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Why a Web Titan Can Provide Superior DNS Content Protection

Why a Web Titan Can Provide Superior DNS Content Protection


DNS content filtering is a common practice among computer users. It is often used to secure the privacy of individual users, especially children who frequent the Internet. Many companies use DNS content filters to enforce their web-based employment policies and stop workers from visiting potentially dangerous sites. Others simply use DNS servers to control what appears on a person’s browser screen.


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The most widely used DNS based internet filter is the programmable filters category. These programs are used to block keywords and phrases used by hackers and scammers to gain unauthorized access to a computer system.


Popular keywords used by scammers include “bank” and “credit.” By using this type of DNS content filtering, companies can reduce the threat of financial fraud and increase the security of their computer systems.


Other types of DNS content filtering solutions block certain websites from the DNS. For example, some computers may not respond to a website if it contains the word “free.” These companies use websites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter to advertise their products and services.


If a company’s website contains this word, then the computer will refuse to load. However, other companies choose to block all words from a website in the hope that visitors will visit the companies’ website instead.


In addition to preventing employees from visiting dangerous websites, companies that use a DNS based content filtering service webtitan cloud also reduce the amount of time that potential customers spend on a website.


Customers often spend several minutes on an online shopping cart or on signing up for a newsletter. By preventing them from spending this time, a company can better guarantee that they are making the right decisions. By reducing the amount of time that potential customers spend on a site, the company increases the number of repeat visitors.


The goal of using a DNS content filtering system is to prevent malware and viruses from infecting a website. If a webmaster wants to add content to their site that is not protected by an IP filtering system, then the webmaster needs to purchase an IP blocking module.


These IP blocking modules are much more expensive than simple dns content filtering controls. However, they are also more effective at preventing malware and viruses from infecting a website.


Some IP filtering systems are used to control what type of advertisements appear on a web page. This type of system allows a webmaster to specify the text and images that appear on a website. For instance, a webmaster can specify that a certain web page will not contain any ads.


Other types of controls allow a webmaster to manage who has access to their domain name. This feature allows a business to limit the amount of access that members of the public have to their website.


Another aspect of some filtering services is managed service support. This feature is sometimes combined with opendns functionality. Managed service support usually deals with malware issues. A DNS server will block a certain IP address based on what it determines is a malware problem. This can prevent malware such as spyware from infecting a computer.


When a webmaster is using a DNS cloud-based web filtering service to control what their clients view, then they have the ability to choose what they want to view. They can also control what information is made available to their clients through the DNS servers.


Webmasters can set the terms for what they are willing to allow through their DNS services. Policies can include no pornography, no gambling, and no pharmaceutical drugs.


Some filtering services are fully managed by a company. A company may have full control of the DNS level which it operates. It may provide an interface for a web browser to use in order to perform a DNS lookup or obtain a detailed report about a DNS server.


This may also be combined with an opt-in firewall that blocks all DNS lookups or requests that are unauthorized. The firewall could use one of several technologies to prevent clients from connecting to the DNS server or to access the requested information.


Companies that have this level of control may be able to block any number of keywords and block certain types of content on the internet.


A DNS content filtering tool can also be combined with heimdal security. Heimdal is a free malware and virus protection that are available on mobile devices. Some filtering programs are able to integrate heimdal security along with their DNS software.


When a user enters a site that is on the list of sites that are prevented from loading, heimdal security will display a screen that asks him whether he wants to allow the website to load. If he allows the site to load, heimdal security will automatically block all sites that are on the list of malicious content.


A DNS content filtering service can protect both small and large businesses. The cost of maintaining a content filtering system is very low when compared to the cost of updating and maintaining a firewall. A webtitan system can provide the small business owner with exceptional protection.


A webtitan offers complete protection against hackers, malicious websites and other types of threats. A webtitan also provides exceptional reliability.

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