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Explore the Top Reasons for Corrupted Outlook PST File

Explore the Top Reasons for Corrupted Outlook PST File

The Microsoft Outlook application took the business world by storm. It is a ground-breaking application in the world of email communication.

When it was introduced in the corporate sector, web-based email services such as Gmail were not there. Moreover, server changes were essentially prohibitive.

Over a brief period of the past three years, the Microsoft Outlook Email Client seems to have gone through an evolution and has become a popular multipurpose email client, as well as, a productivity tool.

According to Forbes, most young consumers believe that Microsoft is a geriatric organization-one that is used to making clunky yet reliable or trustworthy software.

To date, Outlook is dominating the overall desktop email client scenario and boasts of having millions of users across the globe that are loyal and continue to be a huge support.

However, this phenomenally popular application is not flawless. It seems to have a major flaw. Outlook’s PST data files seem to be vulnerable to data corruption.

It is crucial to be aware of PST corruption that may crop up sometime or the other. We will be discussing some common issues leading to PST corruption. Microsoft Outlook is a hot favorite and widely utilized email application worldwide.

Whether you are using it for personal correspondence or professional communication, Microsoft Outlook Desktop promises to deliver multiple benefits.

These incredible benefits of Outlook help to efficiently manage your email. Let us consider some of the top benefits of Microsoft Outlook before discussing the reasons behind PST file corruption.

Some Amazing Benefits of Microsoft Outlook Application

1. Your Email Messages Are More Organized

With the help of Outlook, you have easy access to your email messages because they come in a neat, organized environment. Outlook will utilize a folder system that facilitates effective and seamless message organization.

You can effortlessly have access to every single message along with the accompanying attachments in one single place.

Similarly, tasks, like sending messages and even attaching word documents and all other files can be performed in a seamless and organized way.

2. You May Utilize Keyboard Commands for Performing Tasks Faster

Keyboard commands help to make the processes of composing, sending, responding to, and forwarding messages far easier.

Keyboard commands are instrumental in simplifying the process of navigating all the folders and also the inbox.

You do not require searching through links for locating what you want. You are well-equipped to perform a particular task simply by implementing a keystroke.

3. You Can Manage Contacts More Efficiently

The popular Outlook Desktop Email Client lets you manage contacts seamlessly through keyboard commands and navigation.

While sending meeting requests or messages, you can effortlessly access the address book and identify key contacts.

4. You May Easily Access Calendar Features

The Outlook calendar is best for providing a super-efficient means of scheduling appointments and numerous ways of browsing through your schedule.

You may now send meeting requests quickly to your selected contacts. You may use the day, week, or even month views for accessing upcoming meetings and appointments.

5. Outlook Is Best for the Workplace

Organizations across diverse industries are opting for Outlook as their sole email client, thanks to its unique capabilities and robust features.

If you become conversant with Outlook, it will enhance your chances of employability and boost productivity while performing your job.

Top Reasons for Outlook PST File Corruption

Despite so many benefits of Outlook and its ever-growing popularity, Outlook’s PST data files seem to be vulnerable to data corruption. Let us explore some of the reasons for the corrupted Outlook PST file.

1. Header Corruption Because of File Download or Transfer

When you are transferring a PST file via the network or downloading a file via the Internet, there are possibilities of header corruption. It could result in an unreadable PST file unless you focus on performing a recovery.

2. Bad Sectors & Hard Disk Crashes

The hard disk comprising the PST file may crash occasionally, making the files available on it inaccessible.

Moreover, in a few cases, we find that bad sectors may develop on your hard disk that might end up compromising the available PST data.

3. Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is a particular category of malware targeting computers through encryption of all the hard drive contents. If you have encountered a ransomware attack, all the present PST data files will be inaccessible.

4. Viruses Attacks

In many cases, we have witnessed that viruses have been actively targeting Outlook PST files and making them inaccessible.

The PST file may still be inaccessible despite the removal of the virus. It could be because its Metadata may have got completely messed up.


PST Data Recovery Essential Post Data Corruption

When you encounter corrupted PST files, it is a wise idea to consider recovering them at once with the help of powerful and cutting-edge PST repair tools or advanced software.

These tools are designed to offer top recovery rates while ensuring the completion of the entire recovery process much faster.

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