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Why is My Phone Charging Backwards? – Explore 5 Reasons & 6 Easy Hacks to Solve It

Why is My Phone Charging Backwards? - Explore 5 Reasons & 6 Easy Hacks to Solve It

In today’s highly technically developed society, our mobile phones are one cannot do without an item. They entertain us, provide the news, and serve as sources of communication.

So, it may be really upsetting when something goes wrong with our phones. One common issue many people face is their phone charging in reverse, which can leave them puzzled and seeking answers.

If your phone is charging backwards, several factors may contribute to this perplexing problem. To properly evaluate and fix this issue, it is imperative to comprehend the potential causes.

This post will help you reclaim control over your phone’s charging capabilities by investigating the possible reasons and fixes for why it might be charging in reverse. So, let’s dive in and unravel this mysterious charging phenomenon.

How Does a Phone Charge Normally?

To understand reverse charging, it’s crucial to grasp how a phone charges under normal circumstances.

The phone draws electrical current through the charging cable when connected to a power source. This current passes through the charging port, triggering the battery to store the energy for use later.

What Does “Charging Backwards” Mean?

Contrary to the standard charging process, “charging backwards” occurs when the battery seems to deplete instead of charging up when connected to a power source. Your phone loses battery life instead of gaining it while plugged in.

Reverse charging, it should be noted, also describes a function on some phones that enables them to charge another phone using merely an OTG cable and USB chord. But in this instance, we’ll be looking at what reverse charging means by “discharging.”

Causes of Reverse Charging

1. Faulty Charging Port

A faulty charging port could be the culprit when your phone charges backward. Signs of this issue include intermittent charging, loose connections, or visible damage to the port. To resolve this, consider cleaning the port carefully with compressed air or replacing it if necessary.

2. Software Issues

Software glitches can wreak havoc on your phone’s charging behavior. Updates, apps, or corrupted system files might lead to the reverse charging problem. Troubleshoot by restarting your device, checking for updates, or performing a software reset to rectify these issues.

3. Cable or Adapter Problems

Sometimes, the charging cable or adapter can be the source of the problem. Frayed cables, bent connectors, or faulty adapters can disrupt the charging process. Swap out these accessories with alternatives or try using them with different devices to pinpoint the issue.

4. Battery Problems

A deteriorating battery could cause your phone to charge in reverse. If your battery struggles to hold a charge or exhibits abnormal behavior, it might be time for a replacement. Consider professional help or follow manufacturer-recommended steps to replace the battery.

5. Incompatible Accessories

Using incompatible accessories might lead to reversed charging. Ensure that the cable, adapter, or power source matches your device specifications. Cross-check compatibility and invest in certified accessories to avoid compatibility issues.

Solutions for Reverse Charging

Troubleshooting Software Issues

Resetting the phone, updating software, or identifying and removing problematic apps can often resolve software-related reverse charging problems.

Addressing Hardware Problems

Replacing damaged cables, repairing the charging port, or seeking professional assistance for internal hardware issues can rectify reverse charging caused by hardware faults.

Stop using USB charging on your PC.

Do you charge your phone using a power point or a USB cable connecting to a computer?

Older computer USB connections have a history of providing insufficient voltage, which might result in a situation where the phone’s battery drains rather than charges. Consider moving to a wall charger to have a more dependable power supply.

Examining the Charger

Physical damage is evident in burns, loose parts, and exposed wiring. Additionally, you may observe that your charger becomes particularly hot when in use, which may indicate internal problems.

Not all charger issues, though, are as obvious. One possibility is that the charger needs to provide more or erratic power.

Try charging your phone with another charger you are certain is functioning properly. Your original charger is probably at blame if your phone charges normally with the other charger.

Scrutinize your Battery

You need to monitor and maintain the health of batteries. To ensure this, follow this:

Examine the condition of the battery: Health checks for some smartphone batteries can be available in specific devices. You can go to Settings Battery or Battery Health to see how much charge was left in your phone’s battery.

Steer clear of extremes in temperature since they can harm batteries. Think about storing your phone inside the designated temperature range.

Avoid the Overheating of the Phone

Follow this advice to avoid your phone overheating when charging:

Frequently, the device overheats due to heat-trapping. Heat dissipation is improved by removing the case.
Avoid watching films or playing games while charging, which could result in heat.


Ensuring your phone charges properly is vital for its functionality. Understanding why reverse charging occurs and implementing the appropriate solutions or preventive measures can help maintain your phone’s health and performance.


1. How Common Is Reverse Charging In Phones?

Reverse charging is relatively rare but can occur for various reasons, both software and hardware-related.

2. Can Using A Different Charger Cause Reverse Charging?

Yes, using incompatible or low-quality chargers might lead to reverse charging issues.

3. Is Reverse Charging Harmful To My Phone’s Battery?

Continual reverse charging can affect the battery’s health and overall performance in the long run.

4. Why Does My Phone Show Charging When It’s Losing Battery?

This discrepancy could be due to software glitches or faulty hardware components.

5. How Can I Avoid Reverse Charging Problems In The Future?

Regularly updating software, using certified chargers, and handling charging equipment carefully can help prevent reverse charging issues.

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