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We atechsavvy.com accept guest posts, beloved ones can “write for us” on technology business, E-mail Online Marketing, Information Technology (IT), top Gadgets, and top 10 Apps list, SEO, AI, Internet of Things (IoT) related articles.

The people who are crazy about writing and have innovative writing skills and practices, then all guest writers can contribute a guest post to write for us page.


Technology Write For Us to atechsavvy.com

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The topics which we covering through our site are and which you can able to contribute here like, technology, Internet of Things, business, digital marketing, topics and more.


Why Technology “Write For Us” at  ATechSavvy

We request you to read our guidelines carefully before writing content to this website, then you can understand why you can share with us the content. However, the content must meet all the requirements and rules in order to be measured for Information Technology Write For Us.

And, you can write a guest post (or) sponsored post on given topics, such are technology, Business, AI, IoT, gadgets, Apps, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, SEO, SMO, Education, and any other tech-related articles.


Mode Of The Article and Article Requirement

As we welcome the contributors from different niches to write for the web tech mantra, the given rules are very necessary for us.

We accept articles that are, well studied, informative, unique, and without any grammatical errors and the majority should maintain good readability.

We request all the contributors to make sure the tone of the article should be well researched, edifying, unique and no grammatical errors in content. Check twice before sending the article to us, make sure it would be better if run through a grammatical checker like Grammarly Tool or if you have any other good tools.


How to Find atechsavvy.com Technology write for us Page on Google:

Enter into google search engine and enter a search query, technology + “write for us”, business write for us, gadgets write for us or write for us technology, SEO writes for us and with similar search queries.


Write For Us Technology (Guest Post )

WordPress, Business, AI, AR, Security.

Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Internet, Gadgets.

Web technology, Android, Mobile Apps, and Telecom.

5G, Cloud Computing, Science and Technology, Tech News.

Managed Services, Computers, Hardware, Mobile Technology.

Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEO, Infographics.


Marketing Write for Us

Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO tools, Mobile Marketing, Local Marketing, and Retail Marketing case studies, and technology, etc.

Blogging tools, blogging tips, blog marketing, and link building.

Making money online tips and ideas and Running an online business.

WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes, and related WordPress.

Web site ranking, Website promotion, website designing, and development.

Online marketing, Social media marketing, affiliate marketing.

Bing Ads, Google AdWords, and Social Ads

Web Technologies Like, (JavaScript, React JS & jQuery etc.)

Trends, Strategies, Guides, Tactics, Tips, Tricks.


Gadgets Write for Us

Tablets, Laptops, Phones, and Cameras.

Desktop, HDTVs, Gaming, Printers, and Monitors.

iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, and Android Apps.

Security, and Networking, Software.

Scanners and Projectors, Routers, Servers.

Wearable Tech, Health & Fitness, and Digital Home.

Headphones, Speakers, and EBook Readers.

Guides, Strategies, Tactics, Tips, Trends, Tricks.

Primary Note:

And also we accept articles on product reviews, Infographics, informative videos, product comparison articles, tutorials, tips and tricks, editorials, white papers, latest tech news, and other technology topics. You can contribute content on both software and hardware-related subjects.

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Web Development Write For Us Topics

Static web application

Dynamic web application


Portal web app

Content Management System (CMS)





How to Submit Your Article to A-Tech Savvy

Once your article meets our guidelines you can shoot your article to our mail at rankyouforever@gmail.com


Guest Writer Guidelines:

There are many guidelines a contributor should follow while contributing an article to A-Tech Savvy. Here we have divided guidelines into Do and Don’t.

We appeal to everyone to follow mentioned guidelines which are given below.


DO’s Points:

The article should be more than 800 and plus words and should be unique content.

We limit 1 (or) 2 links per article, 1 for your internal page another to your homepage.

Content should be with proper subheadings and a proper alignment check.

Image with Copyrights, size should be  1200×628 pixels as fit properly.

We appreciate it if you check the content on the Grammarly tool to avoid a grammatical error.

Before sending a guest post make sure the post should be related to the categories mentioned up here on our website home page.


DON’Ts Points:

Make sure to not send the article or content which has been published elsewhere and check with duplicate content by using the tool before sending the article to us.

Do not send the article or content which is promoting an illegal product or service.

Do not write an article that doesn’t have the proper information and meaningless content.

Don’t send any articles which are related to casino and poker, and sexual.

Whatever article you wish to shoot here, make sure to have a proper title, headings, keywords, and images, and most important is unique and quality content that must be readable to our audience.

Once you meet all the requirements, then you can share the article to the below-given mail address.

To Write for Us, you can email us or contact us at rankyouforever@gmail.com

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