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How Social Media Is Affecting Teen’s Body Image

How Social Media Is Affecting Teen’s Body Image

The trend of social media heightens by the day, and now, almost everyone has at least one social media account. Why is this happening? What’s the reason behind it?
The main causes are that social media can be captivating, and most of the time, it’s used by people to spread their own ideologies, hoping that others will follow them.

We now start seeing how social media influence many teenagers’ way of living. And in fact, many studies are already talking about how social media affects teens.
In reality, it’s not all about gold and glitters.

The social exposure the users get may result in different results. Some may feel entertained by what the platform has to offer, while others feel extreme anxiety and depression because they see people do better than them in any way.

One of the most concerning topics to talk about is body image and how social media affects the teens’ point of view of it.

How Does Media Negatively Affect Body Image?

The main reason some teens feel depressed and highly insecure is the stigma of body image in media. Girls should be pretty and flawless, while boys must be in a six-pack body to be called masculine.

When they see this kind of image in social media, they start to compare themselves. And while the reality is true, it’s also harsh sometimes. And that’s when the realization comes that they could never fulfill those so-called beauty standards.

If the depressive thoughts can’t be relieved, they could take even more serious harmful actions, leading to suicide. Thus, parents need always to be aware of this issue.

Raising the kid’s morale sure isn’t easy, but it’s still doable through a long process. You better start by stopping comparing body images and learning to love yourself via body positivity.

What Media Platforms Are Dangerous?

Most social media platforms always highlight body image issues, and it’s likely never stopped. You may see lots of content about this on these platforms:

  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • And many others.

So much content on these platforms always highlights beauty, coolness, and richness as points of interest or value within somebody.

Children and teens who still have a pretty imaginative way of thinking may think that these are the true value of life; without them, life would be meaningless.

Of course, this isn’t true at all, and the parents need to tell them about this. They need to take a deeper approach to make their kids way braver to accept who they are.

How Can Parents Help?

Before actually taking a closer approach, parents can still protect their kids from afar by using parental control apps.

If the kids aren’t old enough to understand the concept of privacy, then the parents would always step in to prevent anything bad from happening to their kids, especially from social media.

One of the best spying apps option to use is Eyezy. By using the tool, the parents can understand what their kids have been up to on the internet, plus they’re able to see their online activities on popular social media platforms.

You can google Eyezy installation iPhone or Android to know more about this app and try it’s functions.

There’s a certain stigma about body image for kids, but we can get rid of it all by doing these:

  • Setting the usage limits for social media platforms;
  • Set up daily breaks;
  • Monitor how often your kids open certain apps;
  • Se their social media account;
  • The app will send you a notification if the restricted words are written or received.

Body Positivity Is Our Hope

But, the best way to eliminate social media beauty standards is by learning about body positivity.

Learn about how to love, respect, and admire yourself. Learn what you are capable of, and focus on what you can do best. Never let anyone underestimate you.


Despite how hard the content on social media highlights the worldly aspects of living, it’s always best to love yourself first. Because after you fully understand who you are, no one can put you down.

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