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Top Uses of Cryptocurrency

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There are non-cash remittances, casino payments, non-profits, and internal intradepartmental pilots among the many cryptocurrency applications.

But what is cryptocurrency exactly? And what are its benefits? Let’s look at the uses of cryptocurrency in more detail. This article will examine each application and how it can help the world.

We’ll also look at the business use cases of cryptocurrency. This post will tell you about the top uses of cryptocurrency. You can use cryptocurrencies in several ways.

Non-cash remittances

Several benefits of the cryptocurrency use are related to cross-border remittances. Because cryptocurrency is instantaneous, remittances without a bank’s approval can prolong the process and incur unnecessary bureaucratic costs.

Blockchain startups, like SureRemit, have created an application that facilitates non-cash remittances to selected African nations. SureRemit tokens, which Diaspora Africans can buy, can be used to send money from Africa to their home country.

Cross-border e-commerce is gaining significant traction, and cryptocurrency is no exception. The company BitPesa, for example, offers cryptocurrency-based remittances in five African currencies.

The company has successfully transacted $235 million worth of bitcoin and serves over 26,000 customers.

Coinbase also provides a service for sending money internationally, and users can redeem redemption codes at 37,000 retail locations in Mexico.

Top Uses of Cryptocurrency

Internal intradepartmental pilot

While cryptocurrency adoption is still in its infancy, some companies have decided to pilot the technology before launching a full-scale rollout.

One example of an internal intradepartmental pilot involves the Treasury Department, which is typically responsible for the company’s internal funding.

In this scenario, the Treasury can begin by purchasing cryptocurrency. And you have to use it for peripheral payments and track its value. The next step in the pilot would be to use cryptocurrency in an internal exchange.


Using cryptocurrencies in the online casino industry is a growing trend. Many players prefer using fiat currencies, but these digital coins offer many benefits. You may be surprised to learn that most online casinos now accept Bitcoin.

If you’re not familiar with this new currency, it’s a revolutionary new way to play online. In addition to its many other uses, cryptocurrency is also an excellent way to earn extra money while playing online.

First of all, cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography to protect transactions. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, accounting for 80 percent of the total market.

It is now widely accepted as a payment method in online casinos, making it the perfect way to gamble.

Casinos are increasingly adopting cryptocurrency as a payment method, and it’s not just Bitcoin that is making its way into the industry. In addition to the benefits, cryptocurrency is also being used as an investment tool.


If you’re an organization that needs funds and looking for new ways to get them, consider accepting donations in cryptocurrencies.

While accepting cryptocurrency donations isn’t as complicated as it might seem, it may open up a world of potential donors and help you raise more funds. Here are ways to use cryptocurrency for non-profits.

Maximize donations

Increasing cryptocurrency adoption could be beneficial for charitable giving. A study by Fidelity Charitable found that 45 percent of cryptocurrency investors would donate at least $1,000 to charity by 2020, compared with only 33 percent of the total investor population.

Additionally, cryptocurrency is growing in popularity, particularly among Millennials, who are more likely to use it and invest than previous generations. Despite this trend, many nonprofits should consider accepting cryptocurrency donations now.

Final Words

Above, we have told you about the uses of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a type of digital money that is decentralized and stored on a blockchain. The blockchain system keeps track of transactions and ensures security.

This decentralized nature makes it easier to use and less expensive than a traditional currency, lowering transaction costs.  Moreover, donors can track the use of their donations with complete transparency.

Whether donating to a non-profit or a cryptocurrency-based startup, they will be able to see exactly how their money is spent. Despite the many advantages of cryptocurrency, the new technology has many drawbacks.

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