How to Uninstall Technic Launcher – Ultimate Easy Steps (2022)

how to uninstall technic launcher


As well you know, the launcher can be a tricky thing to navigate through. Sometimes it seems like there is no way to uninstall it! I have compiled a list of instructions on how to uninstall the Technic Launcher below. Hopefully, these will help you get your computer back in shape quickly!


Why Uninstall The Technic Launcher

Sometimes the technical launcher doesn’t work well because the technical launcher is too heavy for my computer.

Sometimes it crashes suddenly, and I have to restart everything again, which can take up precious time, or sometimes crash before you get anything done.

Other times like clicking on one thing and then another new window, pops up with nothing related to what I was doing, creating more confusion about figuring out how things are laid out.

Also, I want to change from classic mode back into windows type interface, but when I uninstall the launchers doesn’t let me because they say it’s still registered with Minecraft, so now I’m stuck like this forever?


How to Delete Or Uninstall The Technic Launcher

To Uninstall the technic launcher,

Go to “search bar” and type “uninstall,” then hit enter.


how to completely uninstall technic launcher


Select either un-register or uninstall from the list of options that pops up.

Once you do this, click on the files in the top left corner.

Here you will see tons of folders with different names; find Minecraft and click on it and its properties near the bottom left corner of the window.


uninstall technic launcher


Now press those three dots under ‘general’ located right next to startup data, change everything listed there, so they match what is shown below:

Minecraft > C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher .

then delete all Minecraft-related shortcuts found.

Another way to uninstall the technic launcher is to go then delete all Minecraft-related shortcuts found. Other to your devices list and find the “Android Device Manager” located at the bottom of it.

Click on that, then click on “unlink device.”


how to uninstall technic launcher windows 10


* Make sure you know how much free space you need for a fresh install before uninstalling anything! I recommend about 15GB if possible.

Note: this also includes deleting any files leftover from an old installation or corrupt mod packages that would have been deleted by Technic Launcher automatically during its shutdown process.

* Take note of what has already been installed so as not to reinstall something accidentally

* Uninstall all mods in case they are


What Will Happen If I Uninstall The Technic Launcher

the happening of the uninstalled technic launcher will be

-all the launchers will be gone

-the launcher icon on my desktop will disappear as well.

in addition, all of those shortcuts which were created by the technic launcher will also not exist anymore, and you won’t have access to any game modes or mods in your library

– so make sure to back up anything important before uninstalling it!


how to delete technic launcher


Technic Launcher won’t Open in Windows 10 – Follow These 3 Steps to Fix.

  • Right-click on the program, then select Run as Administrator.
  • We’re making progress. Once I’ve done that, it asks whether it has the authority to modify my computer (to which I said allow), but then nothing happens.
  • Remove the settings.json file from %appdata%/roaming/.technic and its directory.

Is a technic launcher a virus?

Viruses are also a significant worry if you have the Technic launcher installed on your PC. 

Unless you have an advanced antivirus program, you should have no problems.

If you don’t have a premium edition or an antivirus program you can trust, you should never try the technic launcher since it will leave you dealing with malware.

What Are Some Alternatives to Technic Launcher

– you could try installing the launcher through steam, or even better: install an alternative launcher like jalauncher.

some other alternatives to technic launcher are:

– jalauncher (this is the same as technic but without a lot of bugs)

– Aptana Launcher(the process for removing this will be different than how I uninstalled the technic launcher. it’s not that bad, though.)

technic launcher alternatives to technical launchers remove technics mod packs steam alternative launchers delete iCloud accounts deleting games from the app store using windows defender antivirus apple update mac updates malware and viruses.


How can I reinstall my game without having to purchase it again or get a new account on another device?

Also, you can install the technic launcher through the technic launcher by going to “launcher settings” on the top right corner.

– then go to “custom game installers” and click on tec launcher there. Open a new window where you can download it and replace all shortcuts with only one!


Conclusion: this way should work for most people who are having problems with crashing while running the mod packs. If it doesn’t, then uninstallation can become a bit more complicated, but just do what I said earlier and go from there. I hope this has helped 🙂

for questions about how to use these steps, please refer here again later when I can answer them.

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