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Technology in construction: How is the industry evolving?

Technology in construction: How is the industry evolving?

According to recent UK construction statistics, orders in the industry rose by over 30% in 2021, reaching the highest recorded level in over 45 years.

Much of this growth is due to unprecedented demand for housing – but it’s important to recognise the advances behind this stark increase in new projects.

From health and safety to specialised tools, modern technologies assisting with crucial processes should be acknowledged.

How has tool design changed?

Power tools are becoming much more efficiently designed. With newer models optimised for specific purposes, trade professionals are moving away from using just one toolbox.

Instead, they’re choosing  specialised tools like nail guns from suppliers like RS to promote efficiency and precision, available in a variety of weights and sizes.

A key driver of optimised tool design is 3D printing technology. With the ability to print original, detailed components, it is now faster and cheaper to design and build homes via 3D printing than using traditional software.

How is automated technology being used in construction?

From the technical design process to project management, leading firms in construction are using automated systems to analyse important project data.

Employed within industrial settings, cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies enable workers to make critical decisions concerning overall safety, schedule, quality, and profitability. A few applications include:

Smart hardhats

Connected hardhats can monitor the motion, location, and temperature of the worker wearing it. Through the simple combination of sensors and microcomputers, this technology can provide cues concerning staff wellbeing.

Additionally, this technology can also detect sudden impact, indicating if a worker has fallen or been struck – two types of accident that account for almost half of all non-fatal workplace injuries in the UK.

LiDAR technology

This incredible technology measures specific ranging distances by illuminating a target with a laser. It then measures the reflection with a sensor mounted on site equipment, giving workers the ability to survey and scan their surroundings.

High-resolution 3D images can then be produced, highlighting any health and safety risks.

Artificial intelligence

In construction, AI accelerates multiple processes. With the right technology to hand, employees can speed up the planning stages and optimise operations within a team to achieve the most efficient workflow possible.

The ability to evaluate large numbers of data points, alongside scheduling time- and cost-optimised operations, helps projects to be delivered on schedule.

How can I keep my construction business competitive?

With so many innovative technologies and techniques used by big players in the industry, it can be difficult to raise the bar. However, on any construction site, safety and compliance should be a priority.

If you can, try to invest in areas that boost the awareness of safety gear, personal protective equipment, and routine training.

Enhance the systems that keep your employees safe first – and then start to focus on wider areas of project management.

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