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F150 Super Cab vs Super Crew – Explore New Pricing (New Models)

Supercab vs Supercrew

Super Crew is an extended cab version of the F-150. It has four doors, but it doesn’t have as much room in the backseat as a regular crew cab. The SuperCab has two rear side doors instead of one like on other trucks.

This makes it easier to get into and out of the truck bed. If you need cargo space, go with a SuperCab or crew cab over a standard cab pickup truck.

Want to learn more about these differences? Check out this blog post. We’ll break down all 10 differences so that you can make an informed decision when buying your next car!

What are SuperCab and SuperCrew

A Super Crew is an extended cab variant of the Ford F-150. It has four full-size doors and two entire rows of seating for up to six passengers. The Super Cab is also known as Quad Cab or Double Cab, which are similar to traditional cabs but with added rear access doors that provide easier access to the back seat area.

They have two smaller front doors instead of one large door on each side, like standard cabs. Both variants offer more space than their respective counterparts, but they come at a higher price tag due to their additional features.

Number of Doors

Another thing to consider is how many doors there are on the truck. A SuperCab has only 2 doors while a SuperCrew has 4 doors, giving it more room for passengers and cargo alike.

Does the bed of the truck extend into the cabin area?
Another factor is whether the bed of the truck extends into the cabin area as it does with a Crew Cab or if it stops at an exterior wall like with a Supercab.


SuperCabs are bigger than super crew because they come with more power, better handling, and much larger engines, making them heavier than their crew-cab counterparts.


Crew cabs can be found at an affordable price while super cabs cost a lot, but they still offer good value for money. This is why most people prefer to buy one over another.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the SuperCrew has more overall length than the standard cab or super cab models (193 inches vs. 193 inches). It also has slightly less wheelbase (140 inches vs. 145

Exterior Dimensions

inches) but broader front track widths (68.5 inches vs. 66.3 inches). This means it will be easier for passengers to enter/exit from either side of the vehicle without having to step over any obstructions or squeeze into tight spaces between seats and doorsills as they would in other vehicles with narrower tracks like those found on regular cabs or super cabs.

As far as height goes, both are roughly equal at 76″ tall. However, if your primary concern is headroom, you should note that this variant offers 1 inch more legroom up front than its counterparts, which may come in handy when driving around town.


Most super cabs also include extra features such as automatic transmissions, air conditioning, GPS navigation systems, etc., while crews don’t usually.

Driving Style

Another thing you need to know before buying either vehicle is what kind of driving style you like best. Some drivers prefer sporty cars whereas others enjoy comfort. If you want something comfortable, then it’s recommended that you go for a crew cab since they’re lighter than super cabs.

Center Console

Another difference is that there is no center console or armrest in either type of truck; however, there is an option for an upgraded center console which comes with cup holders and storage space for items like phones or wallets when purchasing this particular model from Ford dealerships across America today.

Cargo Space

Another difference is the cargo space behind the rear seats. There isn’t much space with an extended cab at all, but with a super crew, you have access to nearly 70 cubic feet of storage!

You also get more legroom in the backseat of this type of truck and under-floor storage compartments where you can store small items like tools without them getting lost underneath other things in your vehicle.

F150 Supercab vs Supercrew

F150 Supercab 

This supercab is ideal if you occasionally expect to have a few rear passengers; not frequently enough to want them to have the best possible comfort for lengthy excursions, but often sufficient that you want them to have more convenience than the claustrophobic bench offered in a Regular Cab.

It has 4 doors, and the back doors open widely on the back hinges to provide the back seat with the maximum access practicable.

F150 Supercrew? 

This is the one you would desire if you often or frequently travel with back passengers, especially if your vehicle also serves as a family hauler. Supercrew is a conventional four-door that, unlike Supercab, has standard front hinges on each of its four doors.

This cabin is suitable for larger audiences since it has more legroom and is more spacious overall.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to haul cargo or pull a trailer regularly, a Supercrew will be more useful since it can seat more passengers and provide more storage space behind the second row of seats.

However, if you don’t need all that extra room but still want something more significant than a regular cab truck, then we recommend checking out our Supercabs instead! They have many of the same features as their larger counterparts, but they also come at a lower price point, so they’re easier on your wallet too!

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