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Who Is Nate O’ Brien – Everything Needs To Know

Nate O’Brien is a household name for people who are always on YouTube and finding great videos to watch. This YouTube sensation is known in giving advices on different financial aspects of one’s life, including buying a house and proper use of credit cards.

At a young age, Nate’s current net worth is about a million dollars. His net worth is a combination of not just the earnings he received on YouTube but his business ventures and written books as well.

These days, more and more people are trying to reach their fame on YouTube, while Nate was able to reach his fame earlier before everyone started aspiring to have their own name in this platform. It was in 2010 when he started creating videos on YouTube,

focusing only on credit cards, but it was with his YouTube account “The Crazy Shopping Channel” that made him so popular. His channel discusses almost everything people want to know about finance, buying a home, maximizing the use of credit cards and a lot of others.

How Things Started With Nate

He grew up in Port Hope, a small town in Ontario. He finished his business degree in Queen’s University. After graduating, he worked straight to finance working as an investment analyst. This was his job for 3 years before he decided on quitting to put up a business of his own.

His interest in financial literacy made him decide to start creating videos. It all started with credit card information, then he created his own channel “The Crazy Shopping Channel”. The unexpected success of his channel made him afford to quit his job at an early age of 26. Instead of being employed, he decided to create video contents on his channel full time.

This he decided to do when a friend of his sought help because he wanted to buy a house. Since mortgage is his expertise, he gave his friend with advices he can use. Through this, he felt like he needs to share with others some financial advices since he loves to do it anyway.

He started to create videos because he thought that the information people can get online about credit cards are not sufficient and satisfactory. His primary goal is to help people maximize their credit cards by collecting great rewards without paying interest rates and other fees.

His philosophy is money should be saved and invested. He shares about the benefits of investing your savings to stock market as this is where you can get great financial returns, compared to keeping your money under the mattress.

He is encouraging young individuals, 20 years old, if possible, to start investing in the stock market, as for him, the longer time you invest your money in stocks, the greater returns you can enjoy. His advice is for investors to invest in companies that are starting up or not so famous yet but have a huge potential to succeed, as through this they can sell their stocks the moment that the value of the stocks rises.

He also encourages people to invest in real estate, as real estate value appreciates over the time. And can give investors a stable passive income when there are people renting the property.

What He Thinks

Diversity for him is a key for an investor to minimize his loses. He advises people to think about two things, one is long term wealth and two is monthly income. He wants people to keep a balanced life between saving for their future while giving themselves a time to relax, enjoy and celebrate life today so they won’t regret time wasted of not starting anything.

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