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How to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook

How to Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook

Many users look for ways to export Lotus Notes email to Outlook. It happens when users switch from Lotus Notes to Outlook. NSF files are only accessible in Lotus Notes, and PST files are accessible in MS Outlook.

Therefore, users need to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook. If you are also looking for solutions to convert NSF to PST, then you are at the right place.

We will provide the best solutions to convert the Lotus Notes archive to Outlook PST using Lotus Notes NSF Converter. But before that, let’s check some reasons for NSF to PST Conversion.

Motives to Convert NSF file to PST File: 

There are various reasons why users export Lotus Notes files to Outlook. Some of the reasons are given below:

1. Microsoft Outlook offers a user-friendly interface when compared to Lotus Notes. Thus most users prefer Outlook over Lotus Notes.

2. Outlook provides the choice to open multiple accounts at the same time.

3. Outlook users have to pay fewer maintenance costs.

4. Outlook provides the option to share data with ease.

Now we know the reasons why users migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook. Let us now look into methods to convert NSF to PST.

Convert Lotus Notes to Outlook Manually: 

Method 1: Import Lotus Notes Contacts to Outlook PST

Let us start the manual procedure to export Lotus Notes email to Outlook. The manual trick includes two stages for conversion. The two phases are as follows:

A. Export Lotus Notes Data
B. Import Lotus notes File in Outlook

Let us go through the steps in each stage one by one.

Given below are the steps to convert the Lotus Notes archive to Outlook PST.

Stage 1: Export Lotus Notes Data

In the first phase, users need to install the Lotus Notes application on their system. Follow the below steps for the best results.

1. Launch IBM Lotus Notes on your PC.

2. Now to open all the contacts, tap on Contacts.

3. Choose all the required contacts you want to export.

4. After that, go on File and click Export Contacts.

5. Now tick the options Only the contacts you selected in this view and All Fields.

6. Select the location for the Created file.

7. Enter a name for the resultant file and opt for Comma Separated Value(.csv) under Save as type.

8. Hit on the Export button to export Lotus Notes data.

Follow the above-given steps to export Lotus Notes files. Now follow the actions of the second stage to proceed.

Stage 2: Import Lotus notes File in Outlook

In this phase, you have to use the MS Outlook Import/Export feature to import NSF files in Outlook. Given below are the steps of the import procedure.

1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on your system.

2. Click on File and select Import & Export.

3. Now choose Import from another program or file from various options and then hit Next.

4. After that, opt for Comma Separated Value (CSV).

5. Now browse and pick the CSV file created in the previous stage.

6. Check the required settings and then press the Import button.

After completing the above steps, our Lotus Notes data will be imported to Outlook. The manual method is effective in NSF to PST Conversion.

However many users do not find the manual methods appropriate for conversion due to several constraints. Let’s look into these limitations of Manual procedure in the following context.

Flaws of Manual Solutions: 

Many users don’t find manual tricks suitable for conversion. It is because of some weaknesses of manual approaches. Let’s discuss these shortcomings one by one.

1. Manual methods contain many steps making the process lengthy and time taking.

2. Batch conversion is not possible via manual ways.

3. The process requires users to download IBM Lotus Notes and MS Outlook.

4. Not able to convert complete data like Attachments, message body, etc.

As you can see, manual methods are not free from limitations. Thus, we will learn about the next better alternative i.e an Automated Approach.

How to open a Lotus Notes archive file in Outlook using the

Automated method?

The automated approach is an advanced way to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook. Here, we will do the conversion via Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter. It is the most reliable and safe utility for converting NSF files.

It enables users to migrate Lotus Notes items like messages, contacts, tasks, calendars, etc., from NSF to PST. The tool converts Single or Multiple NSF files at one time without losing any data.

Additionally, it contains some advanced features, making it the first choice of every user. Now let us revisit the whole blog in the following paragraph.


As a matter of the post, I was finding easy and effective ways to convert NSF to PST.

Hence, we discussed two reliable ways that are Manual and Professional approaches. For helping users, we provided proper steps of the manual process. However, the Manual procedure has some limitations.

We also learned the automated technique for safe and quick conversion. Finally, I suggest using a professional method to export lotus notes email to Outlook.

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