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The Ultimate Guide to Poe Ninja: Tips, Tricks & Strategies 2021

poe ninja battle

This game aims to defeat your enemies with various weapons and collect coins along the way. To play, you touch your ninja character onscreen, and it will automatically attack all nearby opponents.

The way of the Poe ninja is not an easy one. It requires patience, skill, and intelligence to master its technique. But once you’ve mastered it, your enemies will know what it’s like to face a true warrior.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Poe Ninja

Poe ninja is an action-adventure platformer video game developed by independent studio Happy Volcano. It was initially released for Android on the Google Play Store and iOS in 2013, followed by a release on Steam in 2015.

Poe ninja has been well received by critics, who praised its gameplay, visuals, and soundtrack.

The player controls a masked protagonist named “Poe” traveling through six different worlds, collecting gear to defeat his boss. Master Ooki Boeki; each world features two areas (a total of 12 levels).

Based on puzzles or combat challenges rather than a linear progression from left to right, as found in most side-scrolling games.

Gameplay consists mainly of dashing while avoiding obstacles, as well as the occasional combat challenge. The player can double-jump and dash to avoid obstacles or reach the higher ground;

players also have access to a shuriken that fires in eight directions.

Practical PoE Ninja Tips For PVE Players:


what is poe ninja


Learn How to Be the Best with These 9 Tips & Tricks Before You Head into Battle!

Tip #01:

Mindful of your environment, be mindful of the enemies around you. If it’s an open space and there are few places to hide from attack, consider this when picking your position on the battlefield. Don’t make yourself a sitting duck!

Tip #02:

When approaching a group of monsters that have a mixed number of ranged and melee, be sure to take advantage of your distance from them. They’ll have a difficult time hitting you if they can’t get close enough.

Tip #03:

When engaging an enemy with many status ailments, do not let yourself succumb to the temptation to use all your skills at once! Instead, prioritize one type of ailment and do everything you can to remove it.

Tip #04:

When using a skill, wait for the whole animation before releasing your next move, not to waste precious seconds! You may also want to hold onto skills with long cast times, so they don’t get interrupted by incoming attacks.

Tip #05:

If you happen upon an enemy with very high evasion and block rates while playing Path of Exile, try focusing on lowering their defenses instead of attacking them head-on.
This will allow all your damage from other sources like spells or traps to go through.”

Tip #06:

Always make sure your character’s life/mana flask is fully refreshed before engaging in battle! They’ll save your skin more often than not, so don’t forget them when entering combat, or they might end up being lifesavers (lousy pun intended)!

Tip #07:

When using traps, be aware that many spells have short cast times, which means if used right next to enemies with high evasion rates, those pesky little thieves can avoid your damage by simply walking through the spell radius without taking any hits!

Tip #08:

Watch out for projectile attacks; they often take a second or more to travel, which means you’ve got plenty of time to prepare your defenses.

Tip #09:

Always have both movement skills on hotkeys! You never know when an unsafe situation might arise, and having quick access to the right skill can mean all the difference between life and death!”

Conclusion: Poe ninja still somehow manages to make the top ten most-played games in many countries. Poe ninja is so popular because it’s challenging and fun at the same time

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