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Is Cryptocurrency Anonymous? Let’s know about it

Is Cryptocurrency Anonymous

Generally, people think that cryptocurrency comes with complete anonymity. Digital currencies indeed provide heightened privacy and security compared to traditional money, but can your transactions be tracked?

In this article, we’ll look into whether it is truly possible to remain anonymous while using cryptocurrencies or if there are still ways for the activity to be traced. For more information, you may check the features that make bitcoin highly popular.

Cryptocurrency: Anonymous or Not?

However, cryptocurrency in its entirety isn’t completely anonymous. It is a common myth. Let’s look at why that is the case. Cryptocurrencies are widely known to offer heightened security and privacy when compared to traditional fiat currencies.

This is primarily due to the use of blockchain technology that utilizes cryptography, making it hard for attackers or entities to hack into or alter these blockchains.

With more secure transactions and identities, cryptocurrency remains one of the most popular methods for people across all different types of businesses.

Nevertheless, absolute anonymity doesn’t imply improved privacy and security. That is because each transaction made using cryptos such as Ethereum or Bitcoin is stored in its blockchain.

When added, this particular record is immutable and permanent – it will never be changed.

Many crypto blockchains are accessible to the public, meaning anybody can look at their transactional history as well as check out the ledger as a whole.

This provides crypto with a particular level of transparency and trustworthiness, however, it additionally comes with dangers.

You must understand that whenever your transaction is placed on the blockchain, your real name isn’t shown on the blockchain. Additionally, your address, number along with other sensitive info aren’t included.

However, the transmitting as well as receiving addresses for the transaction are. A dangerous actor may access your public wallet street address and also discover your real identity – in case you place some work into it.

Some Most Anonymous Cryptocurrencies


This particular privacy coin was released in the middle of 2016 and it is today the second most well-known privacy coin following Monero.

To make blockchain transactions secure, ZEC uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs). A ZKP is a cryptographic protocol that has existed for several years but has proved especially helpful for Zcash.

A Zcash transaction could be checked on the blockchain through the use of ZKPs without needing to be made public. Usually, public info is encrypted instead.

You will find two types of wallet addresses that Zcash utilizes, protected and opaque. The names indicate that the former address type may be observed by anybody on the blockchain, whereas the latter is keyed and private.


Monero is proof-of-work crypto that was produced in 2014 through a Bytecoin hard fork. Monero makes use of several strategies to disguise transactions, like ring signatures as well as secret addresses.

Monero’s stealth addresses are generally one-off burner addresses that are usually utilized for a single transaction only.

This helps the sender present a public address that can not be utilized for identification. Only the sender as well as the receiver knows the place the transfer money goes.

Furthermore, Monero transactions are signed by ring signatures. A common band private transaction entails quite a couple of customers, with one of them signing the ring.

Every participant in the ring transaction has their very own personal element as well as the public key, which means it is hard to track who signed as well as carried out the transaction whenever they are involved in a ring transaction.

Monero additionally makes use of RingCT, or maybe ring Confidential transactions, to hide the quantity of XMR delivered in Transactions and also make the standard Ring signature version.

In the years, Monero was strongly criticized. First of all, it has been thought that Monero transaction data might not be untraceable.

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