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Types of Marble Animal Statues For Sale

Types of Marble Animal Statues For Sale

People who love to redecorate their homes should check the new sets of marble animal statues that are available online. Every garden animal statue is unique, and you may never before have seen such beautiful items to decorate your garden.

Their manufacturers know that they are exciting items and give you more joy and pleasure. These animal statues are made from marble, which is quite a durable material.

Let’s check the most recent designs for these marble animal statues to ensure you have a chance to select the one that makes you feel better.

Lion Pride Statue

A lion is one of the best animals to have in your garden. Such statues give you authority status and are a sign of success. Your kids and visitors would love to view the marble lions in your garden.

These items come to you with a customized marble genre to ensure you like the color and the shape. They need less maintenance than any other stone statue, and they give you the importance you need.

Large Stone Bearbrick Statue

When you want to treat your kids well, you can order the large stone bear brick statues. These have the size and shape of a bear, and that creates a perfect combination with any other childish game you may have in your garden.

The bear brick statues come in any size and color you like. The only thing you need to check is if they fit in your garden and what would be their optimal size.

After all, these statues are there to make your garden’s appearance a lot better and give you a reason to call friends for a visit more often than before.

Cartoon Dragon Statue

If you are a Chinese philosophy fan, you would like to have some marble cartoon dragon statues. These have the traditional dragon face that other people think it’s scary.

However, most kids like these cartoon dragons in their gardens and can invite their friends to view them.

The statues are made from 100% pure marble and come in several sizes and colors. According to the type of marble, you can choose the right color and be on the safe side.

Stone Elephant Statue

Homeowners who love Indian civilization would definitely select the stone elephant statue for their gardens. It is one of the statues that represent the holy animal of the Indian tradition.

An elephant brings luck to the homeowner and is a lot more satisfying to view when you are home alone.

You need to be sure that kids will not try to ascend on the elephant and get hurt. Other than that, this beautiful animal statue is the ideal choice.

Marble Wolf Statue

If you like a more discrete type of marble statue, you could check the marble wolf statue. It is one of the statues that you may easily hang on the front door.

They are not provocative at all, and you can have them in any shape and size you like.

Marble wolves are impressive in sight and can also combine the doorbell close to their mouth to have a functional use besides the aesthetic improvement they offer.

American Bald Eagle Statue

Americans would definitely like to have an American bald eagle marble statue in their gardens. It is one of the most proud and free birds in the history of the Earth.

That’s why it has become the signal of the power and wealth of the United States of America.

Most American homeowners would love to place such a statue in their garden to ensure they have the attention and respect of their neighbors and friends. It is the only statue you need to improve your home appearance and be proud of it.

Horse Garden Sculpture

What could be a better sculpture than a marble horse in your garden? It is an impressive statue made of pure marble, coming in many sizes and colors. People who love horses will definitely order one sculpture for their homes.

The horse can be either galloping or standing with its front feet upward. That’s what you like to see when you have visitors to your place: their faces when setting their eyes upon the horse statue.

Foo Dog Sculpture

Another perfect Chinese traditional animal is the foo dog. You can have it as a marble statue next to the entrance of your home or in your garden. The statue is amazing since kids can use it to play or even capture photos with it.

Foo dog remains a lucky animal for most homes, according to Chinese tradition. It is quite easy to clean and maintain while, at the same time, it will make you eager to see other people viewing it and feel happy around the foo dog.

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