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How to Reset Powerbeats Pro in Hassle Free Manner?

How to Reset Powerbeats Pro in Hassle Free Manner?

Are you experiencing connectivity issues or audio problems with your Powerbeats Pro? It could be time to reset them. Resetting your Powerbeats Pro can help resolve common issues and restore them to optimal functionality.

Powerbeats Pro are popular wireless earphones designed for active individuals who want high-quality sound while working out. However, like any electronic device, they can encounter technical glitches or connectivity problems over time.

Resetting your Powerbeats Pro is a simple troubleshooting step that can solve many common issues.

Resetting your device can frequently fix common problems like pairing difficulties, audio dropouts, and unresponsive buttons without expert help.

We’ll walk you through the step by step procedure of how to reset your Powerbeats Pro in this post so you can keep enjoying crystal-clear sound while working out.

When to Reset Your Powerbeats Pro?

Before we delve into resetting, it’s essential to understand when and why you might need to reset your Powerbeats Pro earphones.

Low Battery Life or Connectivity Issues

If you notice reduced battery life or connectivity problems, a reset may be in order. Powerbeats Pro can sometimes experience glitches that affect these aspects.

Unresponsive Controls

If the buttons on your Powerbeats Pro are not responding as they should, a reset can often resolve the issue.

Audio Problems

Audio quality is paramount for earphones. If you experience distorted sound or audio imbalances, a reset can help rectify these issues.

Unresponsive Controls

When the touch controls on your PowerBeats Pro stop responding, it can be inconvenient. Your earbuds’ control buttons may become less sensitive if dirty or sweaty.

Earbuds Overheating

If your PowerBeats Pro become excessively hot during use, it can be a safety concern. Overheating may occur due to prolonged usage or high environmental temperatures.

To prevent this, take breaks during extended use and avoid using them in extremely hot conditions.

How to Reset Your Powerbeats Pro Earphones?

Now that we’ve identified when you might need to reset your Powerbeats Pro, let’s move on to the steps involved in the reset process.

Place Your Earphones in the Case

To begin the reset, put your Powerbeats Pro earphones into their charging case.

Keep the Lid Open

Ensure that the charging case lid remains open during the reset process.

Locate the Button

Locate the button on the casing, often found on the rear. It’s little and barely noticeable, so pay close attention.

Press and Hold the Button

Hold it down for around fifteen seconds. The LED light on its way out on the faceplate of the casing will start flashing.

Observe the Light

Watch the LED light closely. It will flash amber and then white, indicating that the earphones have been reset.

Reconnect Your Earphones

Once the LED light signals a successful reset, you can reconnect your Powerbeats Pro earphones to your device.

What if, Reset Doesn’t Work?

Rarely, your problems might be solved after a reset. A bad connection with the pins on one of the earphones is typically the primary cause.

While doing the reset, try pushing down on the troublesome earbud to make sure it is plugged into the pins.

You are limited in what you can do, though, if the pins remain completely disconnected after applying pressure to the PowerBeats Pro. To avoid more aggravation, send them for repair.

Secondly, think about contacting customer support or looking for software upgrades. Thirdly, ensure that you update your Powerbeats Pro regularly with the new firmware to prevent repeated restarts. Take into consideration how you treat them as well.


A reset solution to this is easily one of many problems encountered when you suffer audio disturbances, are forced to control unresponding controls or have connectivity issues.

This step-by-step guide will ensure that you once again enjoy uninterrupted listening using headphones.


1: How Often Should I Reset My Powerbeats Pro Earphones?

It’s recommended to reset your earphones only when you encounter issues like connectivity problems, unresponsive controls, or audio quality concerns.

2: Can I Perform A Reset If My Powerbeats Pro Are Out Of Battery?

Yes, you can reset your Powerbeats Pro even if the battery is completely drained. Just follow the same steps outlined in the article.

3: Does Resetting My Earphones Erase Any Data Or Settings?

No, resetting your Powerbeats Pro only restores the factory settings. It won’t delete any saved preferences or paired devices.

4: Is There A Stipulated Duration Within Which The Reset Button Is To Remain Depressed?

Press the reset button until the LED light blinks amber-white for approximately seconds.

5: If My Problems Continue Even After A Reset, What Shall I Do?

If resetting the Power Beat Pro does not work, update your software or contact PowerBeat Pro customer support.

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