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A List Of Books To Read While You’re Traveling

A List Of Books To Read While You're Traveling

Travel can be a wonderful experience and one of the best ways to explore new places and meet new people. But working, packing, planning, and traveling can be stressful too.

After all, you want to do as much as possible while on your trip, so you don’t want to spend every minute of your time in a hotel or exploring your destination city.

Fortunately, plenty of fantastic books will help you take advantage of your time away from home without feeling like you’ve spent your entire stay in hotels.

Some are travel memoirs; others are novels set in far-off locations; some, like these beautiful books about travel, even have fictional characters traveling for their reasons.

Online libraries like Z library, Open Library, and Internet Archive make it easier to download and access these reading materials even on the go.

Almost any genre is covered here, regardless of what kind of traveler you are or your travel interests. There’s sure to be something here for you.

Best Books To Read During The Travelling

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Writer: Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed believed she had ruined everything when she was twenty-two. After her mother passed away, her relatives dispersed, and her relationship quickly fell apart.

Without anything left to lose, she committed the rash choice of her life four years later.

She would travel more than a hundred kilometers of the Pacific Crest Trail by herself, without any past knowledge or preparation, from the Mojave Desert via California and Oregon to Washington State.

Crazy does a great job of capturing the tragedies and joys of one young woman pushing through every challenge on a journey that infuriated, energized, and ultimately healed her. It is elegantly told with suspense and sparkles with humor and passion.

Ten Years a Nomad: A Traveler’s Journey Home

Writer: Matthew Kepnes

Writer of the No. 1 bestseller How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, Matthew Kepnes, is familiar with the indications of the travel bug.

He realized that enjoying life required more than just accomplishing society’s conventional objectives, like getting a vehicle, purchasing a house, and climbing the corporate ladder, after encountering other tourists on a Thailand trip in 2005.

Before beginning his profession, he embarked on a year-long globe tour after being motivated by them. After ten years, he came home.

Matt has put his most incredible tales, adventures, and observations into this trip diary after traveling more than 500 kilometers, staying in 1,000 hotels, and seeing 90 nations.

These tales address the fundamental hunger issues and are rich with the hue and insight that only experience and introspection can provide.

Travel inquiries that go beyond the actual how-to and probe the core of our motivations for traveling and the lessons that long-term travel throughout the globe may impart to us regarding life, ourselves, and our position in the universe.

In A Sunburned Country

Writer: Bill Bryson

Australia is among the most barren, flat, scorching, dry, and climatically hostile of all the regions where people live, yet it is brimming with life, most of it highly lethal. Australia has more potentially deadly substances than any other country.

They are disregarding these risks while somehow becoming fixated on them. When Bill Bryson visited Australia, he immediately fell in love with the place.

Who can hate him, though? The towns are secure, pleasant, and almost usually built on water.

The food is good. The drink is excellent, and the sun almost always beams. The people are upbeat, outgoing, quick-witted, and invariably accommodating. There are few things better in life than this.

All the Light We Cannot See

Writer: Anthony Doerr

Marie-Laure, whose father was working at the Museum of Natural History, resides in Paris nearby.

When Marie-Laure is twelve years old, the Nazis have taken over Paris, and her father and daughter leave for Saint-Malo, a medieval city where Marie-great-uncle Laure dwells alone in a big home by the ocean.

They may carry the most priceless and deadly treasure in the gallery. Werner gains proficiency in creating and maintaining these essential new tools and is hired to utilize his skill to find the opposition.

Doerr skillfully demonstrates how individuals attempt to be kind to each other despite all circumstances by knitting together the experiences of Marie-Laure and Werner.

Last Train To Istanbul

Writer: Ayse Kulin and John W. Baker

Selva could marry any guy in Ankara because she was the child of one of the remaining Ottoman pashas of Turkey. However, Rafael Alfandari, the attractive Jewish child of a renowned court doctor, is the sole person in Rafael’s sight.

They are married against their family’s wishes and escape to Paris to start again. But the fugitive couple will discover that nothing will separate familial ties when the Nazis conquer France and start collecting Jews.

A few daring Turkish officials devise a scheme to rescue the Alfandaris and dozens of innocent people, among whom are Jewish, once they realize that Selva is just one of their fellow compatriots detained in France.

Eventually, they must cross hostile lines and take significant risks in a vain attempt to reach liberty as they make their way across a nation torn apart by conflict.

The inspirational love and adventure story Last Train to Istanbul travels from Ankara through Paris, Cairo, and Berlin.


Writer: Gregory David Roberts

Lin, a guy on the move without a house, relatives, or name, looks for affection and purpose while operating a hospital in one of the city’s most impoverished areas and completing his mafia training.

He discovers warfare, abuse in detention, murder, and a string of sinister betrayals due to his quest. Two people possess the codes that can free Lin from the secrets and conflicts that have bound her.

The first is a criminal mastermind and Lin’s tutor in the city’s criminal underground. The second is appealing, mysterious, and motivated by mysterious individuals who torture her yet endow her with frightening abilities.


Traveling can be a lot of fun but also an expensive habit. Are you planning an extended trip? Prepare to spend a chunk of change on essentials like hotels, car rentals, flights, and daily expenses for meals and sightseeing.

To cut down on your travel budget and make the most of your getaway, you should plan your itinerary around activities specific to your destination.

Reading free eBooks on Zlibrary while traveling can help you explore your surroundings in-depth, make the most of your time away, and explore new cultures and ways of thinking. The list above is some fantastic books that are excellent reads while on the road!





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