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7 Reasons Why You Should Use a VPN

Reasons to use a VPN

We use the internet almost daily. Every day you go online, your activity is tracked, and data is gathered. Often, your information can be sold to third-party services, such as advertising agencies.

Using an unsecured network dramatically increases your risk of becoming a victim of a hacking attempt or cyberattack.

So, how can you safely browse the internet with the peace of mind that your device is protected from prying eyes? You do that through a VPN or a Virtual Private Network. 

A good, paid VPN service goes beyond keeping your connections secure. In this post, we will give you 7 compelling reasons to use a VPN.

Enjoy Protected Internet Anywhere

Every single website that you access on the internet leaves behind a string of data that hackers, internet service providers, and even your country’s government can easily access and track. Each of these groups uses your information for their benefit.

If it comes into the hands of hackers, you become vulnerable to identity theft. A robust VPN encrypts your information, routing it through remote servers.

An example of such a VPN is Private Internet Access (PIA). When you  install PIA on your FireStick, you benefit from its advanced security features, such as a no-logs policy, built-in ad-blocking facility, and kill switch.

These ensure that all of your online traffic is encrypted. With such a VPN service, you can securely use public Wi-Fi without the fear of data leakage.

Overcome Geographical Restrictions to Access Your Favorite Content

There are unlimited amounts of entertainment and information available on the internet. However, not everyone can access all of them. Geo-restrictions or location-specific restrictions make certain content available only to those in a particular area.

For example, content on BBC iPlayer is only available to those in the UK, while Americans cannot access Netflix Canada.

The solution? Just define a ‘local’ server to a VPN. VPNs have multiple servers, which you can connect securely to and route data.

The servers are based worldwide, so even if you are, for example, in the US, you can connect to the server in Canada and access the restricted content easily.

Enjoy Those Games Again That You Can’t Play 

Most of us have fond childhood memories of particular games we loved playing. Unfortunately, we had to forego the game because its developer stopped supporting it and its online servers were shut down. A VPN can be an effective tool in this case, too.

With it, you can ‘fool’ your PC into thinking that you share the same network and thus enjoy the game over the internet again. 

Gaming with a VPN also boosts ping, reduces latency, and shields you against DDoS attacks. Thus, they elevate your gaming experience further.

Enjoy Safe Online Banking

You can make online banking much safer with a VPN. It is especially helpful for those who bank over public Wi-Fi or via a home network. A single VPN account can be used on multiple devices. It secures your banking on every device. 

The split-tunneling feature in paid VPNs lets you make specific processes free from VPN, while the kill switch feature disconnects you from the web if your VPN connection has been disturbed. Thus, you do not end up browsing the internet unprotected.

Helps You Save Money Online

A VPN helps you save money on various things online, such as flights and hotel rooms. For example, the prices of plain tickets generally increase when airlines find you are spending more time on their website. 

To prevent them from tracking you, clear your device’s cookies and activate your VPN before visiting the website. It makes the airline believe that you are another person who isn’t much interested in booking a flight. Thus, you can get cheaper tickets.

Similarly, you will likely incur a hefty price if you are looking for a hotel at the last minute in a particular location.

So, if you plan to revisit the site to check the price, activate the VPN. It can help you secure cheaper deals. 

Secure a Remote Workforce

Today, with the rise of remote work, it’s essential to enable a secure remote workforce to support business continuity. Remote access lets users access resources on the company’s network from their location. 

The primary method of providing remote access is through a VPN connection. It creates a tunnel that passes traffic securely and privately between the user and the remote network. The tunnel safeguards the traffic and protects it from tampering or interception. 

Enjoy High-Speed Internet, Always

Many internet service providers impose bandwidth limits, so you upgrade to a pricier package. But you don’t have to pay more to enjoy faster internet speed. If you have a good VPN, your ISP cannot limit your internet speed.

The VPN will encrypt your traffic, hiding all your online activity from them. If your ISP cannot determine the users and the websites they regularly visit, they cannot throttle those websites.


A VPN has become a necessary and valuable tool in the modern digital age. It fully secures your private and personal data, preventing it from getting into the hands of third parties who can use it against you.

Thus, every web user should invest in a good, paid VPN and keep it activated most of the time.

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