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How should I fix Place: Type=6&Sort=14&Maxresults=10 Error?

How should I fix Place: Type=6&Sort=14&Maxresults=10 Error?

‘T’ alphabet is looked up as the most annoying thing for the Firefox browser nowadays. We have come across several complaints about the Firefox browser, which is initiated with ‘T.’

For the transparent screen, let’s elaborate the bond of ‘T’ with the occurrence of this uninvited error place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/.

Before starting, we would like to confirm that if it’s frequently showing up on your browser, it’s just a standard browser error because their software functioning is presented on the screen.

This occurs when a user is gradually searching for something on the browser, and to its surprise, after typing ‘T’ on the search bar, there is a predicted continuous of ‘6’, which leads to the error. Google eventually carries this out.

Connection Between Algorithm And Error

We rely on the google Algorithm whenever we identify relevant or similar searches compared with the previous ones. The browser can quickly and certainly store the previous searches to improve your experience, and users consider it a Google Algorithm.

This mainly targets the bookmarks, or in a straightforward approach, you can refer to your search history.

There isn’t any debate on the excellent working of firefox and the security it provides the user for searching, but to its surprise, this error is the fallen eye hair no one asked for.

Hit and Try Method To Get Rid of The Error

Before leading onto the fundamental solution of the problem, if you are using Mozilla/5.0 (either Macintosh or Intel Mac OS X 10.14; rv:66.0, Gecko/20100101 or Firefox/66.0, then you have to try the following steps:

1. Go to history > continue with Clear Recent History… to clear “Browsing & Download History ” and search history and cache.

2. Now open a new tab or a window and process while putting the cursor into the location bar and typing something similar to ‘t’ or ‘p.’

What will be the result?

1, After typing the alphabet ‘t’ they suffered “place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10”.

2. After typing ‘p’ “parent=menu________&parent=unfiled_____&parent=toolbar_____


Hence, it would be recommended to press shift-backspace, or shift-delete does have a positive impact and eradicate the error.


This is a temporary removal. If “t” or “p” are typed again, the error might come back too. Until and unless it’s not eradicated from the data it’s sourced by, it cannot be permanently put to an end.

What Should I do if Firefox is presenting weird search options?

A feature is known as a “pre-installed extension.” Whenever a user is searching or surfing for a particular topic, a tab filled with weird search results opens and distracts the user from its core purpose. This situation forces the person to have undefined questions about the version.

Proxy replacement in settings of Firefox

A brief steps to follow so that you can achieve the goal of changing the proxy:

1. Open Firefox at the beginning.

2. Now, look for tools that will be placed in the menu and select options.

3. You will now locate an advanced tab at the top of the windows. Press and proceed.

4. Select the network settings by scrolling down in the new window.

5. Now you can finally head forward to change the proxy settings.

6. Select any one option, either HTTP or HTTPS.

7. It’s suggested to go with HTTPS.

8. After the selection, you will be able to see two fields for IP address and port number.

9. Fill them respectively.

Eliminating of Cache: 

Cleaning cache is a necessity like cleaning engines for better performance in the same way cleaning cache makes the system active and faster.

Referral points:

1. Look around for 3 bars on the top right corner and now select the settings.

2. Redirection towards preferences will be shown.

3. Reach out to privacy and security.

4. Now scroll down and find where the cache is located. In the end, you will find the option of clearing data.

5. Please clean it.

For final results, relaunch the Firefox and confirm if your issue is resolved.

Clearance of search history: 

Browsers slow down not only due to one reason but many. But the leading one for Firefox is overloading if data is required to be eradicated.

It is recommended to always start with search history. Clear the cache as soon as possible.

To clear history: 

1. look at the three-bar option and select it on the right corner.

2. Click on history.

3. Continue with a clear history.

4. Refresh the Twitter web page, and now certainly the issue will be resolved till now.

It’s more appropriate and approximately accurate too.

Disable Extensions and Plugins:

This could be the best resolution if the above one failed
Do it by :

1, Click the three-bar option located in the top right corner

2. Select “Extensions and Themes” from the menu given.

3. Redirection to another web page

4. Now from this turning off all extensions, pursue

5. Turn off plugins and Adblockers (if any)

Ad blockers block all the GIfs too now to be sure to relaunch Firefox and check.


Place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ is the main error confronted, which might be troublesome but not a worrying topic—the dismantling of system occurrence, which is often expected and yet meets the resolutions as soon as possible.


Is there a way to permanently eradicate place:type=6&sort=14Maxresults=10

This may be disappointing for the users, but No. Neither we nor google nor any verified internet has yet found a solution to eliminate this problem. This search will invade the search history after this error, and the user won’t be able to delete it either.

Should you use “incognito”?

This can be a good solution only if you don’t have a problem with restrictions. It indeed prohibits the categories of data stored locally and on top of its place:type=6&sort=14&maxresults=10/ isn’t something worrisome.

Some issues occur when we try to identify the reason behind them. It doesn’t cause any inconvenience but just for knowledge and better understanding.


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