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SEO Essentials: What is Tiered Link Building?

SEO Essentials: What is Tiered Link Building?

It is vital to master various SEO essentials if you’re going to generate the most interest in your website. Those who visit might sign up for your email list, download your free eBook, follow you on social media, or buy one of your products.

Any of these things can help you. It follows that learning about search engine optimization techniques that will attract some new clients or customers to your site should be at the top of your to-do list.

Link-building is one proven SEO technique you should know about, and you can hire backlink builders to do that for you. You might also ask them whether they can set up tiered link-building for your site. We’ll discuss this concept in detail now.

What is Meant By Tiered Link Building?

When someone who’s well versed in SEO best practices talks about tiered link building, what they’re talking about is pretty simple. It’s the concept that you can create three tiers of links to help your site, and each tier of links is worth more to you than the one underneath it.

What Are the Three Tiers?

Usually, SEO experts agree there’s a simple ranking system of tiers on which they can place links when judging their value to the website in question. The first tier consists of the most high-quality links that come from the most reputable sites.

You can always check how reputable a website is by using a domain authority tool and running the site’s URL through that.

The second tier of links are ones of medium quality. In other words, they link to a site that might have decent domain authority but not as high as the top-tier ones.

The third tier of links go to sites that have very little domain authority. These might be ones from forums or comment sections. They’re not useless, but they’re not going to get you as much “link juice” as the ones on the top two tiers.

How Should You Take Advantage of the Three-Tiered Link System?

When you hire someone to do your SEO for you, or if you try to do it yourself, you’ll want to create a tiered link system. Ideally, it should feature more first-tier links than second-tier ones and more second-tier links than third-tier ones.

You can dive deeper into link creation to learn how to attain the most valuable links. Establishing relationships with the admins or website creators of well-established sites is usually a smart move.

When you do that, you might write a guest blog for their site with an outbound link to your website at the end of it.

If the site for which you wrote a guest blog goes on the top tier, it’s more valuable than ones which should go on the second two tiers.

Spending time creating and placing links that go on all three tiers should occupy some of your time, though. You should have all three to see the best performance from your site.

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