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5 Ways Duratrans Printing Can Help You

5 Ways Duratrans Printing Can Help You

Duratrans printing has been around for quite some time. In fact, there was even a time when it actually copyrighted the term. However, copyrighting the term isn’t what

it used to be. Recently, many businesses have come to realize the value in being able to use the term, which brings us to the current discussion.

Here are some facts on duratrans printing and its place in today’s digital marketing world.

What is a Duratrans? How is it used?

Duratrans is an affordable, long-lasting, high-quality alternative to other methods of printing. It prints in full-color resolution, providing the ultimate quality for a relatively low initial cost.

Duratrans were first invented by Eastman Kodak Company in the mid-70s and trademarked in 1983, to describe their new high quality, multi-surface, backlit, color transparent film.

With the invention of newer, and more affordable technology, including flatbed and direct thermal printing processes.

many businesses have chosen to go with the higher end, more durable, and long-lasting duratrans printing as opposed to the cheaper and lower quality options.

Today, most companies have chosen to use duratrans in their signage and trade show exhibits. The most obvious use of this type of material is signage.

Printed on premium grade polyester fiberboard, the signs are eye-catching and easily visible to passers-by.

Because the signs and displays are made with a high-quality polyester substrate, there is no cracking, peeling, fading, or discoloration, creating a professional look that will last for years.

Use of Duratrans printing in trade show displays

Another popular use of duratrans printing is in trade show displays. Because the displays are large, hand-held, and custom-made for each trade show you attend.

they are also a great way to make a big impact on potential customers. Duratrans signs are printed on high-quality, thick, UV protector vinyl, giving them a long life.

Unlike typical vinyl banner stands, the signage can be folded flat when not in use.

This allows you to keep the space you have available for your displays neat and tidy and prevents the potential for it to become cluttered during display times.

Besides being eye-catching, the signage used during trade shows is also customizable. With over 24 colors to choose from, you can create the ultimate design that will help attract customers.

Depending on the look you are going for, there are several software programs available that will allow you to experiment until you find just the right look.

Because the materials used for this type of product are high-quality.

you may want to consult with graphic design professionals to help you put together a unique style.

You can then add a variety of graphics, text, and photographs to give your booth or sign everything it needs to look great.

Duratrans printing companies offer custom services for every order so you can have the design and graphics you need to make your product stand out from the rest.

Use of Duratrans printing in an array of menu boards

Another way that Duratrans printing provides options for your marketing efforts is through its array of menu boards.

Menu boards are a type of backlit sign that includes images on both the front and the back.

Often used as standalone displays, these signs can be designed using different styles of artwork and images to emphasize your company’s offerings.

When placed along a pathway, these menu boards can be very effective as directional signs, drawing customers in and directing them to the restrooms, food court, and other attractions.

Perhaps the most common use for duratrans printing is on full-color posters and billboards.

Large, full-color images are perfect for large outdoor billboards and hanging in prominent locations like city intersections and other public areas.

Larger billboards can be printed in full color with appropriate artwork to create an attention-grabbing ad that will generate traffic for your business.

In addition to advertising your products and services, large full-color.

signs can also be put up in prominent locations to promote a political campaign, rally, trade show booth.

Since the bright colors of today’s society are often associated with energy.

a colorful bumper sticker or full-color poster can quickly bring people into your store or restaurant.


There are many ways that Duratrans printing can be used to enhance your company’s marketing efforts. Creating full-color ad campaigns, menu boards, and billboard ads can help your business stand out in a crowd.

Creating custom signs with a full-color mural and appropriate artwork can attract attention and get people where you want them. Whether you’re promoting your company or providing an attention-grabbing option for customers.

custom signs and wraps can provide you with the attention and visibility you need. With a clear understanding of the possibilities, you’ll be able to maximize the value of all of your marketing tools.

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