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Why Does Customer Service Play a Vital Role in Business?

Why Does Customer Service Play a Vital Role in Business?

It is no longer a secret that companies are being judged on their customer service and how proactive they are in offering assistance.

Bringing the greatest product in town, the most fantastic service, or anything unique at a low price is no longer enough for today’s customers.

Quality products, refunds, and returns are no longer sufficient; today’s customer requires a fully working customer care staff on top of all this and that totally makes sense.

Take this worldwide pandemic as an example, when the majority of us were working from home, all meetings and educational systems were relying completely on internet connections.

Imagine if any of us had an issue with our internet service provider’s customer support staff during our working hours.

And in case, they would not have responded in time, they would have lost a customer. If you have such experience, at least, you are not going to recommend this connection to any of our friends or relatives.

If God forbid, the issue occurs frequently, and the customer care department is unavailable to assist customers during busy hours, regardless of how cost-effective the service is, the customer will most likely reconsider his choice to keep the service.

The customer gets calm if you provide good customer service even when the customer is facing issues regarding the services.

We have many examples of big companies who have millions of loyal customers, not just because of the services and products they offer to their customers, but also due to the after-sales service.

One such example is Cox, which is a telecommunication company that has a dedicated customer support department for both its English and Spanish-speaking customers.

A Spanish customer can reach out to Cox Telefono even at 2 AM, and a Spanish-speaking agent will be there for the customer assistance. That is the reason why Cox is considered among the top telecommunication companies in America.

There are many factors, which prove the importance of good customer service. In this article, we are going to shed some light on something undeniable.

Reasons Why And How Customer Service Is Important For Any Business:

1. Retaining current customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones:

Just 5% growth in customer retention equals a 25% profit increase and that is for the simple reason: old customers tend to give more business to your brand. Your business will be less expensive to operate if you invest in your customer service.

As stated by the researchers, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) – what it costs to get a new customer, is too much for a business that doesn’t devote a small proportion of its financial plan to customer support.

Eventually, spending on customer support would reduce your turnover rate, which eventually decreases the amount you get to spend on obtaining new clients and lessens the overall Customer Acquisition Cost.

To acquire a new customer, you will have to invest a good amount of money in running promotions and marketing and you will have to provide customer service to even those new customers anyway.

It’s better to buy the loyalty of your existing customers because they will share their experience with their friends and relatives and just by word of mouth, your business will grow.

2. Customer Service Creates Brand Awareness; Core Values, and Vision:

The essence of what makes a brand distinctive, outstanding, exceptional, distinguished, valuable, and successful is its fundamental values. The brand core, together with the brand stylistics, contributes to a brand’s personality.

Customers cannot read what brand image you have in your head about your brand until you tell them through your official social media, your content, and marketing strategies.

Your customer support team can play an important role in signifying your brand to your customers, which will create reliability.

3. Employees who are happy at work will create happy customers:

It is so crucial, to create a team that is dedicated and passionate. It can happen only when employers are content with the work environment.

No one would like to work where they are not appreciated. Around 87% of the employees work even harder if they are happy.

Thus, it is vital to have a happy customer service team, as eventually, it will bring more and more clients to your brand.

4. Customers who are happy and satisfied will refer others:

Happy employees will make happy customers and happy customers will bring more customers to your brand. As everyone talks about and recommends the brand, they trust the most to their friends and family.

So, it’s kind of interlinked with each other. If your customer support team is happy and passionate about their work, they will put more effort into making customers happy.

And, if customers are happy they will spread good words about your brand. Mind it, your happy customers are the most effective and the best source of advertisement.

It will happen only if you give them the reasons to be like that. So now you know why investing in customer service teams is so vital.

5. Good customer service gets you customer’s loyalty:

Customers are everything for every business. If they are happy, they will remain your customer always.

They wouldn’t have to go somewhere else because of the trust and relationship developed with you, as we said before, retaining an already existing customer is way too cheaper than attracting new ones. Therefore, in the end, if your customer will keep buying from you it will increase your revenue.

Summing it up

Marketing and advertising are both beneficial as long as you continue to attract clients through them.

When it comes to client retention, your customer care department will save money by becoming brand champions and eventually creating consumers who will suggest your company to their friends and family.

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