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Ultimate Guide for Catalytic Converter Price Lookup – New Prices Explore 2022

Ultimate Guide for Catalytic Converter Price Lookup - New Prices Explore 2022

If your search is to find a catalytic converter scrap price list, read this article that will thoroughly guide you on the topic.

You would find it very attractive to know how much various ranges of Catalytic Converter Price List with Pictures are worthy. So valuable these catalytic converters are in the market of metal recycling.

Thanks to the precious metals they come with. Precious metals of catalytic are manganese, iron, rhodium, nickel, cerium, copper, platinum, and palladium.

However, the quantity of these metals varies from one cat to another. Therefore, their price also differs due to these metals. If you want to sell your catalytic converter, sell it to a smelter or core buyer for recycling it.

Many companies do not publish the price lookup guide for their scrap catalytic converter. Because they want to provide their suppliers with a sharp assessment. However, this results in a lower valuation for their supply.

After reading this article, you will be able to sell your catalytic converter at a profitable price.

Moreover, if you want to earn more from palladium, platinum, and rhodium metals, you are at the right place.

This article will further equip you with the right tools and understanding of catalytic converters. After reading this article, you will be able to develop a general understanding of this mechanical tool.

Let’s start with the function of the catalytic converter.

The function of a Catalytic Converter

Commonly known as Cat, a catalytic converter is a mechanical device that is present in your vehicle.

The most important function of this device is to reduce the emission of harmful chemicals from the exhaust system. This vital piece of mechanical bars the engine from harming the environment.

In other words, it works on the harmful gases emitted with the burning of fuel. It reduces emissions via the exhaust system of the engine and chemical reactions.

The components of a cat undergo a chemical reaction. There is a different kind of cats available in the market. Before discussing them, let’s first talk about the price list of the catalytic converter.

Price Value of Diesel Catalytic Converter Scrap

You can use a diesel catalytic converter for diesel engines only. Most of the time diesel cats do not cost you much because they do not contain precious metals in them.

However, in some cases, these cats can cost you a good amount of money. If we talk about the price of a diesel engine cat, it ranges between $150 and $700.

Besides, the price of these converters can be different due to their model and manufacturers.

Price of a Catalytic Converter Scrap in the USA

The high price of cats is due to three metals that they contain; palladium, platinum, and rhodium.

In a standard catalytic converter, there are approximately 3-7 grams of platinum. However, this quantity can be different based on the car and converter condition. \

But, the average price of catalytic converter scrap in the USA is from $300 to $1500. Keep this in mind this price is only for the purchase of a local wrecking service.

Value of Catalytic Converter Scraps in the UK

The price of cats is high due to the three metals that come with the former. However, the price in the UK of cats depends on both the model of the cat and the manufacturer like in the USA.

However, the price of the catalytic converter is between 200 pounds and 1600 pounds. Other factors that determine the value of cats are the model and make of these converters.

Which Catalytic Converter Cost You the Most?

Now, you have the basic idea of the price and worth of a catalytic converter. You may wonder now which cat is the most expensive.

If you are wondering the same, read this article. The most expensive catalytic converter scrap is of the Ferrari F430 brand which can cost you around $4000.

In addition to this, if you are an owner of Ferrari, you should know the brand needs two. Means of which is that full replacement of this cat can cost you around $8000.

Prices of Other High-End Catalytic Converters Scrap

1. Ferrari F430 can cost you around $3070 to $3770

2. The price of a Lamborghini Aventador is $3200 each (requires 2)

3. The price of a Dodge Ram 2500 cat is $3500

4. Ford F250 goes for $2800

5. And Ford Mustang’s cats cost you $1500

Catalytic Converter Scrap Price Lookup

Converter Brand     Price                    
GM Medium $250
JEEP $300 to $600
Euro 4 high performance $60
Large Chrysler $100
BODY $400
GM $320
SE 6 LINE $440
SE 5 LINE $340

Now let’s have a brief discussion about the types of catalytic convert scrap.

Types of Catalytic Converter Scrap

The catalytic converter has three different types. These are the oxidation catalytic, the double bed catalytic, and the three-way catalytic converter. The latter section will throw a light on these types.

1: Oxidation Catalytic

This type of catalytic converter helps reduce harmful components in exhaust gases. These gases are carbon monoxide (CO) and combustible hydrocarbons (HC).

It also reduces other chemicals commonly known as secondary air injections. However, the only function of an oxidation catalytic converter is to reduce the part of pollutants.

2: The Double Bed Catalytic

This type of cat does provide more perfection. It has two elements in a row and works in two stages.

In the first step, it lessens the emissions of nitrogen oxides. While in the second step, it helps in the reaction with hydrocarbons to form unburned carbon monoxide and fuel.

In most, of the two-stage catalytic converters, car manufacturers provide secondary air injection.

3: The Three-Way Catalytic Converter

The third and last type of catalytic converter is a three-way converter. The converter of this type turns harmful gases into harmless gasses. That means it makes harmful gasses from emissions nature-friendly.

The emission of gases or exhaust engines has many harmful fumes and pollutants that damage the environment.

Names of some of these hazardous gases are carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons.

But the three-way converter converts these harmful substances into harmless ones. Such as nitrogen, water, and carbon dioxide.

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