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Easy Hacks to Get Rid of “LG IMS Keeps Stopping” Error

Easy Hacks to Get Rid of "LG IMS Keeps Stopping" Error

Are you struggling with an error that says “LG IMS keeps stopping” on your phone? Does it prevent you from using your device as apps and features become unusable?

This error message can be a major headache for any smartphone user who depends on their device for day-to-day activities.

The “LG IMS has stopped” error usually causes the functions of the affected app or feature to end abruptly, which can cause frustration, especially if you’re in the middle of an important task.

This error usually affects users of some LG smartphones, so it’s essential to know how to address this issue promptly.

In this article, we’ll discuss what causes the “LG IMS keeps stopping” error and offer solutions to help you get back to using your phone without further disruption.

What Do You Infer From The LG IMS App?

The IMS app is accessible on every LG phone. The app lets users send and receive text messages over 4G LTE and 5G networks. Although it is a handy function, LG consumers have complained that LG ISM issues have rendered it inoperable.

Some customers claimed to have experienced issues with LG IMS and gotten an error message stating that it had halted.

The good news is that the business began looking into LG phones’ alleged problems on the T-Mobile T-Mobile networks.

Ways to fix the “LG IMS Keeps Stopping” error?

Reset Your Phone

Rebooting your smartphone will resolve the LG IMS issue on your LG devices. Your LG device can be infected with a bug file that prohibits the programme from running properly.

Thus, you must first delete these bug files to resolve the LG IMS keeps halting problem.

Resetting will therefore be the best choice in this situation. The problem files will automatically disappear as a result of this flushing the RAM of your smartphone.

To do this, open Settings on your phone and go to the Backup & reset section. Select Factory data reset and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Check your phone’s operating system

Have you verified that your phone is running the most recent OS version? Any outstanding upgrades for your LG smartphone may create this problem.

To be safe, you should see if your device is due for an OS upgrade, as this could lead to a compatibility issue. As a result, you must update the system’s OS to determine whether it provides any assistance.

Consider updating the LG IMS app

You must update the LG IMS application on your mobile device immediately. If your software now has issues or errors, the Update contains several substantial fixes.

To resolve the issue, you must upgrade the app from Google Play or App Store. Compatibility problems could also be to reason for the error.

If the LG developer provides updates with compatibility patches for LG IMS on your LG Android handset, these are the actions you must take.

1.Open the Google Play Store on your Android device, and then click the hamburger icon to see the menu. From the menu, select My Apps & Games.

2. Find the LG IMS app in the list of installed apps underneath the Installed tab.

3. At last, press the Update button. As you will discover, it will now begin upgrading on your LG mobile.

Clear Your Cache

Clearing your cache can help fix software issues causing the “LG IMS keeps stopping” error. Some customers have also stated that the issue was resolved after emptying the cache data in their LG IMS app.

To do this, open Settings on your phone and go to the Storage & memory section. Select Cached data and tap OK when prompted to clear all cached data.

Turn off the app

Since the LG IMS keeps halting, you probably can’t use WiFi calling or VoLTE services. But be careful to turn off the app on your LG phone to prevent this. Then do the following to disable it:

  • Dial 277634#*# to reach us.
  • Next, choose Field Test, Modem Settings, and turn on/off VoLTE.
  • Restart the device to complete the process.

Install the app again

Try reinstalling the app on your device if you are still experiencing the LG IMS keeps stopping problem while using the LG IMS app.

Reinstalling the app reportedly immediately fixes the keep-stopping problem for many users’ devices. Thus, you ought to attempt it as well.

Reset your gadget

Since factory resets erase all data, many individuals refrain from doing it. Always back up your Android data before performing a factory reset if the LG IMS keeps halting issues that can’t be fixed using the aforementioned techniques.

But you must follow these instructions to reset your device:

  • Next, select About Phone under Settings.
  • Choose Factory reset.
  • To complete the action, click Wipe all data.

The Bottom Line

The “LG IMS Keeps Stopping” error is a common issue among LG smartphone users.

The bug prevents certain apps from working properly, like messaging and phone calls. This can be annoying, mainly because there is often no obvious way to solve the problem.

Although the LG IMS system app has also drawn criticism, it should be highlighted that the framework is not malicious software.

Employing WiFi calling or even other IP multimedia features does not result in the unlawful transmission of data to other parties. The above-discussed ways will help you get rid of the error.

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