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How To Protect It Infrastructure From Power Outages

How To Protect It Infrastructure From Power Outages

Power failures or outages can be frustrating for anyone, but for businesses they can be particularly costly.

National statistics suggest that even one hour’s loss of power can cost a small business around £800, while  for bigger companies it can be about £8,500.

And yet, power outages as a threat to businesses are not always taken as seriously as they should be.

Here, we take a look at the risks involved and how you can secure your business against power outages.

What Is A Power Outage?

A power outage, also known as a power cut, blackout or power loss, is essentially the loss of an electrical power network supply to an end user.

They are pretty common and can be caused by power surges, electrical faults, or difficulties caused by adverse weather such as storms or heavy snow.

How Do They Affect Businesses?

A loss of power can be hugely disruptive to a business, not least the fact employees are unable to do their jobs.

It can disrupt supply chains, see businesses lose money and thus affect their profitability, and it can mean a business is in danger of not fulfilling contractual agreements with clients.

Moreover, it could pose a potential cyber security risk, leaving businesses vulnerable to online attacks.

Mitigating power outages

Fear not, though, there are some steps that can be taken to protect your business in the event of a power outage.

First and foremost, your business should have a backup generator in the event of power outages that can be used to power vital equipment, whether that be your IT devices and equipment or machinery that could be compromised without power.

It is also worth having backup batteries for computers and laptops that can be switched for batteries that are unable to be recharged during blackouts, while you can purchase MiFis, which are portable routers to use in the case of losing internet.

Protecting your data

It is not just the equipment that will need protecting but your data and personal files too.

You should ensure your company is using some form of automatic cloud backup and recovery solution to be able to access your files from elsewhere and to protect you should a power surge cause damage to your equipment.

Essentially, cloud backups will keep up-to-date copies of your files so you can recover them even if your computer is irreparable.

It is also advisable to purchase surge protectors that will protect hardware during electrical surges. Combining these with cloud backup should give you piece of mind that your files are protected.

Equipment testing

One of the most common causes of power outages is electrical equipment failure, which can trip systems and cause a loss of power.

To help protect against this, have your electrical equipment regularly PAT tested to make sure it is working properly.

Make sure old, outdated or broken equipment is replaced to protect against this scenario.

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