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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cancel Ring Subscription?

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cancel Ring Subscription?

Are you looking to end your Ring subscription but need clarification? Confusion and lengthy procedures are avoidable when dealing with subscription cancellation, thanks to having the necessary details. To cancel a Ring subscription effectively, knowledge of the process is key.

Home safety has been revolutionized thanks to Ring’s advanced gadgets, such as doorbells equipped with high-tech cameras.

Various factors could lead to cancelling your membership, even if situations shift. Cancellation procedures knowledge is vital for a streamlined and worry-free experience.

Although initially intimidated by doing so, canceling one’s Ring membership proves manageable when knowledgeable.

Steps to follow when terminating a Ring subscription have been detailed in this article. Whatever the case may be, our services accommodate changes in monitoring requirements. Say goodbye to unnecessary charges, and let’s start with the tactics on how to cancel Ring subscription.

Reasons to Cancel Your Ring Subscription

People choose to cancel their Ring subscriptions for various reasons:

1. Financial Constraints

In uncertain financial times, cutting down on expenses becomes necessary. Canceling a Ring subscription can help you allocate your resources more effectively.

2. Changing Security Needs

Your security requirements may evolve over time. If you no longer need the advanced features of your Ring subscription, it makes sense to cancel and explore more suitable options.

3. Relocation

Moving to a new location may require different security solutions, rendering your current Ring subscription redundant.

Understanding Ring Subscriptions

Before we delve into the cancellation process, it’s crucial to understand the various Ring subscription plans available and what they offer. Ring offers three main subscription plans:

1. Ring Protect Basic

Ring Protect Basic covers one device and provides video recording for up to 60 days. This plan is ideal for those with a single Ring device.

2. Ring Protect Plus

Ring Protect Plus expands your coverage to all Ring devices at one location. It includes professional monitoring for Ring Alarm, extended warranties, and a 10% discount on Ring products.

3. Ring Protect Pro

Ring Protect Pro is designed for businesses and includes even more advanced features like power over Ethernet (PoE) and Ring Alarm professional monitoring.

Prepare Yourself for the Cancellation Procedure

1. Backup Your Data

If your Ring subscription includes video storage, make sure to back up any essential footage you want to keep. Once you cancel, access to this data may be restricted.

2. Review Contract Terms

Check the terms and conditions of your subscription to understand any cancellation fees or notice periods.

3. Contact Customer Support

If you have any questions or concerns about the cancellation process, contact Ring’s customer support for clarification.

3 Ways to Cancel the Subscription

Subscription Cancellation through Website

  • You must cancel your Ring Subscription on the website
  • Visit and sign in there.
  • Choose Protect Plan from the menu at the top.
  • Pick the option you desire for plan cancellation.
  • Cancelling one’s plan requires clicking the relevant link on the display’s foot.
  • Cancellation demands an accompanying rationale.
  • You can decide whether to terminate the plan or wait until it expires.
  • Verify the cancellation process now.

Cancelling Ring Subscription via Amazon

Ring subscriptions purchased through Amazon are managed slightly differently than those purchased directly through Ring. Follow these steps to cancel your Ring subscription through Amazon:

Step 1: To begin, log in to your Amazon account

By logging into your account via your login details, you gain entry to your Amazon account.

Step 2: Go to Your Account

Go to “Your Account” in the top right corner of the Amazon webpage after logging in.

Step 3: Manage Your Content and Devices

Choose “Manage your content and devices” under “Digital content and devices.”

Step 4: Subscriptions

To view your active subscriptions, including Ring, click the “Subscriptions” page.

Step 5: Terminate your Ring subscription

Your Ring subscription can be found here; just click “Actions” next to it. Choose “Cancel Subscription” from the dropdown menu after that.

Step 6: Verification

To confirm the cancellation, adhere to the on-screen instructions. You won’t be charged any additional fees, and your Ring subscription will be terminated.

Canceling Ring Subscription via Ring App

If you purchased your Ring subscription directly through Ring, here’s how to cancel it using the Ring app:

Step 1: Open the Ring App

Launch the Ring app on your mobile device.

Step 2: Sign in

If you haven’t logged in to your Ring account, do so now.

Step 3: Access Subscription Settings

Tap on the menu icon (usually represented by three horizontal lines) and select “Control Center.”

Step 4: Subscription Settings

Scroll down to find “Subscription Settings” and tap on it.

Step 5: Cancel Subscription

Under “Plan,” you’ll see your current Ring subscription. Tap on it and then select “Cancel Subscription.”

Step 6: Confirmation

Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation. Your Ring subscription will be canceled, and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Alternatives to Cancellation

Before canceling your Ring subscription entirely, consider these alternatives:

1. Downgrade Your Plan

If cost is the primary concern, explore options to downgrade your subscription plan rather than canceling it altogether.

2. Pause Your Subscription

Ring may offer the option to temporarily pause your subscription if you have a valid reason, such as an extended vacation.

Rejoining Ring Services

Should you ever wish to rejoin Ring services, follow these steps:

  • Log into Your Account.
  • Select a Subscription Plan.
  • Provide Payment Information.
  • Confirm Your Subscription.
  • Rejoining Ring is as simple as that.


The procedure of cancelling your Ring subscription doesn’t have to be difficult. You can effortlessly discontinue your subscription by following the instructions in this handbook when necessary.

Remember to review your reasons for canceling and explore alternative options that Ring may offer to serve your security needs better.


Is there a grace period after canceling when I can change my mind?

Ring does not provide a specific grace period, so be sure of your decision before canceling.

Do I need to return Ring equipment after cancellation?

It depends on the specific items you’ve purchased—review Ring’s return policy for details.

What happens to my recorded videos after canceling the Ring Protect Plan?

With an active subscription, access to recorded videos may be unlimited. Consider downloading important footage before cancellation.

Can I transfer my Ring subscription to another person?

Ring subscriptions are generally non-transferable and tied to the account holder.

Are there any penalties for canceling my Ring subscription early?

Ring typically does not impose penalties for early cancellation, but checking your specific terms is advisable.

Can I change my subscription plan instead of canceling?

Yes, you can explore different Ring plans that suit your needs better.

Can I access live video feeds after canceling my subscription?

Yes, you can still access live video feeds from your Ring devices even after canceling your subscription.

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