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Is It Right To Use AWS For Small Business? – Explore 2022

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When IT comes to embracing new business models and IT services, Small to medium-sized enterprises has a lot of options available at their disposal.

And it’s refreshing to see these innovative companies adopting these frameworks with enthusiasm.

Such platforms empower these organizations to provide new and innovative solutions to their customers and their requirements as well as enhance their existing products and services effectively.

This has compelled the masses to think of unique business ideas that would serve the needs of the target customers.

But starting a business of your own is a great hustle and needs a lot of market research and managerial facilities.

This is exactly where one may find the need to hire AWS developers and seek their services. Knowing what you are going into is always beneficial.

Something that you will never regret. Ultimately your knowledge of things will transform your business idea into the most profitable business. Keep reading our article to know if AWS is right for your business. We will be discussing:

  • What is AWS?
  • What different services it entails
  • How it will benefit your business idea.

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services and to be put to its simplest form it provides web services to all big and small customers.

Customers could be an individual running a small business or selling a product on Amazon, or a well-established business or it could even be governments around the world.

AWS amalgamates all the IT services which manage the businesses of their customers.

AWS facilitates these businesses and manages their web services so that they don’t have to care and worry about the hustle of managing the tasks themselves.

And the effectiveness and efficiency that they themselves can’t pull off, are ensured by amazon through its AWS Services.

What Services does AWS provide?

It is important to know what you should expect from AWS and how it can help your business, so that you may better identify why you need them, are right for your business, or if you need them at all.

Fortunately, AWS Services are so vast that everyone can find something it can serve you with, in order to make your tasks easier. These services are;

Sr# Services AWS
1. Compute
2. Storage
  • Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3)
  • Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
  • Amazon FSx
3. Analytics
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Athena
  • Amazon ERM
4. Networking
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Amazon CloudFront
  • AWS Direct Connect
5. Mobile
  • AWS Amplify
  • AWS App Runner
6. Management Tools
  • AWS Control tower
  • AWS Organizations
  • AWS Budgets
7. IoT (Internet of Things)
  • AWS IoT Greengrass
  • AWS ExpressLink
8. Security
  • AWS Security Hub
  • Amazon Inspector
  • Amazon Detective
9. Enterprise Applications
  • Amazon Customer enablement services 
  • AWS Machine Learning

This table just shows a handful of services provided by AWS. There are other numbers of services that Amazon renders to its customers, which benefits them greatly.

Advantages of Using AWS for Small Businesses:

Before Starting a business, a comprehensive plan is drawn, which requires planning each and every business function.

These business functions comprise Accounting and Finance, Marketing and Sales, HR and Admin, Supply Chain Management, and IT.

Handling all these functions gets overwhelming, especially for someone starting new.

Therefore, there is no shame in asking for help or relying on help. AWS is one such help that will benefit small businesses in reaping rapid rewards and returns in their business. Availing AWS Service can have the following advantages;

Generate Profit:

Aws Services will help your small business in growing its Revenue. The more the return on investment your business will have, the greater are the chances of gaining rewards and profits.

With this profit, you will be better able to reinvest, or maybe you will want to just save more. Either way, you win.

Makes Your Business Data-Oriented:

Aws Service will help your small business in becoming a data-driven enterprise.

The date is very important to get the market insight because that enables an entrepreneur to make the right decisions for their small business or startup.

Upskill Workforce:

AWS Service helps in making your workforce more skillful. Using AWS Services will broaden the experience of your employees that will enable as well as empower them.

Create Efficiency in Processes:

Aws Service helps your company perform with efficiency and agility.

Efficiency is created when more work is done in lesser time, with more work done you are able to produce more outcomes or output. And then the free time provides agility, which you can utilize in any way you want.

AWS Services thus saves time and energy.

Mitigates Risks:

Aws Services will reduce risk factors that your business might face. The experts are there to reduce any kind of unpleasant risk that your business might suffer.

Thus AWS Services appoints experts so that your business doesn’t face a loss of any kind.

Provide Security:

AWS Services makes your business processes more secure, thus ensuring security.

AWS keeps a close eye on each and everything, including your money, used, your customer switching or changing, and then render services to secure your tangible or intangible assets.

Brings Innovation:

AWS Services innovates your business processes, thus giving you a competitive advantage.

Innovation is what makes your business stand out nowadays, thus AWS makes sure to incorporate innovative methodology to run your business.

Resource Management:

AWS Services helps in managing your resource in such a way that wastage is avoided. This again contributes to creating flexibility of time and energy.

Need-Based Subscription:

AWS Services help you subscribe to services that are cost-effective. You only need to expand your cash or money.

Which is your asset and thus you need to subscribe to a package that suits and fulfills your business needs.

Easy to Use:

AWS Services are easy to avail and use. They are not very difficult to comprehend; it is not that it needs extensive training to be utilized. It is user-friendly yet cost-effective.


Embarking on the journey of running your own small business is a challenge that only brave people take up.

But only being brave and taking risks won’t assure your success and thus you will always need to consult experts.

Experts have their expertise in skills that you may not have but are very essential for your business at the same time.

Finally, Amazon web services for new enterprises provide the option of adaptability, agility, and reliability which every entrepreneur requires at a price that is affordable.

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