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Our 7 Best Ad Copywriting Tips Ever

Our 7 Best Ad Copywriting Tips Ever

As marketers, you often need to keep up with technological advancements and ever-changing algorithms to stay ahead of the curve.

But do you know what remains the same amid the evolving digital landscape? Great content. This is especially true when it comes to online ads, whether you are running them on Google or Facebook.

Sometimes, it is not enough that you can write a good copy. You have to make it badass. In fact, you have to make it exceptional so you can stand out in the face of fierce competition.

This will ensure your ads will grab attention and compel your target audience to click and visit your website.

Website traffic, after all, can translate to more opportunities for customer conversion.

That is if it is done right. Through powerful Google Ads, you will be able to do just that. At the heart of every successful ad, however, is a captivating ad copy.

It is the copy that drives visitors to your website. You need to make sure that it is clear and eye-grabbing. Fortunately, writing a great ad copy can be learned. We’ve gathered some of the best tips for you.

Whether you need to create a compelling headline, a convincing description, or an irresistible call to action, we’ve got you covered.

Ideas To Write Best Copywriting Ads

1. Start with a Meaningful Headline

The very first thing one sees when it comes to your Google Ads is the headline. It is usually the first element that will grab their attention. That is why it is extremely important to make a headline that stands out.

To do this, you need to craft a headline that does not only grab attention but also provides a meaningful opening to an interested user. Here are some tips to get you started:

Engage your audience with a question. This trick usually works if you want to pique their interest. Posing a thought-provoking question will compel them to read your description and click on the link.

Solve your customers’ problems. Most online users go to Google to find answers or solutions. Helping them solve their dilemma will put your brand and product offers in a favorable light.

Make use of good humor. Leveraging humor in your headline will not only catch the eye of your target customers. It will also make your brand stand out from competition.

2. Know and Understand Customer Pain Points

We’ve mentioned this before but providing a solution to your customers’ problems can usher in a wealth of benefits. You can only do this if you know and understand their pain points.

Think about the common challenges, fears, and worries of your target customers. What are they trying to solve? What keeps them up at night? How can you help them?

Usually, they tend to trust you more easily if they know you can help them with the problems they face.

If you are a content agency, for example, the goal is usually to provide content services to businesses that want to outsource a part of their marketing efforts.

You need to highlight how you can do this in your ad campaign. You can emphasize the benefits of a good content strategy and how creating them for your clients can make their work easier.

Writing great content consistently can use up a lot of time and energy that a marketing team can put to better use.

To help them out, you are offering content writing services in affordable packages. You will want to let them know how it can be of benefit to them. Can they save time and effort? Can it help advance their content marketing strategy?

3. Include Statistics, Promotions, or Benefits

Everybody loves seeing numbers, whether in the headline or the ad description. Including a relevant statistic in your ad copy can help establish the credibility of your brand.

If you are providing social media services, you may want to include the total number of leads you have acquired for your clients or the number of followers that you generated for them.

Seeing a statistic in your headline or body copy will more likely convince them to click through your ad and check the landing page.

Alternatively, you can also use time-limited offers to  invoke the fear of missing out, creating a sense of urgency.

Adding simple phrases like “promo ends in two days” can usually do the trick. This will encourage prospects to commit immediately for fear of missing out on a good deal.

Lastly, you can give them a good reason that buying your product can give them value.

4. Make the Most Out of Keywords

You will want to deliver your ads to the right people at the right time. An ad copy can only be truly effective if you use your target keywords properly.

This means tailoring keywords to match user intent. If you are selling your content writing services, it only makes sense to take advantage of keywords with transactional intent, indicating that the searcher wants to acquire your services.

Keywords that include words such as “purchase” and “buy” show levels of purchase intent.

If you are proving crucial information, then keywords that often come in the form of long-tail queries are your best choice.

Make sure you are doing this right by conducting a thorough keyword research first before starting your ad copy.

5. Use a Relevant and Clear Call to Action

A call to action, or CTA, is an essential part of every ad. This element lets your target audience know what you want them to do.

You can craft a CTA effectively by considering your goal first. What do you want to achieve with your ad? Is it driving traffic to your website, generating leads, making them download a guide, or converting them into customers?

Your CTA will depend on the action you want them to take. For example, you want to acquire them as leads.

This means you need to use a lead magnet that can be in the form of an e-book or a guide. Your CTA should include a relevant action term, such as “download” or “get.”

Always remember to use strong action verbs that denote urgency and persuasion. This includes words like subscribe, join, or launch. Moreover, you should make sure to keep your CTA texts clear, short, and concise.

6. Match Your Copy to Your Landing Page

You do not want to lose the trust of your customers by giving them mixed signals. If your ad says they are going to get a free downloadable guide, your landing page should correspond with this reward.

If you say they can watch a video for free, then you should be able to deliver.
Failure to deliver what your ads promised can lead to eroded trust and dissatisfaction.

The obvious reaction if they find out they were deceived would be to leave your landing page without taking any actions. This can lead to very high bounce rates, which can affect the performance of your ad, driving the cost per click higher.

Your landing page should reflect what you detailed in your ad. Doing this will ensure that users successfully got what they wanted and invested after they clicked your ad and visited your landing page.

7. Conduct an A/B Test to Find the Right Formula

How do you know if your ads are working or not? The obvious answer is by looking at the results and the key metrics and analyzing their performance. However, this is not often enough to ensure that you are running effective ads.

You will want to know which formula will work best for your business and your goals. This brings us to the subject of A/B testing.

You will want to know if your ad copy resonates with your audience, but it is not often apparent at the get-go.

You might need to write several versions of your ad copy before you can find the best ingredients for a valuable ad.

A/B testing lets you compare two different versions of ad copies and discover which one is more compelling and can be replicated for future campaigns.

You might want to include statistics in one of the versions and the other can start with a question. You can also test the best headline and description combinations.

At the end of the trial, you will be able to see the most successful copy, which means you can use the formula when writing ad copies to ensure that they will convert.

Wrapping It Up

Online advertising such as Facebook or Google Ads are now part and parcel of a successful business strategy in the digital world.

If you want your ads to perform well and attract and win customers in the process, then writing ad copies that engage and convert is the best way to go.

While crafting an ad copy may sound complicated, it is something that you can learn with constant practice.

It pays to take all the things we mentioned above into consideration. These tips are quite helpful in ensuring that your ad copy stands out, lending you a successful campaign.

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