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11 Specific Strategies for Boosting Engagement During a Virtual Meeting!

11 Specific Strategies for Boosting Engagement During a Virtual Meeting!

It can be challenging to engage a virtual attendee. So, you need to create proper strategies and ideas to boost engagement properly.

There are various ways and virtual event ideas that can be helpful in increasing engagement in your virtual event. All you need is to choose the best virtual event platform.

Moreover, here are some of the best strategies for you that can be helpful in increasing engagement in your virtual event hassle-free.

11 Strategies to Boost Engagement During a Virtual Meeting!

11 Specific strategies that no one can miss as these are helpful to increase the engagement during a virtual meeting are as follows:

1. Let Attendants Connect Even Before the Meeting

Maybe some attendees have different queries or need some assistance before attending the virtual event. It can be a potential customer. So, you should always provide a pre-meeting scheduler.

You can get such elements smoothly with the virtual event platform. Moreover, the attendees will be able to schedule meetings and connect with the speaker even before the event.

So, use the B2B meeting scheduler so that no engagement and networking opportunity is missed out.

2. Start with Some Fun Elements or Icebreakers

It is crucial to grab the attention of your virtual event attendees at the start of the meeting. You need to create proper planning for such a start.

Search and come up with some of the icebreakers helpful to keep your audience engaged from the very beginning.

For instance, you can use the two truths and a lie, quick questions, guess who, choose your favorite, trivia icebreaker game, and many more.

Also, you can get more than 100 AR/VR games if you reach the best hybrid event platform. It will be a great way to engage the youth attendees at your virtual event.

3. Make the Meetings Interactive with Proper Tools

It is vital that everyone in your virtual environment gets the chance to interact and communicate with others. You should provide them with all the elements that can be helpful to make it possible.

Moreover, you can provide live chat, audio, and video calls to everyone present at the virtual event platform. So, they can interact 1:1 or in groups and create better communication for easy knowledge sharing.

4. Invite Some Famous Guest Speakers from Your Industry

It is crucial to motivate your employees and increase enthusiasm in them. You can invite a guest speaker for this to your virtual event platform.

Moreover, it will boost the engagement quality in your event. You can keep the session short and nice.

But make sure they interact with the audience, and everyone gets a complete chance to ask their questions and share their thoughts.

5. Provide Chances to Everyone Presenting Their Thoughts

You should keep a session for easy interaction with the audience. Give everyone a chance to show their talents and share their thoughts about anything in this session.

Moreover, this can be an entertaining session on your hybrid meeting platform. So, prepare some fun activities for all the attendees or ask them what they want to do for fun using the live audience poll.

Additionally, ask such questions at the start of the event so that you can get enough time to prepare for it.

6. Keep All Participants Engaged in Discussions

It is necessary that all the employees at the virtual event get a chance to participate in the discussions. So, you should pick the top hybrid event platform that can provide you with networking tables.

It is a round table with 8 seats that you can use to create groups and different topics for every team. Also, you will get a chance to know how creative your employees can be with their thoughts and ideas.

7. Add a Meditation Session to Guide

It is crucial for a company to take care of their employees’ mental and physical health. Moreover, you can create a session for meditation and exercise.

In this session, you can hire a trainer to train the employees or play a video of exercises you want your employees to copy. So, keep a 15-20 minutes session for exercise or meditation.

8. Keep Virtual Meeting Duration Short

It can be boring to listen to long lectures sitting in front of a laptop screen for hours. So, keep your meeting durations short and easy.

Moreover, you can add proper breaks between the sessions to give a rest to the virtual event attendees. Also, keep in mind the topic and goal of the session while deciding its duration.

9. Keep an Open-Ended Question & Answer Session

It is essential to give the virtual event attendees to ask questions and get answers to their queries.

So, you should keep an open-ended session where all the participants can ask their questions and share their thoughts on various topics.

Moreover, add various live chat, audio, and video calls for the attendants. So, they can call when they find it unable to understand.

10. Offer Vitality Breaks to Regain the Audience’s Attention

It can be tiring to sit for hours and attend the complete virtual event without any breaks.

So, make sure that you keep gaps and breaks between every 25-30 minutes. Just take 5-10 minutes of breaks. Moreover, it will be enough not to push away your audience and get back to the sessions.

11. Offer Games and Contests to Make Free Minds

You can get a gamification feature from the top virtual event platform. It can be beneficial to keep the attendees engaged with the AR/VR games.

Moreover, the users can enjoy the virtual event by playing games and enjoying, as well, instead of just watching the screen. Also, you can add a little competition by making the games and quizzes a contest.

You can keep your brand products or vouchers as a reward for the winners and participants. Send your business name printed t-shirts, cups, pens, etc., to the home of the participants for easy brand awareness.

So, these are the various specific strategies that can be helpful to boost engagement during a virtual meeting.

Moreover, you can choose the best virtual event platform to get various tools and elements hassle-free in your event.

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