos. You are allowed to create videos for the comments and the comment posted by other users will appear on the video.

Select a comment and tap reply the stickers will appear and swipe them, at last, you will see the video icon, press it, and create reels to reply to the comment.

Start replying with the reels to build a strong relationship with your followers. Use this feature to interact with audiences in a unique way and grow your Instagram following. 

7 Add Links On Your Reels

Add affiliate links on your reels to drive more traffic. You can add the link of your product page or your website on your reels description with a call to action.

Check whether the link you added is clickable and redirects you to the page which you linked to increasing the interaction. Adding links on reels is one of the good strategies to increase exposure and reach new audiences.

Use shoppable links on your reels to boost the credibility of your product and brand. 

8 Create Challenges 

While creating challenges on Instagram, you could tag your friends or ask your audiences to complete the challenge. Create challenges under hashtags (#) to reach wider audiences and you can also do the challenges given to you.

Try to create interesting and entertaining challenges to encourage the participants to visit your site frequently. This will help you to gain more followers and help you to enhance engagement. 

9 Add Thumbnail

Adding a thumbnail or cover photo to your reels is a cool strategy. Thumbnails are the first thing that appears on the user’s screen.

Select an attractive thumbnail that suits your reels in high quality to grab more new followers. Thumbnails give a sneak to the views to guess about your concept.

Remember to add an eye-catching thumbnail to attract and engage with audiences.

To add the thumbnail first create reels, add hashtags and caption then tap next and press cover photo then select an image and click done to post the reels video. 

10 Q&A Session

Use Instagram reels to answer the questions frequently asked by your audiences. Answer the question by creating demo videos on how to use and post on reels to give clarity to your audiences.

Responding to the audiences properly will help to gain more new followers. While you respond and like their comments they will spend time watching the other reel’s videos in your account.

If you find your eels interesting, they will share it with their friends which increases the interaction and engagement.  


Gaining more followers on a large platform like Instagram will not happen as soon as you wish. You need to use the perfect strategies to build a strong base for your account and stand out on Instagram.

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