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The Best 8 Format Printing Strategies That Give Quality Projects

Format Printing Strategies

If you are unsure how to get the best format printing, here are your answers. In this article, you will get eight format printing tricks to use.

They can give your prints stunning visuals and keep them new for a long time.

The best graphic ads possess two things: High-resolution images and clear messages. You need several strategies to get a large format print that will capture the audience.

Here are the best 8 format printing strategies for large format printing Brisbane.

Give Prioritize The Vector Images

You will get excellent graphics if you order vector format prints. It’s because these vectors come from computers.

They use different shapes and not segmented pixels to make visuals. It produces the best quality images despite their sizes.

The vector extensions are AI, EPS, PDF, and SVG. Their functionality depends on formulas and mathematical equations that draw curves and lines.

The method delivers faultless graphics. It also gives banners unrivaled sharpness despite their large size. 

Pick the EPS Files to get Good Quality

The EPS extensions fall under the common vector file formats you can use in any printing industry. They are good for producing extra-large business signs and advertising banners.

They are compatible with many operating systems and produce high-resolution graphics. The vector files like EPS don’t depend on pixels to give resolutions.

It’s because they are self-contained. They work based on the exact numerical formulae.

You can create and edit EPS files using programs of professional illustration. Images made cannot lose clarity. 

Select the Bitmap or Raster Files to get Long-Distance Views

The raster or bitmap files use PNG, TIF, GIF, and JPEG extensions. They have minute pixels that comprise the entire big picture.

They are ideal for advertising images targeting long-distance viewing. You need to ensure the pixels per inch are between one DPI range to three hundred.

The banner printing clues won’t be effective if they maintain a far visual appeal. 

Pick the Pantone Files to Get the Best Color

You will sometimes need to use visual features or your emblem on prints. The Pantone files having the PMS extensions are ideal for vibrant graphics.

The matching system for Pantone takes high precise ink mixtures to build a perfect color match. The CMYK color model is a famous model to use to depict the image.

It gives the best colorful range that has a deep contrast. Pantone prints yield the top best color outcomes for a sign to display vivid visuals. 

Select for Readability Fonts

The wide extension project aims to aid people in seeing them well from far. Ensure to select not only legible fonts but also beautiful fonts. Such an act will reveal your brand name and advertise the products well. 

Select Colors Wisely

You need to consider the color contrasts between your background and the letters.

Choose the dark vivid colors for light and backdrop colors. For example, the white color is for texts. You will be able to get good readability. 

Simplicity is a factor to consider. Over two colors on any banner are not effective. 

Balance the Simplicity and Boldness

All the signs and posters need to be legible and clear. They shouldn’t be boring.

The harmony between stylish and simplicity is crucial. It makes people love your printing ideas. You need to balance your designs. 

Use the Correct Message

Help your audience by enhancing their goals. You need to boost your advertising effectiveness and raise your credibility.

You need to help people to discover your new services and products. They will be able to act on their plans well. 


A successful business relies on constant and quality advertising. The above design tips will revolutionize your format printing results.   

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